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Measuring and Controlling Instruments

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SIC Industry SIC Product SIC Title NAICS Product
3812 3812 Search, detection, navigation, and guidance systems and aeronautical and nautical nav syst 334511
3812P Primary products 334511P
38121 Aeronautical, nautical, and navigational instruments 3345111
38122 Search, detection, navigation and guidance systems and equipment 3345113
3812216 Electrnc. warfare, missile & spc. vhcl., spec. electrnc. intel. sys. & eqpmnt
3812217 Search, detection, acquisition & tracking radar & sonar sys. & eqpmnt
3812219 Navigation, recon, and surveillance sys. & eqpmnt
3812SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 334511SM
3812M Miscellaneous receipts 334511M
3812S Secondary products 334511S
3821 3821 Laboratory apparatus and furniture 339111
3821P Primary products 339111P
38211 Laboratory apparatus 3391111
38212 Laboratory furniture 3391112
3821SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339111SM
3821M Miscellaneous receipts 339111M
3821Z89 Resales
3821S Secondary products 339111S
3822 3822 Automatic building, refrigeration and appliance controls 334512
3822P Primary products 334512P
38221 Building comfort (HVAC) and commercial refrigeration controls
3822121 Temperature responsive building controls
382212103 Pneumatic
382212104 Electric
3822125 Pressure responsive
3822185 Digital controls, excluding upgrades and additions to existing systems
3822198 All other HVAC and refrigeration controls
38222 Appliance temperature and related controls, automatic
3822211 Temperature responsive appliance controls
3822215 Other appliance regulating controls
3822SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 334512SM
3822M Miscellaneous receipts 334512M
3822S Secondary products 334512S
3822SS Secondary products
3823 3823 Industrial process control instruments 334513
3823P Primary products 334513P
38231 General purpose/receiver-type instruments and related equipment
3823103 Unified architecture type instruments for electronic systems
382310335 Controllers
382310336 Other
3823104 Non-unified architecture type instruments for electronic systems
3823105 Industrial multifunction process computers
3823106 Instruments for pneumatic systems with standard signal levels (3 to 15 psi and 3 to 27 psi)
382310665 Controllers
382310667 Other
38232 Temperature instruments, excluding receiver type
3823201 Electrical and electronic measuring types
382320145 Controllers
382320146 Other temperature instruments
3823202 Filled system (mechanical measuring) instruments
382320254 Other
38233 Primary temperature sensors
3823358 Thermocouples and thermocouple lead wire
3823359 Other primary temperature sensors, including RTD type
38234 Pressure measuring instruments, including draft type, other than receiver type
3823461 Controllers
3823462 Other
38235 Flow and liquid level instruments
3823501 Differential pressure types
382350165 Primary sensors
382350166 Controllers
382350167 Other
3823502 Electromagnetic, capacitance, and other electric/electronic types
3823503 Variable area instruments and associated elements
3823504 Float and displacement instruments and associated elements
3823505 Turbine, mass-flow, and other types and associated elements
38237 Continuous process instruments for on-stream gas and liquid analysis
3823776 Infrared analyzers
3823778 Other gas analyzers
3823781 Other liquid analyzers
38238 Instruments for process variables nec
3823801 Electrical and electronic measuring types
38239 Other industrial process instruments and parts for all industrial process instruments
3823994 Other industrial process instruments
3823999 Parts, supplies, accessories, and other equipment nec
3823SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 334513SM
3823M Miscellaneous receipts 334513M
3823XY9 Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3823Z89 Resales
3823S Secondary products 334513S
3824 3824 Fluid meters and counting devices 334514
3824P Primary products 334514P
38242 Integrating and totalizing meters for gas and liquids 3345142
382421 Gas meters 33451421
382423 Liquid meters 33451423
38243 Counting devices 3345143
38244 Motor vehicle instruments 3345144
3824SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 334514SM
3824M Miscellaneous receipts 334514M
3824Z89 Resales
3824S Secondary products 334514S
3825 3825 Electrical measuring and integrating instruments 334515
3825P Primary products 334515P
38251 Electrical integrating instruments
38252 Test equipment for electrical, radio and communication circuits, and motors 3345153
38252C Automatic test and measurement equipment 33451531
38252C1 Combination and/or group test sets 334515311
38252C2 Semiconductor component test equipment 334515312
38252C3 Other automatic test and measurement equipment 334515313
38252D Communications test equipment 33451532
38252E Other test equipment for electric circuits and motors, including parts 33451533
38253 Instruments for measuring electricity 3345155
3825M Miscellaneous receipts 334515M
3825XY9 Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3825Z89 Resales
3825S Secondary products 334515S
3826 3826 Laboratory analytical instruments 334516
3826P Primary products 334516P
38263 Laboratory analytical instruments
382631 Chromatographic instruments 33451631
382632 Spectrophotmetric instruments, incl spectroscopy instruments 33451632
382634 Clinical laboratory instrumentation 33451634
382635 Other analytical instruments, including parts, components, and accessories 33451635
3826SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 334516SM
3826M Miscellaneous receipts 334516M
3826XY9 Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3826Z89 Resales
3826S Secondary products 334516S
3826SS Secondary products
3827 3827 Optical instruments and lenses 333314
3827P Primary products 333314P
38271 Sighting, tracking and fire-control equipment 3333141
38275 Optical instruments and lenses, nec 3333145
382751 Binoculars and astronomical instruments 33331451
382752 Other optical instruments and lenses (excl. sighting, tracking, and fire-control 33331452
3827SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 333314SM
3827M Miscellaneous receipts 333314M
3827Z89 Resales
3827S Secondary products 333314S
3829 3829 Measuring and controlling devices, not elsewhere classified 334519
3829P Primary products 334519P
38291 Aircraft engine instruments 3345191
38292 Physical properties and kinematic testing equipment 3345193
38294 Nuclear radiation detection and monitoring equipment 3345195
38295 Commercial, geophysical, meteorological and general purpose instruments 3345197
3829547 Geophysical and meteorological instruments, including parts and accessories 33451971
3829555 General purpose and commercial instruments, including parts and accessories 33451972
38296 Surveying and drafting instruments 3345199
3829SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 334519SM
3829M Miscellaneous receipts 334519M
3829S Secondary products 334519S
3841 3841 Surgical and medical instruments and apparatus 339112
3841P Primary products 339112P
38411 Surgical and medical instruments and apparatus, except furniture 3391121
3841115 Orthopedic instruments and apparatus, such as bone drills and bone plates
3841116 Surgical instruments, including suture needles, and eye, ear, nose, and throat instruments
384112 Diagnostic apparatus 33911212
3841121 Metabolism and blood pressure diagnostic apparatus
3841124 All other diagnostic apparatus, incl optical diagnostic apparatus
384114 Syringes and needles 33911213
3841142 Syringes
3841149 Hypodermic needles
3841182 Blood transfusion and I.V. equipment 33911214
3841186 Catheters 33911215
3841187 Mechanical therapy appliances
3841189 Other surgical and medical instr. and apparatus, incld. veterinary instr. and oxygen tents 33911216
3841199 Parts for surgical and medical instruments and apparatus 33911217
38412 Hospital furniture, excluding beds and chairs
3841291 Operating room furniture, including tables, cases, and cabinets
3841SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339112SM
3841M Miscellaneous receipts 339112M
3841Z89 Resales
3841S Secondary products 339112S
3841SSS Other secondary products
3842SSS Orthopedic, prosthetic, and surgical appliances and supplies
3842 3842 Surgical, orthopedic and prosthetic appliances and supplies 339113
3842P Primary products 339113P
38421 Surgical, orthopedic, and prosthetic appliances and supplies 3391131
38421A Surgical dressings 33911313
3842122 Elastic bandages
3842123 Non-elastic bandages, excluding self-adhering bandages
3842124 Adhesive plaster, medicated and non-medicated, and self-adhering bandages
3842126 Absorbent and packing gauze
3842127 Cotton, including cotton balls, sterile and nonsterile
3842129 Other surgical dressings
38421B Surgical, orthopedic and prosthetic appliances and supplies except surgical dressings
38421B1 Disposable supplies
3842131 Disposable surgical drapes, including O/B and O/R packs
3842132 Disposable incontinent pads, bed pads, and adult diapers 322121L121
38421B2 Orthotics & prosthetics
3842101 Surgical implants 33911311
3842102 Artificial limbs (prosthetic)
3842104 Orthopedic appliances (incl. mechanical braces)
3842106 Elastic braces, suspensories, stockings, and other elastic supports
3842107 Surgical corsets
3842108 Splints & trusses
3842109 Crutches, canes & other walking assistance devices
3842112 Arch supports and other foot appliances
3842113 Other orthopedic & prosthetic appliances
38421B3 Miscellaneous healthcare products
3842165 Breathing devices, excluding anesthetic apparatus
3842183 Wheel chairs
3842186 Therapeutic appliances and supplies, excl. electromedical
3842195 Parts for surgical, orthopedic, prosthetic & therapeutic appliances & supplies
3842199 Other surgical, orthopedic, and prosthetic appliances and supplies
38423 Personal industrial safety devices 3391135
3842311 Respiratory protection equipment, including gas, abrasive and canister masks
3842331 Eye and face protection devices, excluding industrial goggles and eye protectors
3842351 Protective clothing, except shoes
3842361 First aid, snake bite, and burn kits, household and industrial types
3842371 Other personal safety devices
384237102 Safety hats
384237103 All other personal safety devices
38424 Electronic hearing aids 3345103
3842413 Electronic hearing aids
3842SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339113SM
3842M Miscellaneous receipts 339113M
3842XY9 Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3842Z89 Resales
3842S Secondary products 339113S
3841S Surgical and medical instruments and apparatus 339112S
3842SSS All other secondary products
3843 3843 Dental equipment and supplies 339114
3843P Primary products 339114P
38435 Dental professional equipment and supplies 3391145
3843511 Dental professional equip., incl. dental chairs, units, hand pieces, excl. X-ray 339114511
384352 Dental professional supplies 33911452
38436 Dental laboratory equipment and supplies 3391146
3843SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339114SM
3843M Miscellaneous receipts 339114M
3843Z89 Resales
3843S Secondary products 339114S
3844 3844 X-ray and other irradiation apparatus 334517
3844P Primary products 334517P
38445 Medical and dental diagnostic irradiation equipment 33451751
3844501 Medical and dental diagnostic irradiation equipment
38449 X-ray tubes, parts, accessories and other irradiation equipment 33451791
3844901 X-ray tubes sold separately
3844909 All other parts, accessories and equipment
3844SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 334517SM
3844M Miscellaneous receipts 334517M
3844S Secondary products 334517S
3845 3845 Electromedical equipment 334510
3845P Primary products 334510P
38459 Electromedical equipment 3345101
3845911 Medical diagnostic equipment 33451011
3845912 Medical therapy equipment 33451012
3845913 Other electromedical equipment 33451013
3845914 Parts and accessories for electromedical equipment 33451014
3845SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 334510SM
3845M Miscellaneous receipts 334510M
3845S Secondary products 334510S
3845SS Secondary products
3851 3851 Ophthalmic goods 339115
3851P Primary products 339115P
38511 Eyeglass frames (without lenses inserted) and frame parts 3391151
38512 Glass ophthalmic focus lenses 3391152
38513 Plastic ophthalmic focus lenses 3391153
3851325 Single vision plastic lenses 339115325
3851327 Multifocal plastic lenses 339115327
38514 Contact lenses 3391154
3851412 Hard contact lenses 339115412
3851413 Soft contact lenses 339115413
38515 Other ophthalmic goods 3391155
3851SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339115SM
3851M Miscellaneous receipts 339115M
3851Z89 Resales
3851S Secondary products 339115S
3851SS Secondary products
3861 3861 Photographic equipment and supplies
3861P Primary products
38611 Still picture equipment
38612 Motion picture equipment and projection screens
38613 Photocopying equip. (incl. diffusion and dye transfers, electrostatic, etc.)
38614 Microfilming, blueprinting and whiteprinting equipment
38615 Prepared photographic chemicals, including prepared plate chemicals 3259925
38616 Photographic sensitized materials, silver halide type, excl. x-ray 3259921
38617 Sensitized photographic film, plates, paper, and cloth, other than silver halide
38618 X-ray film and plates
3861M Miscellaneous receipts
3861Z89 Resales
3861S Secondary products
3873 3873 Watches, clocks, watchcases, and parts
3873P Primary products
38732 Watches, watchcases, movements, or modules, and watch parts 3345181
38733 Clocks, timing mechanisms, time switches, clock cases, & parts
3873M Miscellaneous receipts
3873S Secondary products
3873SS Secondary products


Last Modified Date: January 04, 2019