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Producer Price Indexes

SIC to NAICS Concordance

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SIC IndustrySIC ProductSIC TitleNAICS Product
24112411Logging camps and logging contractors113310
2411PPrimary products113310P
24111Softwood logs, bolts, and timber1133101
2411117Douglas fir
241111744Sawlogs and bolts
241111766Veneer logs and bolts
241113Softwood, except Douglas fir
2411131Southern yellow pine
2411132Ponderosa pine
2411136Western red cedar
2411139Other softwood log species, nec
24112Hardwood logs, bolts, and timber1133103
2411221Other hardwood log species, nec
24114Other products1133107
2411413Wood poles, piles, and posts
2411416Wood chips produced in the field
2411429Other products, including fuelwood & timber
24119Contract logging1133109
2411911Contract logging
2411SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts113310SM
2411MMiscellaneous receipts113310M
2411XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
2411SSecondary products113310S
2421SSawmills and planing mills
24212421Sawmills and planing mills321113
2421PPrimary products
24211Hardwood lumber, rough and dressed, except siding
242112Hardwood rough lumber
242112111Red, no. 1 common
242112119Other Red Oak
2421124Maple, gum, & ash rough
2421125Other hardwoods rough
242113Hardwood, dressed lumber, including ceiling, framing, and matched and shiplapped lumber
2421139Other hardwood species
24212Softwood lumber, rough and dressed, except siding
24213Softwood lumber, rough and dressed, Eastern species, except siding
242131Rough softwood lumber, Eastern species
2421311Boards - lumber less than 2 inches in nominal thickness
2421312Light framing lumber 2 inch nominal thickness only
2421313Lumber and timbers over 2 inches in nominal thickness
242132Dressed softwood lumber, Eastern species
2421321Boards - lumber less than 2 inches in nominal thickness
24213211Southern Pine
242132111Finish, c and better
242132113Boards, no. 2
242132119Other Southern Pine Boards
24213212Eastern White Pine
2421322Light framing lumber 2 inch nominal thickness only
24213221Southern Pine
242132211Dimension, no. 1
242132212Dimension no. 2
242132219Other 2 inch Southern Pine lumber
2421323Lumber and timbers over 2 inch nominal thickness, Eastern species
242132311Southern Pine
24214Softwood lumber, rough and dressed, Western species
242141Rough softwood lumber, Western species
2421411Boards - lumber less than 2 inches in nominal thickness
2421412Light framing lumber 2 inch nominal thickness only
2421413Lumber and timbers over 2 inches in nominal thickness
242142Dressed softwood lumber, Western species
2421421Boards-lumber less than 2 inch nominal thickness
24214211Douglas Fir
242142119Other boards
24214212Ponderosa Pine
242142121No. 3 boards
242142122No. 4 boards
242142129Other boards
24214216Redwood and Western Red Cedar
24214219Other boards, Western dressed softwood
2421422Lumber of 2 inches nominal thickness only
24214221Douglas Fir
242142213Utility 2x4 green
242142214Standard and better
242142219Other 2 inch Douglas Fir lumber
24214222Ponderosa Pine
24214224White Fir
242142241Standard and better
242142249Other 2 inch White Fir lumber
24214225Western Hemlock
242142251Dimension, std. and btr
242142259Other 2 inch Western Hemlock lumber
24214226Redwood 2 inch lumber
24214228Lodgepole, Sugar, and Western (Idaho) White Pine 2 inch lumber
24214229Other Western softwood 2 inch lumber
2421423Lumber and timbers, over 2 inch nominal thickness
24214231Douglas Fir
24214239Other Western softwood timbers
24215Wood chips3211135
2421577Short tons
2421578Standard units
24217Softwood cut stock3219127
2421711Furniture cut stock
2421751Other industrial cut stock
24218Softwood flooring, siding and other sawmill and planing mill products
2421811Softwood flooring
2421817Railway crossties and mine ties
2421819Other sawmill/planing mill products
24219Contract/custom work
2421911Contract or custom sawing of logs owned by others
2421951Contract drying, planing, resawing or other manufacturing of lumber owned by others
2421SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
2421MMiscellaneous receipts
2421SSecondary products
2411SLogging camps/contractors113310S
2421SSSOther secondary products
24262426Hardwood dimension and flooring
2426PPrimary products
24261Hardwood flooring3219187
2426111Oak flooring (3/4" 1/2" 3/8, T, G, EM, 5/16")3219187111
2426119Other oak specialty, including plank, block
2426131Maple flooring, including strip, block and parquetry
2426141Glued laminated truck trailer flooring and railroad car decking
2426198Other hardwood flooring
24262Hardwood dimension stock for furniture and industrial uses3219125
242622Furniture dimension stock
2426229Completely fabricated ready for assembly, incl furniture parts, ex frames for household furn
2426284Rough & semi-fabricated dimension stock
24266Wood frames for household furniture
2426611For seating
2426613Other use
2426MMiscellaneous receipts
2426SSecondary products
2426SSSecondary products
24292429Special product sawmills, nec
2429PPrimary products
24291Shingles, shakes, cooperage stock and excelsior
2429111Red cedar shingles and shakes
242911101Shingles, including remanufactured shingles
242911103Shakes (handsplit and resawn, taper and straight split)
2429117Slack & tight cooperage stock (staves & headings)
2429118Excelsior (wood wool & other products)
2429MMiscellaneous receipts
2429MMMiscellaneous receipts
2429SSecondary products
2431PPrimary products
24311Wood window units3219111
2431133Double hung
2431145All other, including single hung and skylights
24312Wood sash, incl. comb. screen and storm sash, and window screens, excl. window units3219113
24313Wood window and door frames and door frames shipped in door units3219115
24314Wood doors, int. and ext., incl. those with glazed sections and in door units3219117
243141Panel type, including french doors
243143Flush type doors, hollow core
243144Flush type doors, solid core
24315Other wood doors, incl. garage, screen, storm, combination, and louvre3219119
24316Wood moldings (standard) except prefinished moldings made from purchased moldings3219181
24317Prefinished wood moldings made from purchased moldings3219183
24318Other millwork products including stairwork and exterior millwork
2431MMiscellaneous receipts
2431XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
2431SSecondary products
2431SSSOther secondary products
24342434Wood kitchen cabinets337110
2434PPrimary products
24341Wood kitchen cabinets and cabinetwork, stock line3371101
24342Wood kitchen cabinets and cabinetwork, custom3371104
24343Vanities and other cabinetwork3371107
2434MMiscellaneous receipts
2434XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
2434SSecondary products
2434SSSOther secondary products
24352435Hardwood veneer and plywood321211
2435PPrimary products321211P
24351Hardwood plywood3212113
2435102Veneer core-type II moisture resistant
2435104Other veneer core (type I & III)
2435105Board Core
24352Prefinished hardwood plywood made from purchased plywood3212115
24353Hardwood plywood type products3212117
2435331Hardwood veneered panels
2435398Other hardwood plywood type products, including cellular panels, curved and mold
24354Hardwood veneer, not reinforced or backed
2435429Other hardwoods (domestic and imported)
2435SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts321211SM
2435MMiscellaneous receipts321211M
2435SSecondary products321211S
24362436Softwood plywood321212
2436PPrimary products321212P
24363Specialty softwood plywood3212123
243631Other plywood specialties, including softwood plywood type products3212129
24364Softwood veneer3212121
2436422Softwood veneer
24365Softwood plywood sheathing
243651Western, Inland & other Non-southern sheathing
2436511Western, Inland & Non-southern interior sheathing
243651121Western, Inland & Non-southern CDX, interior
243651124Other Western, Inland, & Non-southern interior sheathing, including: structural
2436512Western, Inland & Non-southern exterior sheathing
243652Southern sheathing
2436521Southern interior sheathing
24365211Southern CDX, interior
24365212Other Southern, interior
2436522Southern exterior sheathing
24366Sanded softwood plywood3212125
243661Western, Inland & Non-southern sanded
2436611Western, Inland & Non-southern sanded, exterior
24366111Western, Inland & Non-southern A-C, exterior
24366112Other Western, Inland & Non-southern exterior
2436612Western, Inland & Non-southern sanded, interior
243662Southern sanded
2436622Southern sanded, exterior
2436SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts321212SM
2436MMiscellaneous receipts321212M
2436SSecondary products321212S
2421SSawmill & planing mills
24392439Structural wood members, nec
2439PPrimary products
24391Fabricated structural wood products
2439131Glued laminated lumber
2439151Roof trusses
2439198Other fabricated structural wood products
243919815Floor trusses, incl I-beam floor joists
243919825Other fabricated structural wood products, except floor trusses
2439SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
2439SSecondary products
2439SSSecondary products
24412441Nailed wood boxes and shook
2441PPrimary products
24411Nailed or lock-corner wooden boxes3219201
2441151Made from lumber for industrial and other uses
2441165Made from veneer and plywood for fruits, vegetables, and industrial and other uses
24412Wooden box and crate shook3219203
2441211Made from lumber for fruits and vegetables
2441215Made from lumber for industrial and other uses
2441SSecondary products
2441SSSecondary products
24482448Wood pallets and skids3219205
2448PPrimary products
2448162Pallets, wooden, flat
2448164Pallet containers, including wood cargo containers
2448165Wooden skids
2448MMiscellaneous receipts
2448SSecondary products
2448SSSecondary products
24492449Wood containers, nec3219207
2449PPrimary products
24491Wirebound boxes made from lumber, veneer, and plywood
2449111Made from lumber
2449112Made from veneer and plywood
244911211For fruits and vegetables
244911213For industrial and other use
24493Veneer and plywood containers, except boxes and crates
2449312Containers incl. pails, drums, tubs, fruit and vegetable baskets, and hampers, etc
24495Slack and tight cooperage
2449512Slack cooperage(hogsheads, barrels, & kegs, incl. recoopered used slack barrels and kegs)
2449513Tight cooperage(hogsheads, barrels, & kegs for bourbon and other whiskey)
2449SSecondary products
2449SSSecondary products
24512451Mobile homes321991
2451PPrimary products321991P
24511Mobile homes, residential3219911
245113Single section
2451133312ft to 14ft
2451134414ft and over
2451143Other multi-section
24512Mobile buildings, non-residential3219912
2451222Office and other commercial
2451SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts321991SM
2451MMiscellaneous receipts321991M
2451SSecondary products321991S
2451SSSecondary products
24522452Prefabricated wood buildings and components321992
2452PPrimary products321992P
24521Components not sold as complete units3219921
24522Precut packages sold as complete units (residential and nonresidential)3219922
24523Panelized buildings sold as complete units3219923
24524Modular buildings shipped with floors and walls, and usually ceilings and roofs3219924
2452447Nonresidential, including motels and hotels321992447
2452SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts321992SM
2452MMiscellaneous receipts321992M
2452XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
2452SSecondary products321992S
2452SSSecondary products
24912491Wood preserving321114
2491PPrimary products321114P
24912Wood poles, piles and posts owned and treated by the same establishment3211142
24913Other wood products owned and treated by the same establishment3211143
2491311Railway crossties and mine ties, except switch or bridge321114311
2491313Lumber rough and dressed, not edged, treated321114313
2491319Other wood treated products including plywood, wood fence pickets, paling, rails321114319
2491SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts321114SM
2491MMiscellaneous receipts321114M
2491SSecondary products321114S
2491SSSecondary products
24932493Reconstituted wood products321219
2493PPrimary products321219P
24931Particleboard, produced at this location3212191
24932Waferboard and oriented strand board3212192
24933Medium density fiberboard3212193
24934Hardboard products made from hardboard produced at this location3212194
24936Hardboard products made from purchased hardboard3212196
24937Prefinished particleboard and medium density fiberboard made from purchased mate3212197
2493SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts321219SM
2493MMiscellaneous receipts321219M
2493SSecondary products321219S
24992499Wood products, nec
2499PPrimary products321999P
24991Mirror and picture frames339999C
24994Miscellaneous wood products3219991
2499SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts321999SM
2499MMiscellaneous receipts321999M
2499SSecondary products321999S


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004