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Producer Price Indexes
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Chemicals and Allied Products

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SIC Industry SIC Product SIC Title NAICS Product
2812 2812 Alkalies and chlorine 325181
2812P Primary products 325181P
28121 Chlorine 3251811
28123 Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) 3251813
28125 Other alkalies 3251815
2812SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325181SM
2812M Miscellaneous receipts 325181M
2812S Secondary products 325181S
2812SS Secondary products
2813 2813 Industrial gases
2813P Primary products 325120P
28132 Acetylene 3251201
28133 Carbon dioxide 3251204
28135 Nitrogen 3251207
28136 Oxygen 325120A
28137 Other industrial gases, nec 325120D
2813M Miscellaneous receipts
2813MM Miscellaneous receipts
2816 2816 Inorganic pigments 325131
2816P Primary products 325131P
28161 Titanium dioxide 3251311
28162 White opaque inorganic pigments 3251312
28163 Chrome colors and other inorganic pigments 3251313
2816311 Chrome colors 325131311
2816331 Iron oxide pigments 325131331
2816399 All other inorganic pigments nec 325131399
2816SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325131SM
2816M Miscellaneous receipts 325131M
2816S Secondary products 325131S
2816SS Secondary products
2819 2819 Industrial inorganic chemicals, nec 325188
2819P Primary products 325188P
28193 Sulfuric acid (new and fortified) 3251881
28194 Other inorganic acids (except sulfuric, nitric, and phosphoric) 3251884
28195 Aluminum oxide, except natural alumina 3313111
28196 Other aluminum compounds, nec 3251887
28197 Potassium and sodium compounds (except bleaches, alkalies and alums) 325188A
28198 Inorganic chemical catalytic preparations, nec 325188D
28199 Other industrial inorganic chemicals, nec
2819SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325188SM
2819M Miscellaneous receipts
2819MM Miscellaneous receipts 325188SS
2819S Secondary products
2819SS Secondary products
2821 2821 Plastic materials and resins 325211
2821P Primary products 325211P
28213 Thermoplastic resins 3252111
2821301 Acrylic resins
2821321 Polyester resins saturated
2821332 Polyethylene resins
2821351 Polypropylene resins
2821361 Styrene plastics materials
2821371 Vinyl and vinylidene resins
2821389 Other thermoplastic resins
28214 Thermosetting resins 3252114
2821SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325211SM
2821M Miscellaneous receipts 325211M
2821S Secondary products 325211S
2821SS Secondary products
2822 2822 Synthetic rubber 325212
2822P Primary products 325212P
28229 Synthetic rubber, inc. SBR, ethylene propylene, & all other synthetic elastomers 3252129
2822SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325212SM
2822M Miscellaneous receipts 325212M
2822S Secondary products 325212S
2822SS Secondary products
2823 2823 Cellulosic manmade fibers 325221
2823P Primary products 325221P
28233 Rayon and acetate fibers 3252213
2823SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325221SM
2823M Miscellaneous receipts 325221M
2823S Secondary products 325221S
2824 2824 Noncellulosic manmade fibers 325222
2824P Primary products 325222P
28241 Nylon and other polyamide fibers 3252221
28243 Polyester 3252223
2824311 Yarn, except producer textured (industrial and textile) 325222311
2824332 Staple, tow and waste (fiberfill and other) 325222332
28244 Polyolefin 3252224
28245 Other noncellulosic manmade fibers (except glass, carbon, and graphite) 3252225
28246 Producer textured noncellulosic manmade fibers 3252226
2824SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325222SM
2824M Miscellaneous receipts 325222M
2824S Secondary products 325222S
2833 2833 Medicinal chemicals and botanical products (in bulk) 325411
2833P Primary products 325411P
28331 Synthetic organic medicinal chemicals, in bulk 3254111
28333 Other medicinal chemicals and botanical products, in bulk, nec 3254113
2833SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325411SM
2833M Miscellaneous receipts 325411M
2833S Secondary products 325411S
2833SSS Secondary products
2834 2834 Pharmaceutical preparations 325412
2834P Primary products 325412P
2834A Neoplasms, endocrine system, and metabolic diseases 3254121
2834A11 Cancer therapy products 3254121111
2834A12 Insulin/anti-diabetes products 3254121112
2834A13 Other neoplasms, endocrine system, and metabolic diseases, including hormones 3254121113
2834B Central nervous system and sense organs 3254124
2834B11 Analgesics 3254124111
2834B1111 Analgesics, prescription 32541241111
2834B1112 Analgesics, non-prescription 32541241112
2834B12 Psychotherapeutics 3254124112
2834B1211 Antidepressants 32541241121
2834B1213 Other psychotherapeutics, including tranquilizers 32541241123
2834B13 Other central nervous system and sense organs 3254124113
2834C Cardiovascular system 3254127
2834C11 Anticoagulants 3254127111
2834C12 ACE Inhibitors 3254127112
2834C13 Other cardiovascular preparations 3254127113
28344 Respiratory system 325412A
2834411 Bronchial therapy 325412A111
2834412 Other respiratory preparations 325412A112
283441211 Other respiratory preparations, prescription 325412A1121
283441212 Other respiratory preparations, non-prescription 325412A1122
28345 Digestive and genito-urinary systems 325412D
2834511 Antispasmodic/antisecretory 325412D111
2834512 Other digestive and genito-urinary preparations 325412D112
283451211 Other digestive and genito-urinary preparations, prescription 325412D1121
283451212 Other digestive and genito-urinary preparations, non-prescription 325412D1122
28346 Skin preparations 325412G
2834611 Skin preparations, prescription 325412G111
2834612 Skin preparations, non-prescription 325412G112
28347 Vitamins, nutrients and hematinic preparations 325412L
2834711 Multivitamins 325412L111
2834721 Other vitamins and nutrients 325412L112
283472111 Other vitamins and nutrients, prescription 325412L1121
283472112 Other vitamins and nutrients, non-prescription 325412L1122
2834761 Hospital solutions
28348 Parasitic and infective diseases 325412Q
2834811 Broad and medium spectrum antibiotics 325412Q111
2834867 Systemic antivirals 325412Q112
2834869 Other parasitic and infective diseases 325412Q113
28349 Veterinary preparations 325412T
2834SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325412SM
2834M Miscellaneous receipts 325412M
2834MM Miscellaneous receipts
2834S Secondary products 325412S
2834SS Secondary products
2835 2835 In vitro and in vivo diagnostics 325413
2835P Primary Products 325413P
28351 In vitro diagnostic substances 3254131
2835111 Reagents 3254131111
2835115 Standards and controls 3254131221
2835131 Blood bank, hematology, and coagulation products 3254131399
2835135 Microbiology, serology, histology, virology, and cytology products 3254131461
2835199 Other in vitro diagnostics, including culture media
28352 In vivo diagnostic substances, including contrast media and radioactive reagents
2835SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325413SM
2835M Miscellaneous receipts 325413M
2835MM Miscellaneous receipts
2835S Secondary products 325413S
2835SS Secondary products
2836 2836 Biological products, except diagnostics 325414
2836P Primary products 325414P
28361 Blood and blood derivatives, for human use 3254141
2836115 Human blood plasma 325414115
2836121 Other blood and blood derivatives, except those used for passive immunization 325414121
28362 Vaccines, toxoids, and antigens for human use 3254142
28363 Other biologics for human use 3254143
2836311 Antitoxins, antivenoms, immune globulins and similar blood derivatives 325414311
2836321 Allergenic extracts for human use, excluding diagnostic allergens 325414321
28364 Biologics for veterinary, industrial and other uses 3254144
2836411 Veterinary vaccines 325414411
2836415 Bacterins, toxoids, and other antigens for active immunization 325414415
2836431 Biologics for industrial and other uses 325414431
2836499 Other biologics: incl. antitoxins, immune serums, blood, and allergens, except diagnostics 325414499
2836SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325414SM
2836M Miscellaneous receipts 325414M
2836S Secondary products 325414S
2834S Pharmaceutical preparations 325412S
2836SSS Secondary products except pharmaceutical preparations
2841 2841 Soaps and other detergents 325611
2841P Primary products 325611P
28411 Soaps and detergents, commercial, industrial, and institutional 3256111
2841171 Alkaline detergents, commercial, industrial, and institutional
2841172 Synthetic organic detergents, commercial, industrial, and institutional
2841178 All other commercial, industrial, institutional type cleaners and soaps
28412 Household detergents 3256114
2841262 Household dry laundry detergents
2841273 Household liquid detergents, light duty
2841274 Household liquid detergents, heavy duty
2841275 Other household detergents
28413 Household soaps, except specialty cleaners and medicated soaps 3256117
2841SM Secondary and miscellaneous receipts 325611SM
2841M Miscellaneous receipts 325611M
2841MM Miscellaneous receipts
2841S Secondary products 325611S
2841SS Secondary products
2842 2842 Specialty cleaning, polishing, and sanitation preparations 325612
2842P Primary products 325612P
28422 Household bleaches (chlorine and nonchlorine) 3256122
28423 Specialty cleaning and sanitation products 3256123
2842332 Disinfectants, nonagricultural 325612332
2842343 Household laundry aids, incl. fabric softeners and rinses 325612343
2842383 Air and room fresheners 325612383
2842399 Other spec. cleaning prods., incl. glass window preps., toilet bowl clnrs., rug clnrs., etc 325612399
28424 Polishing preparations and related products 3256124
2842SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325612SM
2842M Miscellaneous receipts 325612M
2842MM Miscellaneous receipts
2842S Secondary products 325612S
2842SS Secondary products
2843 2843 Surface-active agents 325613
2843P Primary products 325613P
28431 Textile and leather assistants and finishes 3256131
28435 Bulk surface-active agents (surfactants) 3256135
2843SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325613SM
2843M Miscellaneous receipts 325613M
2843S Secondary products 325613S
2844 2844 Perfumes, cosmetics, and other toilet preparations 325620
2844P Primary products 325620P
28441 Shaving preparations 3256201
28442 Perfume, toilet water, and cologne 3256204
28443 Hair preparations (including shampoos, except medicated) 3256207
28444 Dentifrices, mouthwashes, gargles, and rinses
28446 Creams, lotions, oils (ex. shaving, hair deodorant, eye, manicuring and bath) 325620D
28447 Other cosmetics and toilet preparations, nece 325620G
2844SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325620SM
2844M Miscellaneous receipts 325620M
2844MM Miscellaneous receipts
2844S Secondary products 325620S
2844SS Secondary products
2851 2851 Paints and allied products 325510
2851P Primary products 325510P
28511 Architectural coatings, including architectural lacquers 3255101
28511A Exterior
28511AA Solvent-type
2851112 Paints and tinting bases, including barn and roof paints
2851115 Enamels and tinting bases, including interior-exterior floor enamels
2851125 Undercoaters and primers
2851135 Clear finishes
2851137 Stains, including shingle and shake
2851139 Other exterior solvent coatings, including bituminous paints
28511AB Water-type
2851141 Paints and tinting bases, including barn and roof paints
2851144 Undercoaters and primers
2851149 Stains
2851155 Other exterior water thinned coatings
28511B Interior
28511BA Solvent-type
2851163 Flat wall paints and tinting bases, including mill white paints
2851169 Semigloss, eggshell and satin paints and tinting bases
2851175 Clear finishes
285118 Water-type
2851181 Flat paints and tinting bases
2851183 Semigloss, eggshell and satin paints and tinting bases
2851186 Undercoaters and primers
2851188 Other interior water thinned coatings
28512 Product finishes for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), excluding marine coatings 3255102
28512A Transportation finishes, except powdered and high-solids coatings
2851222 Automobile finishes
2851225 Other transportation equipment finishes, including aircraft and railroad
28512B Wood finishes
2851237 Wood furniture, cabinet, and fixture finishes
2851239 Wood and composition board flat stock finishes
2851235 Appliance, heating and air conditioner finishes
2851241 Sheet, strip and coil coatings, including sidings, excluding containers
2851243 Container and closure finishes
2851247 Machinery and equipment finishes, including road building and farm implement
2851249 Metal furniture and fixture finishes
2851254 High-solids finishes (over 62.5 percent solids)
2851255 Powdered coatings
2851267 Other product finishes, except semi-manufactured (e.g. pigment dispersions, and ink vehicles)
28513 Special purpose coatings, including all marine coatings 3255103
28513A Industrial maintenance paints (specially formulated)
2851301 Interior
2851305 Exterior
28513BA Automotive and machinery refinish coatings
2851314 Paints and enamels, except laquers
2851316 Primers and undercoaters
2851327 Lacquers
2851311 Traffic marking paints, all types (shelf goods and highway department sales)
2851315 Marine paints and enamels (shelf goods and specially formulated, excluding spar varnish)
285133 Aerosol paints
2851398 Other special purpose coatings
28515 Miscellaneous allied paint products 3255105
2851523 Paint and varnish removers
2851531 Thinners for dopes & lacquers & oleoresinous thinners, inc. mixtures & proprietary thinners
2851533 Pigment dispersions
2851598 Misc. related products, inc. brush cleaners, nonpressure wood preservatives, putty, etc
2851SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325510SM
2851M Miscellaneous receipts 325510M
2851Z89 Resales
2851S Secondary products 325510S
2821S Plastic materials and resins 325211S
2851SSSSS Other secondary products
2891S Adhesives and sealants 325520S
2861 2861 Gum and wood chemicals 325191
2861P Primary products 325191P
28611 Softwood distillation products
28612 Other gum and wood chemicals
286125 Hardwood distillation products
2861255 Charcoal and charcoal briquets, including blends with lignite or other materials
286129 Tall oils
2861294 Refined (contains less than 90% free fatty acid, inc. tall oil resins other than rosin)
2861296 Rosin
2861298 Other tall oil derivatives, including rosin acid salts, except tall oil fatty acids
2861SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325191SM
2861M Miscellaneous receipts 325191M
2861S Secondary products 325191S
2865 2865 Cyclic crudes and intermediates
2865P Primary products
28651 Cyclic intermediates 3251921
28652 Synthetic organic dyes 3251321
28653 Synthetic organic pigments, lakes, and toners 3251324
28656 Aromatics, not made in a refinery 3251101
28657 Tars, tar crudes, and tar pitches
2865M Miscellaneous receipts
2865MM Miscellaneous receipts
2865S Secondary products
2869 2869 Industrial organic chemicals, nec
2869P Primary products 325199P
28691 Liquid refinery gases (aliphatics), not made in a refinery 3251104
28692 Ethyl alcohol 325193P
28693 Synthetic organic chemicals, nec
28694 Bulk pesticides and other bulk synthetic organic agricultural chemicals 3251994
28696 Miscellaneous end-use chemicals and chemical products 325199T
28697 Miscellaneous cyclic and acyclic chemicals and chemical products 325199U
2869M Miscellaneous receipts
2869MM Miscellaneous receipts 325199MM
2869S Secondary products 325199SS
2821S Secondary products, plastic materials and resins 325211S
2869SSS Other secondary products
2873 2873 Nitrogenous fertilizers 325311
2873P Primary products 325311P
28731 Synthetic ammonia, nitric acid, and ammonium compounds 3253111
28732 Urea 3253112
28733 Nitrogenous fertilizer materials of organic origin 3253113
2873SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325311SM
2873M Miscellaneous receipts 325311M
2873MM Miscellaneous receipts
2873S Secondary products 325311S
2873SS Secondary products
2874 2874 Phosphatic fertilizers 325312
2874P Primary products 325312P
28741 Phosphoric acid 3253121
28742 Superphosphate and other phosphatic fertilizer materials 3253122
28744 Mixed fertilizers, made by plants which manufacture fertilizer materials 3253124
2874SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325312SM
2874M Miscellaneous receipts 325312M
2874MM Miscellaneous receipts
2874S Secondary products 325312S
2874SS Secondary products
2875 2875 Fertilizers, mixing only 325314
2875P Primary products 325314P
28751 Fertilizers, mixing only 3253141
2875125 Mixed fertilizers, solid 325314125
2875131 Mixed fertilizers, liquid 325314131
2875SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325314SM
2875M Miscellaneous receipts 325314M
2875MM Miscellaneous receipts
2875S Secondary products 325314S
2875SS Secondary products
2879 2879 Pesticides and other agricultural chemicals 325320
2879P Primary products 325320P
2879A Agricultural and commercial insecticides and chemicals 325320A
2879B Lawn and garden pesticides and chemicals 325320B
2879C Household and institutional pesticides and chemicals 325320C
2879SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325320SM
2879M Miscellaneous receipts 325320M
2879MM Miscellaneous receipts
2879S Secondary products 325320S
2879SS Secondary products
2891 2891 Adhesives and sealants 325520
2891P Primary products 325520P
28913 Natural base glues and adhesives 3255203
28914 Synthetic resin and rubber adhesives, including cellulose, nitrocellulose, etc 3255204
289144 Vinyl type adhesives 32552044
2891465 Hot melt adhesives, including nylon, polyolefin, and other hot melts 325520465
2891478 Rubber and synthetic resin combinations 325520478
2891498 Other synthetic resin & rubber adhesives 325520498
28916 Structural sealants (load bearing) 3255206
28917 Nonstructural sealants and caulks 3255207
2891SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325520SM
2891M Miscellaneous receipts 325520M
2891MM Miscellaneous receipts
2891S Secondary products 325520S
2891SS Secondary products
2892 2892 Explosives 325920
2892P Primary products 325920P
28921 Explosives, propellants, and blasting accessories (not manufactured in GOCOs) 3259201
289211 Industrial explosives
2892113 Permissibles, including permissible slurries
2892117 ANFO, except slurry
2892118 Water gel and slurries, except permissible slurries
2892121 Noncap sensitive
2892127 Other industrial explosives
2892136 Propellants
289215 Blasting accessories
2892157 Other blasting accessories (squibs, ignitors, fuse, other blasting caps, nec.)
2892171 Other explosives (military detonators, jet starters, fuse and explosive assemblies, etc.)
2892SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325920SM
2892M Miscellaneous receipts 325920M
2892XY9 Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
2892Y66 Contract work performed by government owned company operated establishments (GOCOs)
2892Z89 Resales
2892S Secondary products 325920S
2892SSS Secondary products
2893 2893 Printing ink 325910
2893P Primary products 325910P
28931 Letterpress ink (black and color) 3259101
28932 Lithographic and offset ink (black and color) 3259102
2893231 News and nonheat web ink 325910231
2893233 Publication and commercial web ink 325910233
2893234 Sheet-fed packaging ink 325910234
2893244 Sheet-fed general printing ink 325910244
2893245 Other lithographic and offset ink 325910245
28933 Gravure ink 3259103
28934 Flexographic ink 3259104
2893481 Packaging ink 325910481
289348182 Solvent types 32591048182
289348183 Water types 32591048183
2893484 Other flexographic ink 325910484
28935 Printing ink, nec 3259105
2893SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325910SM
2893M Miscellaneous receipts 325910M
2893MM Miscellaneous receipts
2893S Secondary products 325910S
2893SS Secondary products
2895 2895 Carbon black 325182
2895P Primary products 325182P
28951 Carbon black 3251821
2895SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325182SM
2895M Miscellaneous receipts 325182M
2895S Secondary products 325182S
2899 2899 Chemicals and chemical preparations, nec 325998
2899P Primary products 325998P
28991 Salt, evaporated and solar 3119421
28992 Fatty acids (produced for sale as such) 3251991
28994 Gelatin, except ready to eat desserts
28995 Chemical preparations, nec, including essential oils
289957 Water treating compounds 325998A
289959 Chemical preparations, nec, including essential oils and automotive chemicals 325998H
2899SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 325998SM
2899M Miscellaneous receipts
2899MM Miscellaneous receipts
2899S Secondary products 325998S
2899SS Secondary products


Last Modified Date: January 04, 2019