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Producer Price Indexes

SIC to NAICS Concordance

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SIC IndustrySIC ProductSIC TitleNAICS Product
34113411Metal cans332431
3411PPrimary products332431P
34111Steel cans3324311
3411181Food and beverage steel cans including lids, ends, and parts shipped separately332431181
3411191Other steel cans332431191
34112Aluminum cans3324312
3411SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332431SM
3411MMiscellaneous receipts332431M
3411MMMiscellaneous receipts
3411SSecondary products332431S
3411SSSecondary products
34123412Metal shipping barrels, drums, kegs, and pails
3412PPrimary products
34121Steel pails3324391
34122Steel shipping barrels and drums3324393
34123All other metal barrels (including parts and fluid milk containers)
3412MMiscellaneous receipts
3412SSecondary products
3412SSSecondary products
3421PPrimary products332211P
34211Cutlery, scissors, shears, trimmers, and snips3322111
342111BScissors and shears33221111B
342111COther knives (Incl. pocket, pen, and replacement blade knives)33221111C
34212Razors and razor blades, except electric3322112
3421SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332211SM
3421MMiscellaneous receipts332211M
3421SSecondary products332211S
34233423Hand and edge tools, except machine tools and handsaws332212
3423PPrimary products332212P
34231Mechanics' hand service tools3322121
342311112Slip joint pliers33221211112
342311113Solid joint pliers33221211113
3423112Ball peen hammers332212112
342311321Sockets, drives, extensions, etc. for hand-operated socket wrenches33221211321
342311322Open-end wrenches33221211322
342311323Box wrenches33221211323
342311324Combination open-end and box wrenches33221211324
342311325Torque wrenches33221211325
342311326Adjustable wrenches, including pipe wrenches33221211326
342311327All other wrenches33221211327
3423115Automotive jacks, mechanical, excluding hydraulic and pneumatic332212115
3423116Tools for automotive use, excluding jacks332212116
3423117All other mechanics' hand service tools332212117
34234Edge tools, hand operated3322123
3423431Axes, adzes, and hatchets332212331
3423485Professional and craftsmen's edge hand tools332212385
3423498All other edge tools332212398
34235Dies and interchangeable cutting tools, for machines and power-driven handtools3322125
3423551Cutting dies, excluding dies for cutting metal332212551
3423555Machine knives, except metal cutting332212555
3423559All other machine tools, including woodcutting332212559
34236Other hand tools, nec3322127
3423611Shovels, spades, scoops, telegraph spoons, and scrapers332212711
3423621Light forged hammers, under 4 pounds, excluding ball peen hammers332212721
3423631Heavy forged hammers, sledges (4 pounds and over), picks, pick mattocks, and mau332212731
3423641Steel goods, including forks, hoes, rakes, weeders, etc332212741
3423681Soldering irons332212781
3423698Other hand tools, excluding edge and machine tools332212798
3423SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332212SM
3423MMiscellaneous receipts332212M
3423XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3423SSecondary products332212S
3423SSSecondary products
34253425Hand saws and saw blades332213
3425PPrimary products332213P
34251Handsaws and handsaw blades3322131
3425143Hacksaws and hacksaw blades
3425149Other handsaws, incl. crosscut, miter, buck, coping, pruning, compass, etc
34252Woodworking power saw blades
3425212Circular saw blades
342521211Solid tooth
342521213Inserted tooth
3425216Bandsaw blades
3425219All other woodworking power saw blades, incl. scroll, jig, chainsaw, etc
34253Metalworking power saw blades
3425331Circular saw blades, including separate inserted teeth
3425336Bandsaw blades
3425339Other metalworking power saw blades
34254All other power saw blades, including concrete, masonry, and abrasive saw blades
3425411All other power saw blades, including concrete, masonry, and abrasive saw blades
3425SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332213SM
3425MMiscellaneous receipts332213M
3425SSecondary products332213S
3425SSSecondary products
34293429Hardware, nec332510
3429PPrimary products332510P
34292Furniture hardware, excluding cabinet hardware3325101
34293Vacuum and insulated bottles, jugs, and chests
34294Builders' hardware3325103
3429415Padlocks including pin/non-pin tumbler and combination types332510315
3429421Doorlocks, locksets, and locktrim, except architectural trim sold separately332510321
3429452Hinges, excluding cabinet hinges, including spring hinges332510352
3429461Cabinet hardware332510361
3429477Other builders' hardware, nec332510377
34296Motor vehicle hardware3325105
34297Other transportation equipment hardware, except motor vehicle hardware3325107
34298Other hardware, nec3325109
3429SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332510SM
3429MMiscellaneous receipts332510M
3429SSecondary products332510S
3429SSSecondary products
34313431Metal sanitary ware332998
3431PPrimary products332998P
3431121Steel lavatories
34312Drinking fountains
3431231Metal drinking fountains, other than steel
34314Sinks, sink/laundry tray combinations, and laundry trays sold separately
3431426Kitchen sinks (cast iron, steel, and stainless steel)
3431711Cast iron bathtubs
3431721Steel bathtubs
34319Miscellaneous metal sanitary ware
3431946Urinals, including cast iron
3431998All other metal sanitary ware
3431SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332998SM
3431MMiscellaneous receipts332998M
3431SSecondary products332998S
34323432Plumbing fixture fittings and trim332913
3432PPrimary products332913P
34322Single lever controls, two or three handle bath or shower fittings, etc3329132
3432211Single lever controls332913211
3432213Two and three handle bath and shower fittings332913213
3432215Anti-scald bath and shower valves332913215
34323Lavatory and sink fittings (ex. single control), includ. drains and overflows3329133
34324Miscellaneous plumbing fixtures, fittings, and trim (brass goods)3329134
3432SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332913SM
3432MMiscellaneous receipts332913M
3432MMMiscellaneous receipts
3432SSecondary products332913S
34333433Nonelectric heating equipment333414
3433PPrimary products333414P
3433AFloor and wall furnaces, heaters, stokers, and related parts333414A
3433BOther heating equipment, exc. electric, incl. parts for nonelectric heating333414B
3433CCast iron heating boilers, radiators, and convectors333414C
34334Domestic heating stoves3334144
34335Steel heating boilers3334145
3433SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333414SM
3433MMiscellaneous receipts333414M
3433SSecondary products333414S
3433SSSecondary products
34413441Fabricated structural metal
3441PPrimary products332312P
34411Fabricated structural metal for buildings3323121
3441121Iron and steel for industrial buildings332312121
3441122Iron and steel for commercial buildings332312122
3441123Iron and steel for residential buildings332312123
3441173Iron and steel for other buildings, and aluminum for all types of buildings332312173
34412Fabricated structural metal for bridges, trestles, and viaducts3323122
34413Other fabricated structural metal3323123
3441SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332312SM
3441MMiscellaneous receipts332312M
3441MMMiscellaneous receipts
3441SSecondary products332312S
3441SSSecondary products
34423442Metal doors, sash and trim332321
3442PPrimary products332321P
34421Metal doors and frames, except storm doors3323211
344211Aluminum doors (excluding shower doors and tub enclosures)33232111
344212Iron and steel doors (excluding shower doors and tub enclosures)33232112
3442121Iron and steel industrial doors332321121
3442122Iron and steel residential doors332321122
3442123Iron and steel commercial and institutional doors332321123
344218Other metal doors, metal door frames, and shower doors and tub enclosures33232118
34422Metal window sash and frames, except storm sash3323212
34423Metal molding and trim and storefronts3323213
34424Metal combination screen, storm sash, and storm doors3323214
34425Metal windows and door screens, (except combination) and metal weatherstrip3323215
3442SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332321SM
3442MMiscellaneous receipts332321M
3442MMMiscellaneous receipts
3442SSecondary products332321S
3442SSSecondary products
34433443Fabricated plate work (boiler shops)
3443PPrimary products332313P
34431Heat exchangers and steam condensers, except for nuclear applications3324101
3443112Heat exchangers, closed types, industrial
344311211Bare tube33241011
344311215Fin tube33241012
3443151Steam condensers33241013
34432Fabricated steel plate (stacks and weldments)3323132
34433Steel power boilers, parts, and attachments (more than 15 p.s.i. steam working pressure)3324103
34434Gas cylinders3324204
34435Metal tanks, complete at factory (standard line pressure)3324205
34436Nuclear reactor steam supply systems
34437Metal tanks, complete at factory (standard line nonpressure)3324207
34438Metal tanks and vessels, custom fabricated at the factory3324208
34439Metal tanks and vessels, custom fabricated and field erected3324209
3443SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332313SM
3443MMiscellaneous receipts332313M
3443SSecondary products332313S
3443SSSecondary products
34443444Sheet metal work332322
3444PPrimary products332322P
34441Air-conditioning ducts and stove pipe
3444121Steel air-conditioning ducts, including dust collecting ducts
3444127Steel stove pipe, furnace smoke pipe, elbows
34442Culverts, flumes, and irrigation pipes
34443Bins and vats
3444315Grain, excluding drying floors, fans, heaters
3444321Other than grain, including feed storage, all metals
34444Metal roofing and roof drainage equipment
3444411Metal roofing, steel, all types
3444417Metal roofing, aluminum and other metals, all types
3444423Roof drainage equipment including eave troughs, steel
3444429Roof drainage equipment including eave troughs, aluminum
34445Metal flooring and siding
3444505Fabricated metal flooring
3444516Metal siding, steel
3444517Metal siding, aluminum, for residential use, including mobile homes
3444518Metal siding, aluminum, for other uses, including commercial, industrial, and farm
34447Metal awnings, canopies, cornices, and soffits
3444725Awnings, canopies, carports, patios, aluminum
3444731Cornices, skylights, domes, copings, etc., steel and aluminum
3444741Soffits, fascia, and shutters, steel and aluminum
34448Electronic enclosures
3444811Computer and peripheral equipment, steel
3444813Computer and peripheral equipment, aluminum
3444819Other electronic enclosures (excluding computer), steel and aluminum
34449Other sheet metal work
3444931Roof ventilators
3444941Louvers and dampers for heating, ventilation, and a-c, steel and aluminum
3444953Restaurant and hotel kitchen sheet metal equipment, steel
3444962Other sheet metal work, steel
3444965Other sheet metal work, aluminum
3444998Other sheet metal work, metals other than steel or aluminum
3444MMiscellaneous receipts
3444XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3444SSecondary products
3444SSSecondary products
34463446Architectural and ornamental metal work332323
3446PPrimary products332323P
3446AGrilles, registers, and air diffusers332323A
34462Stairs, railings, fences, and gates (other than wire)3323232
3446213Stairs, staircases, and fire escapes332323213
3446214Fences, gates, railings, and window guards332323214
34463Open flooring, grating, and studs3323233
34464Scaffolding, shoring, and forming for concrete work3323234
34465Other architectural and ornamental metal work3323235
3446511Iron and steel332323511
3446512Aluminum and metals other than iron and steel332323512
3446SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332323SM
3446MMiscellaneous receipts332323M
3446XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3446SSecondary products332323S
3446SSSecondary products
34483448Prefabricated metal buildings332311
3448PPrimary products332311P
34481Prefabricated metal building systems (excluding farm service bldgs. & residential buildings)3323111
34482Other prefabricated and portable metal buildings and parts3323112
3448224Other prefabricated metal buildings332311224
3448254Panels, parts, or sections for prefab bldgs., not sold as a complete unit, steel & aluminum332311254
3448SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332311SM
3448MMiscellaneous receipts332311M
3448SSecondary products332311S
3448SSSecondary products
34493449Miscellaneous structural metal work
3449PPrimary products332114P
34494Bar joists and fabricated concrete reinforcing bars
34498Custom roll form products3321148
3449SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332114SM
3449MMiscellaneous receipts332114M
3449SSecondary products332114S
3449SSSecondary products
34513451Screw machine products332721
3451PPrimary products332721P
34511Automotive screw machine products3327211
34512Other screw machine products3327212
3451242Household appliances, including radio and television332721242
3451252Electric and electronic equipment, except household appliances332721252
3451298All other end uses, including ordnance332721298
3451SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332721SM
3451MMiscellaneous receipts332721M
3451SSecondary products332721S
3451SSSecondary products
34523452Bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, and washers332722
3452PPrimary products332722P
34524Externally threaded metal fasteners, except aircraft3327224
3452411Mine roof bolts332722411
3452412Hex bolts, including heavy, tap-and-joint, excluding high strength structural332722412
3452419other metal bolts, incl. square, round, plow, high-strength structural & bent332722419
3452439Cap, set, machine, lag, flange, and self-locking screws332722439
3452445tapping screws incl flat, hex, oval & pan; wood screws incl flat, oval & round332722445
3452489Other externally threaded metal fasteners, including studs332722489
34525Internally threaded fasteners, exc aircraft3327225
34526Nonthreaded fasteners, exc. aircraft3327226
34527Aircraft/aerospace fasteners3327227
34528other formed fasteners incl auto, hshd, aircraft, & ordnance (not plastic)3327228
3452SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332722SM
3452MMiscellaneous receipts332722M
3452MMMiscellaneous receipts
3452SSecondary products332722S
3452SSSecondary products
34623462Iron and steel forgings332111
3462PPrimary products332111P
34625Hot impression die impact, press and upset ferrous forgings3321115
3462511Carbon steel332111511
3462513Alloy steel, except stainless and high-temperature332111513
3462515Stainless steel332111515
3462517High-temperature iron, nickel and cobalt-base alloys332111517
34626Cold impression die impact, press and upset ferrous forgings3321116
34627Seamless rolled-ring ferrous forgings3321117
34628Open die or smith (hammer or press) ferrous forgings3321118
3462SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332111SM
3462MMiscellaneous receipts332111M
3462SSecondary products332111S
3462SSSecondary products
34633463Nonferrous forgings332112
3463PPrimary products332112P
34631Other nonferrous forgings, inc. cold impres sion die impact and seamless rolled3321121
34635Hot impression die impact, press and upset nonferrous forgings3321125
3463521Aluminum and aluminum alloy332112521
3463523Titanium and titanium alloy332112523
3463527Other nonferrous hot impression die forgings332112527
3463SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332112SM
3463MMiscellaneous receipts332112M
3463SSecondary products332112S
34653465Automotive stampings336370
3465PPrimary products336370P
34651Original equipment automotive stampings3363701
3465101Body panels336370101
3465102Chassis parts and other original equipment automotive stampings.336370102
34653Replacement part automotive stampings3363703
3465SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336370SM
3465MMiscellaneous receipts336370M
3465SSecondary products336370S
3465SSSecondary products
34663466Metal crowns and closures332115
3466PPrimary products332115P
34661Metal commercial closures3321151
34664Metal crowns3321154
3466SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332115SM
3466MMiscellaneous receipts332115M
3466SSecondary products332115S
34693469Metal stampings, nec332116
3469PPrimary products
34692Job stampings, except automotive3321161
34694Stamped and spun utensils, cooking and kitchen, aluminum3322141
34695Stamped and spun utensils, cooking and kitchen, except aluminum3322143
34699Other stamped and pressed metal end products3321165
3469MMiscellaneous receipts
3469SSecondary products
3469SSSecondary products
34713471Metal plating and polishing332813
3471PPrimary products332813P
34711Metal plating and polishing3328131
3471SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332813SM
3471MMiscellaneous receipts332813M
3471XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3471SSecondary products332813S
3471SSSecondary products
34793479Metal coating and allied services332812
3479PPrimary products332812P
34791Etching, engraving, coating and allied services3328121
347911Etching and engraving, incl. etching and engraving nameplates33281211
347912Metal coating33281212
3479121Galvanizing and other hot dip coatings332812121
3479122Organic coatings, enamels and lacquers, incl. alkyds, plastics, etc332812122
347912212Liquid spray coating, incl electrostatic coating33281212212
347912213Powder coating, incl. electrostatic and fluidized bed33281212213
347912214All other organic coatings, incl curtain coating and wash coating33281212214
3479123Inorganic coatings, incl. porcelain coatings332812123
3479SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332812SM
3479MMiscellaneous receipts332812M
3479SSecondary products332812S
3479SSSecondary products
34823482Small arms ammunition, 30mm and under332992
3482PPrimary products332992P
3482111Cartridges for small firearms (rifle and sidearms)332992111
3482411Ammunition components332992411
3482511All other small arms ammunition products332992511
3482SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332992SM
3482MMiscellaneous receipts332992M
3482SSecondary products332992S
34833483Ammunition, except for small arms332993
3483PPrimary products332993P
34831Artillery ammunition and component parts, over 30mm (or 1.18 inches)3329931
3483111Complete rounds, loaded
3483135Steel cases only
3483151Projectile metal parts
3483171Artillery component parts
34833Ammunition, except for small arms, nec3329933
3483331Rockets (other than guided missiles) and parts
3483341Other ammunition and ammunition parts, nec, except small arms
3483SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332993SM
3483MMiscellaneous receipts332993M
3483SSecondary products332993S
34843484Small arms, 30 mm and under332994
3484PPrimary products332994P
34842Pistols and revolvers3329942
3484201Centerfire pistols and revolvers332994201
3484202Rimfire pistols and revolvers332994202
3484301Centerfire rifles332994301
348430121Semiautomatic centerfire rifles33299430121
348430122Bolt repeater centerfire rifles33299430122
348430123Lever repeater and all other centerfire rifles33299430123
3484302Rimfire rifles332994302
348430231Semiautomatic rimfire rifles33299430231
348430232Other repeating and single shot rimfire rifles33299430232
3484401Repeating shotguns332994401
3484402Single shot and double barrel shotguns332994402
34845Other small arms3329945
3484501Other small arms
34846Parts and attachments for small arms3329946
3484601Parts and attachments for small arms
34847Small arms shipped to U.S. military3329947
3484701Rifles and submachine guns, shipped to U.S. military332994701
3484702Machine guns, shipped to U.S. military332994702
3484703Other small arms shipped to U.S. military332994703
3484704Parts and attachments shipped to U.S military332994704
3484SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332994SM
3484MMiscellaneous receipts332994M
3484SSecondary products332994S
34893489Ordnance and accessories nec332995
3489PPrimary products332995P
34891Guns, howitzers, mortars and related equipment3329951
3489103Parts and other related equipment for heavy weapons
34892Ordnance & access. nec, incl rocket launchers, torpedo tubes, flame throwers & their parts3329952
3489201Ordnance & access., nec, incl rocket launchers, torpedo tubes, flame throwers & their parts
3489SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332995SM
3489MMiscellaneous receipts332995M
3489SSecondary products332995S
3489SSSecondary products
34913491Industrial valves332911
3491PPrimary products332911P
34911Gates, globes, angles, straightway (y-type) checks, stop and check, cross, etc3329111
34912Valves for water works and municipal equipment (ibbw, awwa, and ul)3329112
34913Ball valves (all metals, pressures, and types)3329113
34914Butterfly valves (all metals, pressures, and types)3329114
34915Plug valves (all metals, pressures, and types)3329115
34916Industrial valves, nec3329116
34917Nuclear valves (n-stamp only)3329117
34918Automatic valves (regulating and control type) and parts (except nuclear)3329118
34919Solenoid-operated valves and parts, except nuclear and fluid power transfer3329119
3491SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332911SM
3491MMiscellaneous receipts332911M
3491MMMiscellaneous receipts
3491SSecondary products332911S
34923492Fluid power valves and hose fittings332912
3492PPrimary products332912P
3492AAerospace-type hydraulic fluid power valves332912A
3492BAerospace-type pneumatic fluid power valves332912B
3492CNonaerospace-type hydraulic directional control valves332912C
3492C11Manual types332912C11
3492C12All other, including solenoid types332912C12
3492DNonaerospace-type hydraulic valves, except directional control332912D
3492D11Cartridge valves332912D11
3492D12All other, including electrohydraulic332912D12
3492ENonaerospace-type pneumatic directional control valves332912E
3492E11Solenoid types332912E11
3492E12All other, including mechanical and remote pilot332912E12
3492FNonaerospace-type pneumatic valves, except directional control332912F
3492GParts for fluid power valves332912G
3492HAerospace-type hydraulic and pneumatic hose or tube end fittings and assemblies332912H
3492JNonaerospace-type flared (metal) fittings, couplings for, and assemblies of tubi332912J
3492KNonaerospace-type flareless fittings and couplings (incl. nonmetal fittings) use332912K
3492NNonaerospace-type hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies of hose332912N
3492ONonaerospace type hydraulic and pneumatic fittings and couplings for hose332912O
3492SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332912SM
3492MMiscellaneous receipts332912M
3492SSecondary products332912S
34933493Steel springs, except wire332611
3493PPrimary products332611P
34931Hot formed springs3326111
3493121Hot formed coil springs
349312106Original equipment coil springs for cars, buses, and trucks
349312116Locomotive, railroad car, and other helical springs
3493131Hot formed leaf springs
349313151Replacement leaf springs (including exports) for cars, buses, and trucks
34932Cold formed springs3326112
3493271Cold formed flat springs made of sheet and strip
3493SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332611SM
3493MMiscellaneous receipts332611M
3493SSecondary products332611S
3493SSSecondary products, other than wire springs
3495SWire springs332612S
34943494Valves and pipe fittings, nec332919
3494PPrimary products332919P
34944Plumbing and heating valves and specialties, except plumbers' brass goods3329191
34947Metal fittings, flanges, and unions for piping systems3329193
3494SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332919SM
3494MMiscellaneous receipts332919M
3494SSecondary products332919S
3494SSSecondary products
34953495Wire springs332612
3495PPrimary products332612P
34952Precision mechanical springs3326122
3495213Precision mechanical compression-type wire springs332612213
3495216Precision mechanical extension and torsion-type wire springs332612216
34953Other wire springs3326123
3495SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332612SM
3495MMiscellaneous receipts332612M
3495MMMiscellaneous receipts
3495SSecondary products332612S
3495SSSecondary products
34963496Miscellaneous fabricated wire products332618
3496PPrimary products332618P
34961Noninsulated ferrous wire rope, cable and strand
34964Ferrous wire cloth and other ferrous woven wire products3326183
34965Nonferrous wire cloth and other nonferrous woven wire products3326185
34966Steel fencing and fence gates
34968Other ferrous fabricated wire products332618B
3496885Wire racks
3496898Other ferrous wire products
3496SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332618SM
3496MMiscellaneous receipts332618M
3496XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3496SSecondary products332618S
3496SSSecondary products
34973497Metal foil and leaf
3497PPrimary products
34971Converted unmounted aluminum foil packaging products (not laminated to other mat3329991
34972Laminated aluminum foil rolls and sheets for flexible packaging uses3222251
34973Converted foil or leaf for nonpackaging applications3329993
3497SSecondary Products
3497SSSecondary Products
34983498Fabricated pipe and fabricated pipe fittings332996
3498PPrimary products332996P
34987Fabricated pipe and fabricated pipe fittings3329967
3498713Iron and steel pipe, tube, and fittings332996713
3498715Nonferrous pipe, tube, and fittings332996715
3498SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332996SM
3498MMiscellaneous receipts332996M
3498SSecondary products332996S
3498SSSecondary products
34993499Fabricated metal products, nec
3499PPrimary products
34991Safes and vaults
34992Collapsible tubes
34993Metal strapping
34995Metal ladders332999A
34996Powder metallurgy parts, exc. bearings, gears, tools and all cement carbide part3321170
34998All other fabricated metal products332999G
3499MMiscellaneous receipts
3499SSecondary products
3499SSSecondary products


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004