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Producer Price Indexes
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Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries

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SIC Industry SIC Product SIC Title NAICS Product
3911 3911 Jewelry, precious metal 339911
3911P Primary products 339911P
39111 Jewelry made of solid platinum metals and solid karat gold 3399111
3911111 Rings, complete 339911111
391111112 Wedding rings 33991111112
391111114 Other rings 33991111114
3911115 Ring mountings 339911115
3911131 Women's and children's jewelry, excl watch attachments and rings 339911131
3911198 Other jewelry worn or carried, religious jewelry, cigar cases and lighters, compacts, etc 339911198
39113 Jewelry made of silver (including platinum metals and karat gold clad to silver) 3399113
39114 Other jewelry, except costume jewelry 3399114
3911SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339911SM
3911M Miscellaneous receipts 339911M
3911XY9 Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3911Z89 Resales
3911S Secondary products 339911S
3911SSS All secondary products excl. Jeweler's materials & lapidary work
3915S Jeweler's materials and lapidary work 339913S
3914 3914 Silverware, plated ware, and stainless steel ware 339912
3914P Primary products 339912P
39141 Hollowware, including ecclesiastical ware, novelties, trophies, and other plated 3399121
39142 Flatware and carving sets made wholly of metal 3399123
3914SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339912SM
3914M Miscellaneous receipts 339912M
3914S Secondary products 339912S
3915 3915 Jewelers' materials and lapidary work 339913
3915P Primary products 339913P
39152 Lapidary work and diamond cutting and polishing 3399132
39153 Jewelers' findings and materials made of precious metals 3399133
39154 Jewelers' findings and materials made of base metals 3399134
3915SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339913SM
3915M Miscellaneous receipts 339913M
3915S Secondary products 339913S
3911S Jewelry, precious metal 339911S
3915SSS Other secondary products
3931 3931 Musical instruments 339992
3931P Primary products 339992P
39311 Pianos 3399921
39312 Organs, electronic, pipe and reed 3399922
39313 Piano and organ parts 3399923
39314 Other musical instruments 3399924
3931431 Accessories and parts sold separately, excl. instrument cases and benches 339992431
3931499 All other instr., incl. electrical and nonelectrical woodwinds and brass winds 339992499
3931SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339992SM
3931M Miscellaneous receipts 339992M
3931S Secondary products 339992S
3931SSS Secondary products
3942 3942 Dolls and stuffed toys 339931
3942P Primary products 339931P
39421 Dolls and stuffed toys 3399311
3942SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339931SM
3942M Miscellaneous receipts 339931M
3942MM Miscellaneous receipts
3942S Secondary products 339931S
3944 3944 Games, toys, and children's vehicles, except dolls and bicycles 339932
3944P Primary products 339932P
39443 Baby carriages and children's vehicles, except bicycles 3399323
39444 Toys, excluding games, hobbies, and electronic toys 3399324
3944427 Other toys incl. dollcarriages & furniture, infant toys & non-powered trans. to. 339932427
3944433 Pre-school toys, nec, excluding infant toys 339932433
3944443 Housekeeping and cooking toys, including tea sets and play tools 339932443
39445 Hobbies, models: craft kits, sets, & individual units; scientific equip., kits or sets 3399325
3944513 Operating models (cars, boats, railroads, etc.) incl. plastic static model 339932513
3944531 Craft kits, science sets, and collectors' miniatures 339932531
39446 Nonelectronic games 3399326
39447 Electronic games and toys 3399327
3944SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339932SM
3944M Miscellaneous receipts 339932M
3944S Secondary products 339932S
3944SS Secondary products
3949 3949 Sporting and athletic goods, nec 339920
3949P Primary products 339920P
39491 Fishing tackle and equipment 3399201
39492 Golf equipment 3399202
3949242 Golf clubs 339920242
3949299 Other golf equipment, such as golf balls, bags, carts, tees, shafts, etc 339920299
39493 Playground equipment 3399203
39496 Gymnasium and exercise equipment 3399206
39499 Other sporting and athletic goods 3399209
3949SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339920SM
3949M Miscellaneous receipts 339920M
3949MM Miscellaneous receipts
3949S Secondary products 339920S
3949SS Secondary products
3951 3951 Pens, mechanical pencils, and parts 339941
3951P Primary products 339941P
39512 Ballpoint pens, complete, including roller pens 3399412
3951212 Refillable 339941212
3951214 Non-refillable 339941214
39518 Markers, fine point and broadtipped 3399418
39519 Other pens, mechanical pencils, desk sets, pen and pencil parts, and refill cartridges 3399419
3951911 Mechanical pencils 339941911
3951922 Fountain pens 339941922
3951933 Parts for pens, mechanical pencils, including pen holders, refill cartridges 339941933
3951999 Other pens and desk sets 339941999
3951SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339941SM
3951M Miscellaneous receipts 339941M
3951MM Miscellaneous receipts
3951S Secondary products 339941S
3951SS Secondary products
3952 3952 Lead pencils and art goods
3952P Primary products
39521 Nonmechanical pencils, crayons, and chalk
395212 Nonmechanical wood-cased pencils, all types & graphite & colored sticks
395213 Crayons and chalk, except artists', including tailors chalk
39522 Artists' equipment
395223 Artists' equip. incl. child's school art equip. airbrushes, drawing tables, etc
395224 Other art materials, incl. modeling clay, other modeling materials, chalk, etc
3952M Miscellaneous receipts
3952S Secondary Products
3953 3953 Marking devices 339943
3953P Primary products 339943P
39531 Rubber and vinyl stamps 3399431
3953113 Hand stamps and dies 339943113
3953115 Permanently inked stamps, excluding printing dies 339943115
39532 Mechanical hand stamps, self inkers including daters, time and numbering stamps 3399432
39533 Embossing seals, including notary, engineering, corporate, stationery, etc 3399433
39534 Metal hand stamps, steel incising and embossing dies 3399434
39535 Other marking devices; stencils, stamp pads and branding irons 3399435
3953SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339943SM
3953M Miscellaneous receipts 339943M
3953MM Miscellaneous receipts
3953S Secondary products 339943S
3953SS Secondary products
3955 3955 Carbon paper and inked ribbons 339944
3955P Primary products 339944P
39551 Inked ribbons 3399441
39552 Carbon and stencil paper 3399442
3955SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339944SM
3955M Miscellaneous receipts 339944M
3955S Secondary products 339944S
3961 3961 Costume jewelry and costume novelties (except precious metals) 339914
3961P Primary products
39611 Base metal costume jewelry and costume novelties, whether electroplated or not
39612 Compacts, vanity cases, and other costume jewelry and costume novelties
3961SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339914SM
3961M Miscellaneous receipts 339914M
3961Z89 Resales
3961S Secondary products 339914S
3965 3965 Fasteners, buttons, needles, and pins 339993
3965P Primary products 339993P
39651 Buttons and parts, except for precious or semiprecious metals and stones 3399931
39654 Zippers and slide fasteners 3399934
39656 Needles, pins, fasteners, and similar notions 3399936
3965SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339993SM
3965M Miscellaneous receipts 339993M
3965Z89 Resales
3965S Secondary products 339993S
3965SS Secondary products
3991 3991 Brooms and brushes 339994
3991P Primary products 339994P
39911 Brooms 3399941
39912 Paint and varnish brushes and rollers 3399943
3991211 Whitewash, paint, varnish, paperhanging, marking, and stenciling brushes
3991212 Paint rollers, roller frames, replacement rollers, and paint pads
39913 Other brushes 3399945
3991311 Personal brushes
3991336 Other brushes, including household, industrial and artists'
3991SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339994SM
3991M Miscellaneous receipts 339994M
3991S Secondary products 339994S
3993 3993 Signs and advertising displays 339950
3993P Primary products 339950P
39931 Electric signs 3399501
3993101 Luminous tubing signs 339950101
3993102 Fluorescent signs 339950102
3993105 Incandescent bulb electric signs and other electric signs 339950105
39932 Non-electric signs 3399502
3993211 Metal signs and displays 339950211
3993213 Other non-electric signs 339950213
3993215 Wood signs and displays 339950215
39933 Advertising specialties 3399503
3993SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339950SM
3993M Miscellaneous receipts 339950M
3993S Secondary products 339950S
3995 3995 Burial caskets 339995
3995P Primary products 339995P
39951 Metal caskets and coffins, completely lined and trimmed, adult sizes only 3399951
3995113 Steel caskets and coffins (excluding stainless steel) 339995113
3995115 Other metal caskets and coffins (stainless steel, bronze, copper, etc.) 339995115
39952 Wood caskets and coffins, completely lined and trimmed, adult sizes only 3399952
3995211 Cloth covered, softwood 339995211
3995252 Hardwood 339995252
39953 Other caskets and coffins and metal vaults 3399953
3995311 Caskets, other than metal or wood, lined and trimmed, plus all children's sizes 339995311
3995331 Metal casket shells, KD and SU, unlined or untrimmed 339995331
3995358 Casket shells, other than metal, KD and SU, unlined or untrimmed 339995358
3995393 Burial vaults, except concrete, burial boxes, and casket shipping containers 339995393
3995SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339995SM
3995M Miscellaneous receipts 339995M
3995S Secondary products 339995S
3996 3996 Hard surface floor coverings 326192
3996P Primary products 326192P
39961 Hard surface floor coverings 3261921
3996SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 326192SM
3996M Miscellaneous receipts 326192M
3996S Secondary products 326192S
3999 3999 Manufacturing industries, nec 339999
3999P Primary products 339999P
39991 Chemical fire extinguishing equipment and parts 3399991
39992 Coin operated amusement machines 3399993
39993 Matches
39994 Candles 3399995
39997 Umbrellas, parasols, and canes 3399997
39998 Feathers, plumes, and artificial trees and flowers 3399999
39999 Miscellaneous fabricated products, nec 339999H
3999SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 339999SM
3999M Miscellaneous receipts 339999M
3999Z89 Resales
3999S Secondary products 339999S
3999SS Secondary products


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004