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Producer Price Indexes

SIC to NAICS Concordance

  • Petroleum Refining and Related Products
  • Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastic Products
  • Leather and Leather products

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    SIC IndustrySIC ProductSIC TitleNAICS Product
    29112911Petroleum refining324110
    2911PPrimary products324110P
    2911ALiquefied refinery gases, including other aliphatics(feed stock and other uses)324110A
    2911DOther finished petroleum products, including waxes324110D
    29111Gasoline, including finished base stocks and blending agents3241101
    2911111Aviation gasoline (except jet fuel) incl.finished base stocks & blending agents324110111
    291113Motor gasoline, including finished base stocks and blending agents32411013
    2911134Regular gasoline324110134
    2911135Mid-premium gasoline324110135
    2911136Premium gasoline324110136
    29112Jet fuel3241102
    29113Kerosene, except jet fuel3241103
    29114Light fuel oils3241104
    2911411Home heating oil and other distillates, NEC324110411
    2911413Diesel fuel324110413
    29115Heavy fuel oils, including No. 5, No. Aggregate Tree Code: 2911—E1N3241105
    29115Heavy fuel oils, including No. 5, No. Aggregate Tree Code: 295 —D3N Aggregate Tree Code: 2951—C2G3241105
    29512951Asphalt paving mixtures and blocks324121
    2951PPrimary products324121P
    2951111Emulsified asphalt, including liquid additives
    2951112Other liquid asphalt & tar paving materials, including cut backs
    2951113Asphaltic (bituminous) concrete and paving cements
    2951114Other asphalt paving mixtures and blocks
    2951SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts324121SM
    2951MMiscellaneous receipts324121M
    2951SSecondary products324121S
    29522952Asphalt felts and coatings324122
    2952PPrimary products324122P
    29522Roofing asphalts and pitches, coatings, and cements including fibrated and nonfi3241221
    29523Prepared asphalt and tar roofing and siding products including saturated felts a3241222
    295231Smooth-surface roll roofing and cap sheets including organic and fiberglass base
    295232Mineral-surface roll roofing and cap sheets including organic and fiberglass bas
    295233Shingles including strip and individual, organic and inorganic, all styles
    295237Other prepared asphalt & tar products for roofing and siding incl. organic and f
    2952SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts324122SM
    2952MMiscellaneous receipts324122M
    2952SSecondary products324122S
    2952SSSecondary products
    29922992Lubricating oils and greases324191
    2992PPrimary products324191P
    29921Lubricating and similar oils3241911
    2992111Automotive lubricating oils
    29921115Engine oils
    299211151Engine oil for gasoline engines
    299211152Engine oil for diesel engines
    299211153Other engine oil
    29921116Transmission and hydraulic fluids
    299211161Automatic transmission fluid
    299211162Other transmission and hydraulic fluids
    29921117Automotive gear oil
    299211171Automotive gear oil
    2992121Industrial lubricating oils
    299212111General industrial oils
    299212112Industrial process oils
    299212113Industrial metalworking fluids
    299212114Industrial engine oils
    29922Lubricating greases3241912
    2992231Automotive greases
    2992232Industrial greases
    2992234Other greases
    2992SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts324191SM
    2992MMiscellaneous receipts324191M
    2992SSecondary products324191S
    29992999Products of petroleum and coal, nec
    2999PPrimary products
    29996Petroleum and coal products, nec3241992
    2999MMiscellaneous receipts
    30113011Tires and inner tubes326211
    3011PPrimary products326211P
    30111Passenger car pneumatic tires3262111
    30111122All season (except high performance) and all other radials incl. off highway
    301111223Original equipment
    30112Truck/bus tires, including off highway3262113
    3011213Light highway truck32621131
    301121311Original equipment
    30112151Light highway truck
    30112152Medium and wide base highway truck
    30113Other pneumatic and all solid tires
    3011314Tractor/implement tires3262117
    301131411Front tractor and farm implement Original equipment and replacement
    301131421Rear tractor. Original equipment and replacement
    3011316Industrial, utility and garden tractor tires. Original equipment or replacement3262119
    3011319All other pneumatic, including aircraft, mobile home and bicycle326211B
    3011333Industrial and highway - solid
    3011342Other solid and semi-pneumatic, incl hand lawnmower, baby carriage, tricycle, etc
    30114Inner tubes326211F
    3011423Truck/bus, including off highway
    30115Tread rubber, tire sundries, and repair materials326211H
    3011511Tread rubber
    3011539Other tire sundries and repair materials, nec
    3011SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts326211SM
    3011MMiscellaneous receipts326211MM
    3011SSecondary products326211SS
    3011SSSecondary products
    30213021Rubber and plastic footwear316211
    3021PPrimary products316211P
    30214Protective Footwear3162111
    30215Shoes with soles vulcanized, molded or cemented to fabric uppers, excl. slippers3162114
    3021SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts316211SM
    3021MMiscellaneous receipts316211M
    3021SSecondary products316211S
    3021SSSSecondary products
    30523052Rubber and plastics hose and belting326220
    3052PPrimary products326220P
    30521Rubber and plastics belts and belting, flat3262201
    3052103Light weight conveyor and elevator
    3052105Heavy duty conveyor and elevator
    3052116Other flat rubber and plastics belts and belting
    30522Rubber and plastics transmission belts and belting, other than flat3262202
    3052225Motor vehicle
    3052231Industrial, except fractional
    30523Rubber hose, mandrel made, and all hydraulic3262203
    3052312Textile, hydraulic
    3052314Textile, nonhydraulic
    3052316Wire, hydraulic
    3052318Wire, nonhydraulic
    30524Rubber hose, long length nonhydraulic, except garden3262204
    30525Rubber and plastics garden hose3262205
    3052561Plastics, including perforated sprinkler
    30526All other rubber and plastics hose3262206
    30526AAll other rubber hose
    305263Wrapped reinforced
    3052635Nonwire, handbuilt
    305264Circular woven jacket
    3052663Braided or loomed, helical reinforced
    3052674All other rubber hose, nec
    305268Plastic hose, except garden
    3052SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts326220SM
    3052MMiscellaneous receipts326220M
    3052SSecondary products326220S
    3052SSSecondary products
    30533053Gaskets, packing and sealing devices339991
    3053PPrimary products339991P
    30534Compression packings3399914
    30535Nonmetallic gaskets and gasketing3399915
    3053515Elastomeric, all material339991515
    3053529Other non-metallic, nec339991529
    30536Molded packing and sealing devices3399916
    3053621O-rings (including spliced; excluding metal)339991621
    3053635All other molded packing and seals (including leather and plastic seals)339991635
    30537Metallic gaskets and machined seals3399917
    30538Axial mechanical face seals3399918
    30539Rotary oil seals3399919
    3053SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts339991SM
    3053MMiscellaneous receipts339991M
    3053MMMiscellaneous receipts
    3053SSecondary products339991S
    3053SSOther secondary products
    30613061Molded, extruded and lathe cut mechanical rubber goods326291
    3061PPrimary products326291P
    3061AMolded rubber mechanical goods
    3061A12Transportation, other than automotive
    3061A13Appliances, household and commercial
    3061A14Oil and gas field machinery and equipment
    3061A16Other molded goods
    3061BExtruded rubber mechanical goods
    3061B11Automotive, except tubing3262914
    3061B12Appliances, household and commercial
    3061B13Automotive tubing
    3061B14Other tubing
    3061B19Other extrusions
    3061CLathe-cut mechanical goods
    3061SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts326291SM
    3061MMiscellaneous receipts326291M
    3061SSecondary products326291S
    3061SSSecondary products
    30693069Fabricated rubber products, nec326299
    3069PPrimary products326299P
    3069CIndustrial rubber products, nec3262997
    3069C12Roll coverings, rubber and plastics
    3069C55Other industrial rubber products, nec
    3069DRubber coated fabrics and rubber clothing3262998
    3069EOther rubber goods3262999
    30693Sponge, expanded and foam rubber3262991
    30694Rubber floor and wall coverings3262993
    30696Rubber shoe products3262994
    30697Rubber druggist and medical sundries, including household gloves
    30699Rubber compounds or mixtures for sale or interplant transfer3262996
    3069SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts326299SM
    3069MMiscellaneous receipts326299M
    3069MMMiscellaneous receipts
    3069SSecondary products326299S
    3069SSSecondary products
    30813081Unsupported plastics film and sheet326113
    3081PPrimary products326113P
    30811Unsupported plastics film and sheet3261131
    3081102Unsupported polyethylene film and sheet326113102
    3081104Unsupported vinyl and vinyl copolymer film and sheet326113104
    3081106Other unsupported plastics film and sheet326113106
    3081SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts326113SM
    3081MMiscellaneous receipts326113M
    3081SSecondary products326113S
    3081SSSecondary products
    30823082Unsupported plastics profile shapes, rods and tubes326121
    3082PPrimary products326121P
    30821Unsupported plastics profile shapes, rods and tubes3261211
    3082SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts326121SM
    3082MMiscellaneous receipts326121M
    3082SSecondary products326121S
    30833083Laminated plastics plate, sheet, and profile shapes326130
    3083PPrimary products326130P
    30831Laminated plastics plate, sheet and profiles3261301
    3083SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts326130SM
    3083MMiscellaneous receipts326130M
    3083SSecondary products326130S
    30843084Plastics pipe326122
    3084PPrimary products326122P
    30841Plastics pipe3261221
    3084111Drain, waste and vent32612211
    3084113Oil and gas32612217
    3084115Industrial and mining32612215
    3084119Other plastics pipe32612219
    3084SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts326122SM
    3084MMiscellaneous receipts326122M
    3084SSecondary products326122S
    30853085Plastic bottles326160
    3085PPrimary products326160P
    30851Plastic bottles3261601
    3085SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts326160SM
    3085MMiscellaneous receipts326160M
    3085SSecondary products326160S
    30863086Plastic foam products
    3086PPrimary products
    308611Transportation foam products made of polystyrene or urethane3261501
    30862Packaging foam products made of polystyrene or urethane
    30863Building and construction foam products made of polystyrene or urethane
    30864Furniture and furnishing foam products made of polystyrene or urethane3261504
    30865Consumer and institutional foam products made of polystyrene or urethane3261405
    30866Other plastic foam products made of polystyrene or urethane
    30867Products made of other foam, including phenolics, vinyl, cellulose acetate, etc
    3086SSecondary products
    30873087Custom compounding of purchased resins325991
    3087PPrimary products325991P
    30871Custom compounding of purchased resins and color concentrates3259911
    3087112Custom compounding of purchased resins325991112
    3087113Plastics color concentrates325991113
    30872Pellets from spent or post-consumer plastics3259912
    3087SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts325991SM
    3087MMiscellaneous receipts325991M
    3087SSecondary products325991S
    30883088Plastic plumbing fixtures326191
    3088PPrimary products326191P
    30881Plastic plumbing fixtures3261911
    3088101Plastic plumbing fixtures
    3088MMiscellaneous receipts326191M
    3088SSecondary products326191S
    30893089Plastics products, nec326199
    3089PPrimary products326199P
    3089AReinforced and fiberglass plastics products, nec326199A
    30891Transportation, fabricated plastics products, except foam & reinforced plastics3261991
    30892Electrical & electronic fabricated plastics products, except foam and reinforced3261992
    30893Industrial machinery plastics products, except foam3261993
    30894Plastics packaging, except film and sheet, foam, and bottles3261994
    30895Plastics dinnerware, tableware, and kitchenware, except foam and cups3261995
    30896Consumer, institutional, and commercial fabricated plastics products, excl. foam3261996
    30897Plastics furniture components and furnishings excl. foam and reinforced plastics3261997
    30898Building & construction fabricated plastics products, excl foam & hardware
    30899Plastics shoe products including taps, soling slabs, and quarterlinings3261999
    3089SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts326199SM
    3089MMiscellaneous receipts326199M
    3089MMMiscellaneous receipts
    3089SSecondary products326199S
    31113111Leather tanning and finishing316110
    3111PPrimary products316110P
    31116Finished and unfinished leather3161101
    311161Finished cattle and kip side leather
    311165Unfinished cattle and kip side leather
    311167Other leathers, finished and unfinished
    31119Receipts for contract tanning done for others on their materials3161104
    3111SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts316110SM
    3111MMiscellaneous receipts316110M
    3111SSecondary products316110S
    31313131Boot and shoe cut stock and findings
    3131PPrimary products
    3131116Outer soles and innersoles of leather
    3131131Other leather cut stock
    3131191Non-leather stock and findings incl. heels
    3131SSecondary products
    3131SSSecondary products
    31423142House slippers316212
    3142PPrimary products316212P
    31421House slippers, all types, except socks3162121
    31422Slipper socks made from purchased socks3162122
    3142SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts316212SM
    3142MMiscellaneous receipts316212M
    3142SSecondary products316212S
    31433143Men's footwear316213
    3143PPrimary products316213P
    31434Men's shoes, except athletic3162134
    3143411Dress and casual shoes and boots, except western316213411
    3143422Western style boots316213422
    3143441Workshoes and work oxfords316213441
    3143SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts316213SM
    3143MMiscellaneous receipts316213M
    3143SSecondary products316213S
    3143SSSecondary products
    31443144Women's footwear316214
    3144PPrimary products316214P
    3144AWomen's footwear, except athletic316214A
    3144SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts316214SM
    3144MMiscellaneous receipts316214M
    3144SSecondary products316214S
    3144SSSecondary products
    31493149Footwear, except rubber, nec316219
    3149PPrimary products316219P
    31497Athletic shoes, except rubber sole/fabric upper3162197
    31498All other footwear, including youths' and boys', misses' children's, and infants3162198
    3149SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts316219SM
    3149MMiscellaneous receipts316219M
    3149SSecondary products316219S
    31513151Leather gloves and mittens
    3151PPrimary products3159925
    31512All leather dress and semidress gloves and mittens
    3151222All leather dress and semidress gloves and mittens
    31517All leather work gloves and mittens
    3151781All grain, excluding welders
    3151783All split, excluding welders
    3151789Leather, except all grain and all split, including welders
    3151SSecondary products
    3161PPrimary products316991P
    31611Hand luggage3169911
    31612Luggage other than hand luggage3169912
    3161SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts316991SM
    3161MMiscellaneous receipts316991MM
    3161SSecondary products
    3161SSSecondary products316991SS
    31713171Women's and children's handbags and purses316992
    3171PPrimary products316992P
    3171511All or chiefly leather316992511
    3171541Other materials, except precious metals316992541
    3171SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts316992SM
    3171MMiscellaneous receipts316992M
    3171SSecondary products316992S
    31723172Personal leather goods except women's handbags and purses316993
    3172PPrimary products316993P
    3172511Billfolds, wallets, french purses and clutches316993511
    3172598Other personal goods316993598
    3172SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts316993SM
    3172MMiscelleous receipts316993MM
    3172SSecondary products
    3172SSSecondary products316993SS
    31993199Leather goods, nec
    3199PPrimary products
    3199ALeather goods, excluding industrial leather
    3199131Saddlery and harness and accouterments
    3199196Dog collars, leashes and other household pet accessories made of leather
    3199197Other leather goods
    3199BIndustrial leather
    3199191Industrial leather belting/industrial leather products
    3199SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts316999SM
    3199MMiscellaneous receipts
    3199SSecondary products316999S


    Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004