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Producer Price Indexes

SIC to NAICS Concordance

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SIC IndustrySIC ProductSIC TitleNAICS Product
40114011Railroads, line-haul operating482111
4011PPrimary products and services482111P
4011XFreight transportation (Non-TOFC/TOFC)482111X
40111Non-trailer on flatcar shipments (Non-TOFC)4821111
4011A01Farm products482111A01
4011A02Metallic ores482111A02
4011A04Non-metallic minerals482111A04
4011A05Food products482111A05
4011A06Lumber and wood products482111A06
4011A07Pulp, paper, and allied products482111A07
4011A08Chemicals and allied products482111A08
4011A09Petroleum and coal products482111A09
4011B01Stone, clay, glass, and concrete products482111B01
4011B02Primary metal products482111B02
4011B03Transportation equipment482111B03
4011B04All other shipments482111B04
40112Trailer on flatcar shipments(TOFC)4821112
40113Passenger transportation4821113
4011301First class482111301
4011305Coach, discount482111305
4011SMOther receipts482111SM
42124212Local trucking without storage
4212PPrimary services
42121General freight trucking484110P
42122Waste collection562111P
42123Dump trucking484220P
42124Other local trucking without storage
4212SMOther receipts
42134213Trucking, except local
4213PPrimary services
42132Household goods moving4842102
42133General freight trucking
4213311Less than truckload484122P
42136Other trucking, except local484230P
4213SMOther receipts
42144214Local trucking with storage
4214PPrimary services
42142Household goods moving
42143Other local trucking with storage
4214SMOther receipts
42154215Courier services, except by air
4215PPrimary services
42151Local courier services492210P
42152Hub and spoke, intercity courier services4921101
4215SMOther receipts
42214221Farm product warehousing and storage493130
4221PPrimary services493130P
42213Warehousing and storage of cotton, wool, and mohair4931303
42214Warehousing and storage of other farm products4931304
4221SMOther receipts493130SM
42224222Refrigerated warehousing and storage493120
4222PPrimary services493120P
42222Commodities in cold storage4931202
4222201Fruits, including frozen juices493120201
4222202Vegetables, including potatoes493120202
4222203Meat, poultry, and fish493120203
4222206Prepared foods493120206
4222209Other commodities in cold storage493120209
42223Storage related services4931203
4222SMOther receipts493120SM
42254225General warehousing and storage
4225PPrimary services
42251General warehousing and storage of goods493110P
4225SMOther receipts
43114311United States Postal Service491110
4311PPrimary services491110P
43111First class mail4911101
4311111Letter mail491110111
4311112Post cards491110112
4311113Priority mail491110113
43112Periodicals (second class mail)4911102
4311211In county mail491110211
4311212Regular rate mail491110212
4311213Nonprofit rate mail491110213
4311214Classroom rate mail491110214
4311299Periodical mailing fees491110299
43113Standard class A (third class mail)4911103
4311312Regular bulk mail491110312
4311313Nonprofit bulk mail491110313
4311399Standard class A mailing fees491110399
43114Standard class B (fourth class mail)4911104
4311411Parcel post491110411
4311412Bound printed matter491110412
4311413Special rate mail491110413
4311414Library rate mail491110414
43115International mail4911105
4311511International air mail491110511
4311512International surface mail491110512
4311513Terminal dues and transit fees491110513
43116Special services and fees4911106
4311611Special services491110611
4311612Domestic mail fees491110612
4311613Other services and fees491110613
4311912Express mail491110912
4311913Mailgram service491110913
44124412Deep sea foreign transportation of freight483111
4412PPrimary services483111P
44121Inbound services
44122Outbound services
44123Foreign-to-foreign services
4412SMOther receipts483111SM
44244424Deep sea domestic transportation of freight
4424PPrimary services
44244Deep sea domestic transportation of freight
4424SMOther receipts
4424SSecondary services
44324432Freight transportation on the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway
4432PPrimary services4831132
44323Freight transportation on the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway
44494449Water transportation of freight, nec483211
4449PPrimary services483211P
44491Mississippi River transportation
4449151Refined petroleum products
4449171Other Mississippi River transportation
44499Atlantic inland,Pacific inland, and other water transportation of freight,nec
4449SMOther receipts
4449SSecondary services
44914491Marine cargo handling488320
4491PPrimary services488320P
44913Stevedoring services4883203
4491307Other stevedoring services488320307
44917Other marine cargo handling services4883107
4491SMOther receipts488320SM
44924492Tugging and towing services488330
4492PPrimary services488330P
44923Vessel docking and undocking services4883303
44924Other tugging and towing services4883304
4492SMOther receipts488330SM
45124512Air transportation, scheduled481111
4512PPrimary services
45121Scheduled air cargo transportation481112P
45122Scheduled air passenger transportation481111P
451221106First class, including business481111101
4512SMOther receipts481111SM
4512SSecondary services
45134513Air courier services
4513PPrimary services4921102
45132Domestic air courier services492110201
45133International air courier services492110202
4513SSecondary services
45224522Air transportation, nonscheduled481210
4522PPrimary services
45225Passenger and freight charter, including air taxi481210P
45226Air ambulance
45227Air sightseeing and other services
4522SMOther receipts481210SM
45814581Airports, flying fields, and airport terminal services
4581PPrimary services
45811Services provided by airports488119P
458111111Lease space for concessions4881191
458111112Services rendered to air passenger and cargo carriers4881192
458111113Other airport services4881193
45812Aircraft services488190P
4581211Fuels and lubricants4881901
4581212Aircraft maintenance and repair4881902
4581213Ramp service, aircraft parking, tiedown and storage4881903
4581214Other aircraft services4881904
4581SMOther receipts488119SM


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004