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Producer Price Indexes

SIC to NAICS Concordance

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SIC IndustrySIC ProductSIC TitleNAICS Product
33123312Blast furnaces and steel mills331111
3312PPrimary products331111P
3312ASeamless rolled ring forgings, ferrous331111H
3312BOpen die or smith forgings (hammer or press), ferrous331111J
3312CRails, wheels, and truck accessories
33121Coke oven and blast furnace products3241991
33122Steel ingots and semifinished shapes and forms3311113
3312216Ingot and semifinished products (including wire rod), carbon
331221611Wire rods, carbon
331221612Ingot and semifinished products other than wire rod, carbon
3312236Ingot and semifinished products (including wire rod), alloy
3312256Ingot and semifinished products (including wire rod), stainless
33123H.r. sheet and strip (incl. metallic coated and electrical)3311115
3312311Sheets, h.r., carbon
3312313Sheets and strip, hot dipped galvanized, carbon
3312315Sheets and strip, electrolytic galvanized, carbon
3312319Strip, h.r., carbon
3312329Other tin mill products
33124Hot rolled bars, plates and structural shapes3311117
3312412Plates, carbon
3312422Bars, h.r., carbon
3312424Bars, light structurals, carbon
3312425Concrete reinforcing bars, carbon
3312431Plates and structurals, alloy
3312441Bars, h.r. (including light structurals), alloy
3312445Other hot rolled bars, plates, and structural shapes, carbon and alloy
331245Plates and structural shapes, stainless
3312461Bars, h.r., stainless
33125Steel wire3311119
33125ACarbon wire
33126Steel pipe and tubes331111B
33126APipe and oil country tubular goods, carbon
3312611Standard pipe, carbon
3312612Line pipe, carbon
3312619Oil country tubular goods, carbon
33126BPressure tubing, carbon
33126CMechanical tubing, carbon
33126EPipe and tubing, alloy
33127Cold rolled sheets and strip (excl metallic coated and electrical)331111D
331271Sheet and strip, c.r., carbon
3312711Sheet, c.r., carbon
3312715Strip, c.r., carbon
331275Sheet and strip, c.r., stainless
3312751Sheet, c.r., stainless
3312755Strip, c.r., stainless
33128Cold finished bars331111F
3312811Bars, c.f., carbon
3312831Bars, c.f., alloy
3312851Bars, c.f., stainless
3312SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331111SM
3312MMiscellaneous receipts331111M
3312XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3312SSecondary products331111S
3312SSSOther secondary products
3315SSteel wire products331222S
33151Noninsulated ferrous wire rope, cable and strand3312221
33152Steel nails and spikes3312223
33156Steel fencing and fence gates3312227
33157Ferrous wire cloth and other woven wire products3312229
33159Other fabricated ferrous wire products331222B
3321SGray iron castings
3449SMiscellaneous metal work332114S
3462SIron and steel forgings332111S
33133313Electrometallurgical products331112
3313PPrimary products331112P
33139Other ferroalloys and ferrous products
3313SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331112SM
3313MMiscellaneous receipts331112M
3313SSecondary products331112S
33153315Steel wire and related products - mfpm331222
3315PPrimary products331222P
33151Noninsulated ferrous wire rope, cable and strand3312221
33152Steel nails and spikes3312223
33155Steel wire3312225
33155ACarbon wire3312225A
33155BAlloy wire3312225B
33155CStainless wire3312225C
33156Steel fencing and fence gates3312227
33157Ferrous wire cloth and other woven wire products3312229
33159Other fabricated ferrous wire products331222B
3315SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331222SM
3315MMiscellaneous receipts331222M
3315SSecondary products331222S
3315SSSecondary products
33163316Cold finishing of steel shapes - mfpm331221
3316PPrimary products331221P
33167Cold rolled sheets and strip3312211
331671Sheets and strip, c.r., carbon
3316711Sheets, c.r., carbon
3316715Strip, c.r., carbon
331673Sheets and strip, c.r., alloy
331675Sheets and strip, c.r., stainless
3316751Sheets, c.r., stainless
3316755Strip, c.r., stainless
33168Cold finished bars3312213
3316811Bars, c.f., carbon
3316831Bars, c.f., alloy
3316SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331221SM
3316MMiscellaneous receipts331221M
3316SSecondary products331221S
3316SSSecondary products
33173317Steel pipe and tubes - mfpm331210
3317PPrimary products331210P
33176Steel pipe and tubes3312106
33176APipe and oil country tubular goods, carbon
3317611Standard pipe, carbon
3317612Line pipe, carbon
3317619Oil country tubular goods, carbon
33176BPressure tubing, carbon
33176CMechanical tubing, carbon
33176DStructural pipe and tubing, carbon
33176EPipe and tubing, alloy
33176FPressure tubing, stainless
33176GMechanical tubing, stainless
33176HOther pipe and tubing (incl. standard pipe), stainless
3317SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331210SM
3317MMiscellaneous receipts331210M
3317XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3317SSecondary products331210S
3317SSSecondary products
33213321Gray and ductile iron foundries331511
3321PPrimary products331511P
33211Cast iron pressure and soil pipe and fittings
3321111Pressure pipe and fittings, ductile iron3315111
332111101Pressure pipe, ductile iron
332111102Pressure pipe fittings, ductile iron
3321121Pressure pipe and fittings, gray iron
332112101Pressure pipe, gray iron
332112102Pressure pipe fittings, gray iron
3321131Soil pipe and fittings, gray iron
332113101Soil pipe, gray iron
332113102Soil pipe fittings, gray iron
33212Other ductile iron castings3315113
3321222Automotive uses
332122201Passenger cars
332122202All other automotive uses
3321224Construction and utility uses
3321231Valve uses
3321233Machinery uses
3321239All other uses
33214Other gray iron castings
3321429Molds and stools for heavy steel ingots331511E
3321439Automotive uses
332143901Passenger cars
332143902All other automotive uses
3321449Construction and utility uses
3321498All other uses
3321MMiscellaneous receipts
3321MMMiscellaneous receipts
3321SSecondary products
3321SSSecondary products
33223322Malleable iron foundries
3322PPrimary products
33221Standard malleable iron castings
3322131Standard malleable iron castings331511A
3322221Pearlitic malleable iron castings331511C
3322SSecondary products
3322SSSecondary products
33243324Steel investment foundries331512
3324PPrimary products331512P
33242Carbon and low alloy steel investment castings
3324213Commercial application, other than aerospace
33243High alloy steel investment castings, including stainless steel
3324311Aerospace application
3324313Commercial application, other than aerospace
33244Hi-temp metal castings (iron, nickel, or cobalt-base alloys)33151202
3324411Aerospace application
3324413Commercial application, other than aerospace
3324SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331512SM
3324MMiscellaneous receipts331512M
3324SSecondary products331512S
3324SSSecondary products
33253325Steel foundries, nec331513
3325PPrimary products
33252Carbon steel castings3315131
3325214Railroad wheels and specialties
3325219All other carbon steel castings, including rolls for rolling mills
33254High alloy steel castings, including stainless steel3315133
3325433High alloy steel castings, including stainless steel
33255Low alloy steel castings
3325551Railway specialties and rolls for rolling mills
3325559All other low alloy steel castings
3325SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331513SM
3325MMiscellaneous receipts331513M
3325MMMiscellaneous receipts331513MM
3325SSecondary products331513S
3325SSSecondary products
33313331Primary copper331411
3331PPrimary products331411P
33311Smelted copper3314111
33312Copper cathode and other refined copper, including wirebar, slab, and ingot3314112
3331SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331411SM
3331MMiscellaneous receipts331411M
3331SSecondary products331411S
3331SSSecondary products
33343334Primary aluminum331312
3334PPrimary products331312P
33347Primary aluminum, except extrusion billet3313127
33348Aluminum extrusion billet3313128
3334SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331312SM
3334MMiscellaneous receipts331312M
3334SSecondary products331312S
33393339Primary nonferrous metals, nec331419
3339PPrimary products331419P
33392Primary lead3314192
3339231Refined lead
33393Primary zinc3314193
3339341Refined zinc
333934111Zinc slab, special high grade
333934112Zinc slab, prime western
333934113Zinc slab, high grade
33395Precious metals3314195
33397Other nonferrous metals, nec3314197
3339733Refined magnesium
3339773Refined titanium sponge
3339791Other refined n.f. metals, incl chromium, cadmium, cobalt, and molybdenum
3339SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331419SM
3339MMiscellaneous receipts331419M
3339SSecondary products331419S
3339SSSecondary products
33413341Secondary smelting and refining of nonferrous metals332312
3341PPrimary Products331423P
33415Precious metals3314929
33416Other nonferrous metals331492A
3341SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331314SM
3341MMiscellaneous receipts331314M
3341SSecondary products331314S
3341SSSecondary products
33513351Rolling, drawing and extruding of copper331421
3351PPrimary products331421P
33511Copper and copper-base alloy wire3314211
33513Copper and copper-base alloy rod, bar and shapes3314213
3351311Unalloyed copper bars, shapes and non-electrical rod
335131118Bars and shapes
3351332Copper-base alloy rod, bar and shapes
33514Copper and copper-base alloy sheet, strip and plate3314217
3351413Unalloyed copper flat products
335141326Sheet, plate and other flat products
3351435Copper-base alloy flat products
335143531Sheet, plate and other flat products
33515Copper and copper-base alloy pipe and tube3314219
3351516Unalloyed pipe and tube, plumbing
3351518Unalloyed pipe and tube, non-plumbing
3351538Copper-base alloy pipe and tube, non-plumbing
3351SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331421SM
3351MMiscellaneous receipts331421M
3351SSecondary products
3351SSSecondary products331421S
33533353Aluminum sheet, plate, foil and welded tube products331315
3353PPrimary products331315P
33531Aluminum plate3313151
33532Aluminum sheet3313152
3353223Flat, heat-treatable331315223
3353224Flat, nonheat-treatable331315224
3353227Coiled, heat-treatable331315227
3353231Coiled, nonheat-treatable, bare331315231
335323114Coiled, nonheat-treatable, bare, beverage can stock33131523114
335323115Coiled, nonheat-treatable, bare, all others33131523115
3353233Coiled, nonheat-treatable, precoated331315233
33533Aluminum foil3313153
3353351Plain aluminum foil (under .006 in.)331315351
33534Aluminum welded tube3313154
3353455Plain aluminum welded tube331315455
3353SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331315SM
3353MMiscellaneous receipts331315M
3353SSecondary products331315S
33543354Aluminum extruded products331316
3354PPrimary products331316P
33541Extruded aluminum rod, bar, and other extruded shapes except tube3313161
3354115Extruded rod and bar with alloys other than 2000 and 7000 series331316115
3354118Extruded rod and bar with alloys in 2000 and 7000 series331316118
3354125Other extruded shapes except tube, with alloys other than 2000 and 7000 series331316125
335412501Other extruded shapes, circle size 1 to, not including 233131612501
335412502Other extruded shapes, circle size 2 to, not including333131612502
335412503Other extruded shapes, circle size 3 to, not including 433131612503
335412504Other extruded shapes, circle size 4 to, not including 533131612504
335412505Other extruded shapes, circle size 5 to, not including 633131612505
335412506Other extruded shapes, circle size 6 to, not including 1033131612506
335412512Other extruded shapes, circle size 10 and over33131612512
3354128Other extruded shapes except tube, with alloys in 2000 and 7000 series331316128
335412801Other extruded shapes, circle sizes 1 to, not including 533131612801
335412803Other extruded shapes, circle sizes 5 and over33131612803
33543Aluminum extruded and drawn pipe and tube3313163
3354311Hard alloy pipe and tube, 2000 and 7000 series331316311
335431101Seamless pipe and tube, hard alloy33131631101
335431102Hard alloy pipe and tube other than seamless33131631102
3354313Soft alloy pipe and tube, alloys other than 2000 and 7000 series331316313
335431301Seamless pipe and tube, soft alloy33131631301
335431302Soft alloy pipe and tube other than seamless33131631302
3354SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331316SM
3354MMiscellaneous receipts331316M
3354SSecondary products331316S
3354SSSecondary products
33553355Aluminum rolling and drawing, nec
3355PPrimary products
33551Aluminum and aluminum-base alloy wire and cable
33552Rolled aluminum rod, bar (incl. continuous cast), and structural shapes
3355221Rolled rod, bar and structural shapes
3355225Continuous cast rod, bar and structural shapes
3355SSecondary products
3355SSSecondary products
33563356Rolling, drawing and extruding of nonferrous metals, except copper and aluminum
3356PPrimary products
33561Nickel and nickel-base alloy mill shapes3314911
3356161Plate, sheet and strip
3356168Rod, bar, pipe, tube, wire, and other nickel mill shapes
33562Titanium mill shapes3314913
3356274Forging and extrusion billet
3356275Plate, sheet and strip
3356281Rod, bar, pipe, tube, wire, and other titanium mill shapes
33563Precious metal mill shapes3314919
3356382Gold mill shapes
3356384Silver mill shapes
33569Other nonferrous metal mill shapes331491C
3356954Lead mill shapes
3356961Zirconium mill shapes
3356997Other nonferrous metal mill shapes
3356SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331491SM
3356MMiscellaneous receipts331491M
3356MMMiscellaneous receipts331491MM
3356SSecondary products331491S
33573357Nonferrous wiredrawing and insulating
3357PPrimary products
3357AAluminum and aluminum-base alloy bare wire and cable
3357BCopper & copper-base alloy wire & cable for electrical transmission, incl. bare
3357EFiber optic cable
33571Electronic wire and cable335929A
33572Telephone and telegraph wire and cable335929B
33573Control and signal wire335929C
33574Building wire and cable335929D
33576Apparatus wire and cord and flexible cord sets
33577Magnet wire
33578Power wire and cable3359291
33579Other insulated wire and cable335929E
3357SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331422SM
3357MMiscellaneous receipts331422M
3357SSecondary products331422S
3357SSSecondary products
33633363Aluminum die casting331521
3363PPrimary products331521P
33631Motor vehicle die castings3315211
3363111Die castings for passenger cars331521111
3363112Die castings for other motor vehicles331521112
33634Aluminum and aluminum-base alloy die castings, other than motor vehicle3315214
3363411Die castings for building and construction331521411
3363412Die castings for appliances331521412
3363416Die castings for computers and electronics331521416
3363417Other die castings, nec331521417
3363SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331521SM
3363MMiscellaneous receipts331521M
3363SSecondary products331521S
33643364Nonferrous die-castings, except aluminum331522
3364PPrimary products331522P
33641Zinc and zinc-base alloy die-castings3315221
33642Magnesium die-castings3315222
33646Other nonferrous die-castings, including lead and copper, except aluminum3315226
3364SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331522SM
3364MMiscellaneous receipts331522M
3364SSecondary products331522S
33653365Aluminum foundries331524
3365PPrimary products331524P
33651Aluminum and aluminum-base alloy sand castings3315241
33652Aluminum and aluminum-base alloy permanent and semipermanent mold castings3315242
33653Investment and other aluminum and aluminum-base alloy castings and cast products3315243
3365SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331524SM
3365MMiscellaneous receipts331524M
3365SSecondary products331524S
33663366Copper foundries (castings, except die)331525
3366PPrimary products331525P
3366411Copper and copper-base alloy sand castings331525411
3366412Other copper and copper-base alloy castings incl. bearings and bushings331525412
3366SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331525SM
3366MMiscellaneous receipts331525M
3366SSecondary products331525S
3366SSSecondary products
33693369Nonferrous castings, except aluminum and copper, and excluding die-castings331528
3369PPrimary products331528P
33691Zinc and zinc-base alloy castings, except die3315281
33692Magnesium and magnesium-base alloy castings, except die3315282
33693Titanium castings, except die3315283
33694Nickel and nickel-base alloy castings, except die3315284
33695Superalloy/high temperature alloy investment castings3315285
33697All other nonferrous metal castings, except die3315287
3369SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts331528SM
3369MMiscellaneous receipts331528M
3369SSecondary products331528S
3369SSSecondary products
33983398Metal heat treating332811
3398PPrimary products332811P
33981Metal heat treating services-New England (MA-RI-CT)3328111
33982Metal heat treating services-Middle Atlantic (NY-NJ-E.PA-MD)3328112
33983Metal heat treating services-South Central (W.PA-OH-IN-KY)3328113
33984Metal heat treating services-Michigan3328114
33985Metal heat treating services-Southeast (VA-NC-SC-GA-AL-TN-FL)3328115
33986Metal heat treating services-North Central (IL-WI-MN-MO-IA)3328116
33987Metal heat treating services-Pacific Coast (CA-AZ-OR-WA)3328117
33988Metal heat treating services-Southwest (TX-OK-AR-CO-LA-UT)3328118
3398SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332811SM
3398MMiscellaneous receipts332811M
3398XY9Contract work and miscellaneous receipts
3398SSecondary products332811S
3398SSSecondary products
33993399Primary metal products, nec
3399PPrimary products
33991Metal powders, paste, and flakes3314921
33992Other primary metal products3326182
3399MMiscellaneous receipts
3399MMMiscellaneous receipts
3399SSecondary products


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004