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Producer Price Indexes

SIC to NAICS Concordance

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SIC IndustrySIC ProductSIC TitleNAICS Product
23112311Men's and boys' suits and coats315222
2311PPrimary products315222P
23115Men's and boys' suits, including uniform3152221
23116Men's and boys' overcoats, topcoats, and tailored car and suburban coats3152223
23117Men's and boys' tailored dress and sport coats and tailored vests3152225
23119Receipts for contract and commission work on men's and boys' suits and coats
2311SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts315222SM
2311MMiscellaneous receipts315222M
2311SSecondary products315222S
23212321Men's and boys' shirts, except work shirts315223
2321PPrimary products315223P
23212Men's and boys' knit shirts (made from purchased knit fabrics)3152231
23214Men's and boys' woven dress and sport shirts, including uniform shirts3152233
23219Contract and commission work on men's and boys' shirts
2321SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts315223SM
2321MMiscellaneous receipts315223M
2321Z89Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
2321SSecondary products315223S
2321SSSecondary products
23222322Men's and boys' underwear and nightwear
2322PPrimary products
2322AMen's and boys' knit underwear
23221Knit undershirts, except thermal
2322122Undershirts, except athletic type
23222Men's and boys' woven underwear
23224Knit shorts and briefs, except thermal
2322SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
2322MMiscellaneous receipts
2322XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
2322SSecondary products
23232323Men's and boys' neckwear315993
2323PPrimary products315993P
23231Men's and boys' neckwear3159931
232312Men's and boys' neckties31599312
2323121All silk315993121
2323127All polyester315993127
2323129Other fabrics, including blends315993129
232314Men's and boys' neckwear, nec, including mufflers and scarfs31599314
2323149Men's and boys' neckwear, nec, including mufflers and scarfs
2323MMiscellaneous receipts315993M
2323Y93Contract work
2323SSecondary products315993S
23252325Men's and boys' separate trousers and slacks315224
2325PPrimary products315224P
23251Men's and boys' separate dress and sport trousers, pants, and slacks3152241
23252Men's and boys' jeans (including dungarees and jean-cut casual slacks)3152243
23259Contract work on men's and boys' separate trousers and slacks
2325SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts315224SM
2325MMiscellaneous receipts315224M
2325SSecondary products315224S
2325SSSecondary products
23262326Men's and boys' work clothing315225
2326PPrimary products315225P
23261Men's and boys' work shirts3152251
23262Men's and boys' work clothing and washable service apparel (excluding work shirt3152253
23269Contract work on men's and boys' work clothing
2326SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts315225SM
2326MMiscellaneous receipts315225M
2326SSecondary products315225S
2326SSSecondary products
23292329Men's and boys' clothing, nec315228
2329PPrimary products315228P
23291Men's and boys' nontailored heavy jackets and coats, including uniform, excluding ski jackets3152281
23292Men's and boys' swimwear, sweaters, and outerwear, nec3152283
232922Swimwear and athletic shorts3152283011
232928Outerwear, nec (ski and snow pants, leggings, light outerwear jackets, etc.)3152283111
23299Contract work on men's and boys' clothing, nec
2329SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts315228SM
2329MMiscellaneous receipts315228M
2329SSecondary products315228S
2329SSSecondary products
23312331Women's, misses', & juniors' blouses & shirts315232
2331PPrimary products315232P
23313Knit shirts and blouses made from purchased fabric3152321
2331321T-shirts and tank tops
2331351All other
23314Woven shirts and blouses3152323
23319Contract work on women's, misses', and juniors' blouses & shirts
2331SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts315232SM
2331MMiscellaneous receipts315232M
2331XY9Other miscellaneous receipts
2331SSecondary products315232S
2331SSSecondary products
23352335Women's, misses', and juniors' dresses315233
2335PPrimary products315233P
23353Dresses made from purchased fabric3152331111
23359Contract work on women's and misses' dresses
2335SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts315233SM
2335MMiscellaneous receipts315233M
2335SSecondary products315233S
2335SSSecondary products
23372337Women's, misses', and juniors' suits and coats315234
2337PPrimary products315234P
23371Coats and capes3152341
23372Suits and pantsuits3152343
23374Jackets, vests and skirts3152345
2337411Skirts, including uniform3152345010
2337421Jackets and vests3152345120
23379Contract work on women's, misses' and juniors' suits and coats
2337SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts315234SM
2337MMiscellaneous receipts315234M
2337SSecondary products315234S
23392339Women's, misses', and juniors' outerwear, nec315239
2339PPrimary products315239P
23392Washable service apparel
23394Bathing suits3152393
23397Other outerwear, nec3152397
2339761Play garments, including shorts, pedal pushers, Bermudas, and Jamaicas31523970
2339781All other women's, misses', and juniors' outerwear, nec31523971
23399Contract and commission work on women's, misses', and juniors' outerwear, nec
2339SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts315239SM
2339MMiscellaneous receipts315239M
2339SSecondary products315239S
23412341Women's and children's underwear and nightwear
2341PPrimary products
2341AWomen's and children's underwear and nightwear, excluding contract work
234121Women's underwear
2341211Slips, half slips, and petticoats
23412113Chiefly synthetic fibers
2341214Other women's underwear
234122Girls', children's and infants' underwear
2341225Other girls', children's and infants' underwear
234131Women's nightwear
23413153Chiefly synthetic fibers
23413163Chiefly synthetic fibers
2341317Other women's nightwear
234132Girls', children's and infants' nightwear
23419Contract work on women's and children's underwear and nightwear
2341911Contract work on women's and children's underwear and nightwear
2341SSecondary products
23422342Brassieres and allied garments
2342PPrimary products
2342ABrassieres and allied garments, excluding contract work
2342141Regular strap
2342142Contour lined or padded strap
2342143Strapless, convertible or other bandeau bras
234215Other bras, including long line
23422Girdles, corsets, combinations and accessories3152317
2342211Girdles, with or without openings
2342241Corsets, combinations, and accessories
23429Contract work on brassieres and allied garments
2342911Contract work on brassieres and allied garments
2342SSecondary products
23532353Hats, caps, and millinery315991
2353PPrimary products315991P
23532Hat and hat bodies, except cloth and millinery3159912
23533Cloth hats and caps3159913
2353SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts315991SM
2353MMiscellaneous receipts315991M
2353SSecondary products315991S
23612361Girls', children's, and infants' dresses, blouses, and shirts
2361PPrimary products
23613Girls', children's, and infant's knit blouses and shirts
23614Girl's, children's, and infant's woven blouses and shirts
23615Girl's, children's, and infant's dresses3152331221
23619Contract work on dresses, blouses & shirts
2361SSecondary products
2361SSSecondary products
23692369Girls', children's, & infants' outerwear, nec
2369PPrimary products
23692Coats, snowsuits, coat-and-legging sets, suits, vests, & jackets
23693Outerwear, nec, except contract work
2369343Play Garments
2369349Other Outerwear
23699Contract work on children's outerwear, nec
2369SSecondary products
2361SGirls', children's, and infants' dresses, blouses, & shirts
2369SSSOther secondary products
23712371Fur goods
2371PPrimary products
23711Fur coats, capes, jackets, neck pieces, fur linings, and all other fur garments3152921
23812381Fabric dress and work gloves
2381PPrimary products
23812Work gloves and mittens
2381211All fabric
238121122Single canton flannel
238121124Double canton flannel
238121132Fleeced cotton jersey
238121134Circular knit cotton
238121138Coated and partially coated fabric
238121147Other fabric
2381251Leather or plastic and fabric combinations3159923
2381MMiscellaneous receipts
2381SSecondary products
23842384Robes and dressing gowns, except children's
2384PPrimary products
23841Men's and boys' robes and dressing gowns
23842Women's, misses', and juniors' robes and dressing gowns
2384211Women's, misses', and juniors' robes and dressing gowns
2384MMiscellaneous receipts
2384MMMiscellaneous receipts
2384SSecondary products
2384SSSecondary products
23852385Waterproof outer garments
2385PPrimary products
23851Raincoats and other waterproof outergarments
2385MMiscellaneous receipts
2385XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
2385SSecondary products
2385SSSecondary products
23862386Leather and sheep lined clothing
2386PPrimary products
23861Leather and sheep lined clothing3152925
2386115Men's and boys leather coats and jackets
2386199All other leather clothing and sheep lined clothing, including children's
2386MMiscellaneous receipts
2386SSecondary products
23872387Apparel belts
2387PPrimary products
23871Leather belts3159995
23872Belts other than leather3159997
2387MMiscellaneous receipts
2387SSecondary products
2387SSSecondary products
23892389Apparel and accessories, nec
2389PPrimary products
23891Apparel and accessories, nec
2389181Burial garments
2389191Academic caps and gowns and costumes, including theatrical
2389198Ecclesiastical vestments, special garments for fraternal orders, except tailored clothing
2389MMiscellaneous receipts
2389SSecondary products
2389SSSecondary products
23912391Curtains and draperies314121
2391PPrimary products314121P
239111Curtains and draperies, woven
2391111Curtains, except lace3141211261
239111112Wholly or chiefly cotton fabrics
239111114All other materials
239112111Wholly or chiefly cotton fabrics
239112112Rayon and/or acetate fabrics
239112113All other materials
239113Curtains and draperies, knit3141211111
2391SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts314121SM
2391MMiscellaneous receipts314121M
2391XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
2391SSecondary products314121S
23922392House furnishings, nec314129
2392PPrimary products314129P
2392ABedspreads and bedsets3141291
23922Sheets and pillowcases3141293
23923Towels and washcloths3141295
23924Other house furnishings3141297
2392423Quilted products, including comforters, quilts, mattress protectors and other qu31412972
2392424Other household furnishings (including shower bath curtains, table linen, slipco31412971
2392451Bed pillows, fancy pillows and cushions31412973
2392477Mops and dusters (including dry mops and dusters, wet mops and sponge mops)
2392SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts314129SM
2392MMiscellaneous receipts314129M
2392XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
2392SSecondary products314129S
2392SSSecondary products
23932393Textile bags314911
2393PPrimary products314911P
2393ADuffle bags and knapsacks, all material31491101
23932All other textile bags31491102
2393SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts314911SM
2393MMiscellaneous receipts314911M
2393SSecondary products314911S
2393SSSecondary Products
23942394Canvas and related products314912
2394PPrimary products314912P
23941Canvas and related products3149121
2394SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts314912SM
2394MMiscellaneous receipts314912M
2394SSecondary products314912S
2394SSSecondary products
23952395Pleating and stitching
2395PPrimary products
23951Embroideries (except Schiffli machine products)3149995
23959Receipts for commission work on materials owned by others
2395MMiscellaneous receipts
2395MMMiscellaneous receipts
2395SSecondary products
2395SSSecondary products
23962396Automotive trimmings, apparel findings, and related products
2396PPrimary products
23961Men's and boys' suit and coat findings, and hat and cap trimmings
23962Automotive trimmings
23963Other trimmings and findings
23964Printing and stamping on apparel, apparel accessories, and art goods3231133
2396MMiscellaneous receipts
2396SSecondary products
2396SSSecondary Products
23972397Schiffli machine embroideries313222
2397PPrimary products313222P
23971Schiffli machine embroideries3132221
2397SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts313222SM
2397MMiscellaneous receipts313222M
2397MMMiscellaneous receipts
2397SSecondary products313222S
2397SSSecondary products
23992399Fabricated textile products, nec
2399PPrimary products
23991Fabricated textile products, nec
2399MMiscellaneous receipts
2399SSecondary products
2399SSSecondary products


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004