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Producer Price Indexes
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Furniture and Fixtures and Paper and Allied Products

  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Paper and Allied Products
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    SIC Industry SIC Product SIC Title NAICS Product
    2511 2511 Wood household furniture, except upholstered 337122
    2511P Primary products 337122P
    25112 Wood living room, library, family room and den furniture 3371222
    2511219 Cabinets, except sewing machine cabinets 337122219
    2511231 Chairs, except dining room (including rockers) 337122231
    2511241 Tables, except card and telephone tables 337122241
    2511251 Desks 337122251
    2511271 Credenzas, bookcases, and bookshelves 337122271
    2511298 Other nonupholstered living room furniture 337122298
    251129811 Wall units (desk, bookcase, and storage type) 33712229811
    251129899 All other living room furniture 33712229899
    25113 Wood dining room and kitchen furniture, except cabinets 3371223
    2511311 Tables, dining room, 30 x 40 inches and greater 337122311
    2511331 Dining room chairs, incl. upholstered and nonupholstered 337122331
    2511351 Buffets and servers, dining room 337122351
    2511371 China and corner cabinets, dining room 337122371
    2511398 Other dining room and kitchen furniture 337122398
    25115 Wood bedroom furniture 3371225
    25115A Beds, headboards and footboards 3371225A
    2511511 Beds, incl. bunk and water beds, excl crib and headboard beds 337122511
    2511513 Headboards and headboard sets 337122513
    2511521 Dressers, vanities and dressing tables 337122521
    2511533 Wardrobes, chifforobes, armoires, & wardrobe-type cabinets 337122533
    2511535 Chests of drawers, including cedar chests 337122535
    2511561 Night tables and stands 337122561
    2511598 Other nonupholstered bedroom furniture 337122598
    25116 Infants' and children's wood furniture 3371226
    2511641 Infants' and children's wood furniture
    25117 Unpainted, unassembled, knock-down, and outdoor furniture 3371227
    2511741 Unpainted wood furniture 337122741
    2511751 Unassembled, knock-down, and outdoor furniture 337122751
    2511SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 337122SM
    2511M Miscellaneous receipts 337122M
    2511Z89 Resales
    2511S Secondary products 337122S
    2511SSS Secondary products
    2512 2512 Upholstered wood household furniture 337121
    2512P Primary products 337121P
    25121 Upholstered wood household furniture 3371211
    2512112 Sofas, davenports, settees, and loveseats 337121112
    251211232 Chiefly cotton 33712111232
    251211233 Chiefly rayon 33712111233
    251211234 Chiefly olefin 33712111234
    251211235 Chiefly nylon 33712111235
    251211236 Chiefly polyester 33712111236
    251211237 Other fibers and blends, including coated fabric and vinyl 33712111237
    2512132 Chairs, except reclining and rockers 337121132
    251213242 Chiefly cotton 33712113242
    251213243 Chiefly rayon 33712113243
    251213244 Chiefly olefin 33712113244
    251213245 Other fibers and blends, including coated fabric and vinyl 33712113245
    2512141 Sectional sofa pieces 337121141
    2512145 Rockers, including swivel 337121145
    2512154 Reclining chairs 337121154
    2512198 Other upholstered wood household furniture ( ottomans, hassocks, etc ) 337121198
    2512SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 337121SM
    2512M Miscellaneous receipts 337121M
    2512S Secondary products 337121S
    2512SSS Secondary products
    2514 2514 Metal household furniture 337124
    2514P Primary products 337124P
    25141 Metal household dining, dinette, breakfast & kitchen furniture 3371241
    25143 Metal porch, lawn, outdoor and casual furniture 3371243
    251431 Tubular aluminum 33712431
    251432 Cast and wrought iron 33712432
    251433 Other metal porch, lawn, outdoor and casual furniture, including picnic tables 33712433
    25144 Other metal household furniture 3371244
    2514437 Metal bed frames 337124437
    2514498 Other metal household furniture (including upholstered furniture, metal folding 337124498
    2514SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 337124SM
    2514M Miscellaneous receipts 337124M
    2514S Secondary products 337124S
    2514SSS Secondary products
    2515 2515 Mattresses and bedsprings 337910
    2515P Primary products 337910P
    2515A Innerspring mattress and foundation sets excl. crib size
    2515411 Twin innerspring mattress and foundation set, excl. crib size
    25154111 Twin innerspring mattress and spring foundation set
    25154115 Twin innerspring mattress and other foundation set incl. foam and platform.
    251542 Full innerspring mattress and foundation sets, excl. crib size
    25154211 Full innerspring mattress and spring foundation set
    25154222 Full innerspring mattress and other foundation incl.foam and platform
    251543 Queen innerspring mattress and foundation sets excl. crib size
    25154311 Queen innerspring mattress and spring foundation set
    25154322 Queen innerspring mattress and other foundation set incl. foam and platform
    251544 King innerspring mattress and foundation sets, excl. crib size
    2515441 King innerspring mattress and spring foundation set
    2515442 King innerspring mattress and other foundation set incl. foam and platform.
    251545 Other innerspring mattress and foundation sets, exclcrib size
    2515451 Other innerspring mattress and spring foundation set
    2515452 Other innerspring mattress and other foundation set incl. foam and platform
    25155 Dual purpose sleep furniture 3371214
    2515512 Convertible sofas
    2515516 All other dual purpose sleep furniture, including jackknife sofa beds & chair beds
    25156 Sleep system ensembles, excluding conventional water beds 337910A
    251571 Other mattresses, incl. crib mattresses and mattress inserts 3379104
    25157115 Foam core mattresses, other than crib size
    25157147 Other mattresses, excluding innerspring mattresses
    25157161 Mattress inserts for dual purpose sleep furniture
    2515M Miscellaneous receipts
    2515Z89 Resales
    2515S Secondary products
    2515SSS Secondary products
    2517 2517 Wood television, radio, phonograph and sewing machine cabinets 337129
    2517P Primary products 337129P
    2517SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 337129SM
    2517M Miscellaneous receipts 337129M
    2517S Secondary products 337129S
    2517SS Secondary products
    2519 2519 Household furniture, nec 337125
    2519P Primary products 337125P
    25191 Household furniture, except wood and metal 3371251
    251911 Plastics and fibrous glass household furniture 33712511
    251914 Reed, rattan, willow, wicker, cane and other similar household furniture 33712514
    2519SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 337125SM
    2519M Miscellaneous receipts 337125M
    2519S Secondary products 337125S
    2521 2521 Wood office furniture 337211
    2521P Primary products 337211P
    2521313 Wood office seating 337211313
    2521331 Desks and extensions 337211331
    2521341 Wood storage units, files and tables 337211341
    2521351 Wood systems furniture and all other office furniture 337211351
    2521SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 337211SM
    2521M Miscellaneous receipts 337211M
    2521Z89 Resales
    2521S Secondary products 337211S
    2521SSS Secondary products
    2522S Office furniture, except wood 337214S
    2522 2522 Nonwood office furniture 337214
    2522P Primary products 337214P
    25221 Office seating 3372141
    252211 Chairs 33721411
    2522112 Side and arm chairs 337214112
    2522113 Stacking and folding chairs 337214113
    2522114 General office and desk chairs, except secretarial 337214114
    2522115 Other chairs 337214115
    2522129 All other seating, excluding chairs 337214129
    25222 Desks and extensions 3372142
    2522224 Desks 337214224
    2522236 Desk extensions 337214236
    25225 Storage units, files and tables 3372145
    252251 Storage units 33721451
    2522511 Credenzas 337214511
    2522512 Bookcases and other storage units 337214512
    252252 Filing cabinets and cases 33721452
    2522521 Vertical files, letter and legal 337214521
    2522522 Horizontal or lateral files, letter and legal 337214522
    2522523 Motorized, visible and insulated files 337214523
    2522524 All other files 337214524
    252253 Tables 33721453
    2522531 Work or conference tables 337214531
    2522532 All other tables 337214532
    25226 Other nonwood office furniture 3372146
    252261 Systems furniture 33721461
    2522611 Modular systems furniture 337214611
    2522612 Panel systems furniture 337214612
    2522621 Miscellaneous, nonwood office furniture 337214621
    2522SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 337214SM
    2522M Miscellaneous receipts 337214M
    2522Z89 Resales
    2522S Secondary products 337214S
    2522SSS Secondary products
    2531 2531 Public building and related furniture
    2531P Primary products
    25311 School furniture, except stone, concrete, and library furniture 3371271
    25312 Public building and related furniture, except school and restaurant 3371274
    2531213 Seats for public conveyances 3363603
    2531281 All other public building and related furniture nec
    2531M Miscellaneous receipts
    2531MM Miscellaneous receipts incl. contract work and resales
    2531S Secondary products
    2531SS Secondary products
    2541 2541 Wood partitions and fixtures
    2541P Primary products
    25411 Wood partitions, shelving, and lockers 3372151
    25412 Plastic laminated fixture tops
    25413 Wood fixtures for stores, banks, offices, etc 3372154
    254133A Retail store fixtures, except food store: custom
    2541331 All other fixtures and displays
    2541332 Walls and wall fixtures
    2541337 Retail store fixtures, except food store: manufacturers' standard
    2541338 Retail food store fixtures
    2541399 All other wood fixtures
    2541M Miscellaneous receipts
    2541XY9 Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
    2541Z89 Resales
    2541S Secondary products
    2541SS Secondary products
    2542 2542 Partitions and fixtures, except wood
    2542P Primary products
    25421 Partitions
    25422 Shelving and lockers 337215A
    25423 Storage racks and accessories 337215E
    25424 Fixtures for stores, banks, offices, etc 337215H
    2542463 Custom retail store fixtures, except food store
    2542465 Standard retail store fixtures, except food store
    2542467 Retail food store fixtures
    2542499 All other non-wood fixtures, including bank, cabinets, counters, racks, etc
    2542SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts
    2542M Miscellaneous receipts
    2542Z89 Resales
    2542S Secondary products
    2542SS Secondary products
    2591 2591 Drapery hardware and blinds and shades 337920
    2591P Primary products 337920P
    25913 Window shades and accessories 3379203
    25914 Venetian blinds 3379204
    25915 Other shades and blinds nec, curtain and drapery rods, poles and other hardware 3379205
    2591SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 337920SM
    2591M Miscellaneous receipts 337920M
    2591Z89 Resales
    2591S Secondary products 337920S
    2591SS Secondary products
    2599 2599 Furniture and fixtures, nec
    2599P Primary products
    25991 Hospital beds
    25992 Restaurant, cafeteria, bar and bowling center furniture and fixtures, nec
    25994 Ship, industrial, and all other furniture and fixtures, nec
    2599M Miscellaneous receipts
    2599Z89 Resales
    2599S Secondary products
    2611 2611 Pulp mills 322110
    2611P Primary products 322110P
    26111 Special alpha and dissolving woodpulp 3221101
    26113 Sulfate woodpulp, including soda 3221103
    26114 Sulfite and other woodpulp 3221104
    26115 Pulp, other than wood, and pulp mill byproducts 3221105
    2611SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 322110SM
    2611M Miscellaneous receipts 322110M
    2611S Secondary products 322110S
    2621S Papermill products
    2621 2621 Paper mills
    2621P Primary products
    2621A Tissue paper and sanitary paper stock 322121G
    26211 Newsprint 3221221
    26212 Groundwood paper, uncoated 3221223
    26213 Clay coated printing and converting paper 3221211
    2621315 Clay coated groundwood 32212111
    2621329 Clay coated freesheet and prime coated body stock 32212112
    26214 Uncoated free sheet 3221213
    2621438 Bond and all writing paper 32212131
    2621456 Publication and printing paper, all types 32212133
    2621489 Cover and text papers and other converting and misc. uncoated freesheet 32212134
    26215 Bleached bristols, excluding cotton fiber index and bogus 3221215
    26216 Cotton fiber paper and thin paper
    26217 Unbleached kraft packaging and industrial converting paper
    26218 Packaging and industrial converting paper, except unbleached kraft 322121A
    26219 Special industrial paper, except specialty packaging 322121C
    2621S Secondary products
    2611S Pulp mill products 322110S
    2621SSS Other secondary products
    2631S Paperboard mill products 322130S
    2631 2631 Paperboard mills 322130
    2631P Primary products 322130P
    26311 Unbleached kraft packaging and industrial converting paperboard (>80% virgin wood pulp) 3221301
    26312 Bleached packaging and industrial converting paperboard (>80% virgin wood pulp) 3221302
    26313 Semichemical paperboard (>75% virgin wood pulp) 3221303
    26314 Recycled paperboard 3221304
    26318 Wet machine board 3221308
    2631SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 322130SM
    2631M Miscellaneous receipts 322130M
    2631S Secondary products 322130S
    2611S Pulpmill products 322110S
    2621S Papermill products
    2652 2652 Setup paperboard boxes 322213
    2652P Primary products 322213P
    26521 Setup paperboard boxes (classified by end use) 3222131
    2652121 Textiles, wearing apparel, and hosiery
    2652131 Department stores and other retail stores
    2652141 Confections
    2652151 Cosmetics, including soap
    2652161 Stationery and office supplies
    2652198 All other end uses, nec
    2652SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 322213SM
    2652M Miscellaneous receipts 322213M
    2652S Secondary products 322213S
    2652SS Secondary products
    2653 2653 Corrugated and solid fiber boxes 322211
    2653P Primary products 322211P
    26535 Corrugated and solid fiber boxes, including pallets 3222115
    2653511 Corrugated shipping containers for food and beverages, and carryout boxes for re 322211511
    2653513 Corrugated shipping containers for paper and allied products 322211513
    2653517 Corrugated shipping containers for metal and electrical products 322211517
    2653519 Corrugated shipping containers for all other end uses not specified 322211519
    2653558 Other corrugated and solid fiber products, including point-of-purchase displays 322211558
    2653567 Corrugated paperboard in sheets and rolls, lined and unlined 322211567
    2653SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 322211SM
    2653M Miscellaneous receipts 322211M
    2653MM Miscellaneous Receipts
    2653S Secondary products 322211S
    2653SS Secondary Products
    2655 2655 Fiber cans, drums, and similar products 322214
    2655P Primary products 322214P
    26551 Paperboard fiber drums with ends of any material 3222141
    26552 Fiber cans, tubes, and similar fiber products 3222142
    2655221 Fiber cans, all fiber and composite 322214221
    2655231 Fiber cores and tubes 322214231
    2655285 Other paperboard products and all vulcanized fiber products 322214285
    2655SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 322214SM
    2655M Miscellaneous receipts 322214M
    2655S Secondary products 322214S
    2655SS Secondary products
    2656 2656 Sanitary food containers 322215
    2656P Primary products 322215P
    26561 Milk and milk-type cartons, including juices and other beverages 3222151
    26562 Cups and liquid-tight containers 3222153
    2656233 Liquid-tight and round nested food containers, including lids and tops
    2656235 Drinking cups and portion serving cups
    26565 Other sanitary food containers, boards, and trays, except folding 3222155
    2656511 Pressed plates, dishes, spoons and similar products
    2656SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 322215SM
    2656M Miscellaneous receipts 322215M
    2656S Secondary products 322215S
    2656SS Secondary products
    2657 2657 Folding paperboard boxes 322212
    2657P Primary products 322212P
    26571 Folding paperboard boxes, except sanitary food containers, classified by end use 3222121
    2657114 Dry food and produce, incl. pet and animal food 322212114
    2657121 Bottled and canned beverages 322212121
    2657131 Soaps and detergents 322212131
    2657141 Tobacco 322212141
    2657151 Hardware and household supplies 322212151
    2657171 Cosmetics and medicinal products 322212171
    265717101 Cosmetics 32221217101
    265717102 Medicinal products 32221217102
    2657181 Paper goods or products, including book mailers 322212181
    2657195 Folding carry-out boxes and trays for retail food 322212195
    2657198 All other end uses, nec 322212198
    26572 Folding sanitary containers for liquid, moist, oily or perishable foods 3222122
    2657201 Bakery, fresh 322212201
    2657202 Butter and ice cream packages and food pails 322212202
    2657203 Processed meat, margarine, lard and shortening 322212203
    2657204 Other, including frozen foods 322212204
    2657SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 322212SM
    2657M Miscellaneous receipts 322212M
    2657S Secondary products 322212S
    2657SS Secondary products
    2671 2671 Paper coated and laminated, packaging
    2671P Primary products
    26711 Single web paper (coated rolls and sheets including waxed) 3222211
    26712 Single web film (coated rolls and sheets including coextruded) 3261121
    26713 Paper/paper multiweb laminations
    26714 Multiweb laminated rolls and sheets ex paper/paper and foil 3261123
    2671S Secondary products
    2671SSS Secondary products
    2672 2672 Paper coated and laminated, nec
    2672P Primary products
    26721 Printing paper coated at establishments other than where paper was produced 3222221
    26722 Gummed products
    26723 Pressure sensitive products 3222225
    2672301 Single-faced tape
    2672381 Pressure sensitive base stock for labels
    2672398 Other pressure sensitive products, nec
    26724 Other coated and processed papers, except for packaging uses 3222229
    2672M Miscellaneous receipts
    2672Z89 Resales
    2672S Secondary products
    2672SSS Secondary products
    2673 2673 Plastics, foil and coated paper bags
    2673P Primary products
    26731 Specialty bags and liners, single web paper, coated 3222231
    26732 Specialty bags and liners, single web film 3261111
    26733 Specialty bags and liners, multiweb laminations and foil 3222233
    2673M Miscellaneous receipts
    2673Z89 Resales
    2673S Secondary products
    2673SS Secondary products
    2674 2674 Uncoated paper and multiwall bags 322224
    2674P Primary products 322224P
    26741 Uncoated paper bags 3222241
    2674111 Grocers' bags and sacks 322224111
    2674112 Variety bags 322224112
    2674113 Shopping bags 322224113
    2674115 Other uncoated bags 322224115
    26742 Shipping sacks and multiwall bags 3222242
    2674211 Single and double wall 322224211
    2674212 Multiwall (three or more plies) 322224212
    2674SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 322224SM
    2674M Miscellaneous receipts 322224M
    2674S Secondary products 322224S
    2675 2675 Die-cut paper and paperboard
    2675P Primary products
    26751 Die-cut paper and paperboard office supplies 3222311
    2675113 File folders
    267511303 Other file folders, including file pockets and jackets
    267511304 Hanging and expandable file folders, all types and materials
    2675199 Other office supplies, including index cards, report covers, etc
    26752 Die-cut paper and paperboard except office supplies
    26753 Pasted, lined, laminated, or surface coated paperboard 3222261
    2675M Miscellaneous receipts
    2675MM Miscellaneous receipts
    2675S Secondary products
    2675SS Secondary products
    2676 2676 Sanitary paper products
    2676P Primary products 322291P
    26761 Sanitary napkins and tampons 3222911
    26763 Disposable diapers, except adult, including disposable training 322121L111
    26764 Sanitary tissue paper products 322121N
    267641 Facial tissues and handkerchiefs, including sputum wipes 322121N1
    267642 Paper table napkins, bulk & dispenser, industrial and retail 322121N2
    267644 Toilet tissue 322121N3
    267647 Paper towels 322121N6
    267649 Other sanitary paper products, except surgical and medical 322121N8
    2676SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 322291SM
    2676M Miscellaneous receipts 322291M
    2676S Secondary products 322291S
    2676SS Secondary products
    2677 2677 Envelopes 322232
    2677P Primary products 322232P
    26771 Envelopes, all types 3222321
    2677SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 322232SM
    2677M Miscellaneous receipts 322232M
    2677S Secondary products 322232S
    2678 2678 Stationery products 322233
    2678P Primary products 322233P
    26781 Stationery 3222331
    26782 Tablets and related products 3222332
    2678212 Legal pads 322233212
    2678213 Tablets and pads, except legal pads 322233213
    2678235 Notebooks 322233235
    2678245 Looseleaf fillers (school and commercial types) 322233245
    2678251 Wrapped ream papers 322233251
    2678298 Other tablets and related products 322233298
    2678SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 322233SM
    2678M Miscellaneous receipts 322233M
    2678S Secondary products 322233S
    2677S Envelopes 322232S
    2678SSS Other secondary products
    2679 2679 Converted paper and paperboard products, nec
    2679P Primary products
    26791 Wallcoverings 3222226
    26792 Gift wrap paper 3222227
    26793 Paper business machine supplies and other miscellaneous office supplies 3222313
    26794 Pressed and molded pulp goods
    26795 Other converted paper and paperboard products
    2679M Miscellaneous receipts
    2679MM Miscellaneous receipts
    2679S Secondary products
    2679SS Secondary products


    Last Modified Date: January 04, 2019