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Producer Price Indexes

SIC to NAICS Concordance

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SIC IndustrySIC ProductSIC TitleNAICS Product
20112011Meat packing plants311611
2011PPrimary products311611P
2011CMiscellaneous by-products of meat packing; mitse311611T
20111Fresh and frozen beef, not canned or made into sausage; mitse3116111
2011112Whole or half carcass & primal beef cuts not canned or made into sausage; mitse31161111
2011116Subprimal & fabricated beef cuts however packed incl. plastic lined boxes; mitse31161112
2011131Fresh/frozen boneless beef incl hamburger, not canned/made into sausage; mitse31161113
2011181Other fresh/frozen beef incl. corned or organ cuts, not canned or sausage; mitse31161114
20112Fresh and frozen veal not canned or made into sausage; mitse3116114
20113Fresh and frozen lamb or mutton, not canned or made into sausage; mitse3116117
20114Fresh and frozen pork, not canned or made into sausage; mitse311611A
20115Lard; mitse311611D
20116Pork, processed or cured, but not canned or made into sausage; mitse311611G
20117Sausages and similar products, but not canned; mitse311611J
20118Canned meats (except dog, cat, and baby food); mitse311611N
20119Hides, skins, and pelts; mitse311611Q
2011SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311611SM
2011MMiscellaneous receipts311611M
2011XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
2011SSecondary products311611S
2011SSSecondary products
20132013Sausages and other prepared meat products, made from purchased material311612
2013PPrimary products311612P
2013BOther processed, frozen, or cooked meats, not made in meat packing plants311612A
2013B11Frozen ground meat patties (processed, frozen, or cooked)311612A2
2013B13Frozen portion control meats (processed, frozen, or cooked)311612A3
2013B19Other processed, frozen, or cooked meats, not made in meat packing plants311612A4
20136Pork, processed or cured, including frozen not canned or made into sausage3116121
2013631Smoked pork hams and picnics (not otherwise cooked), except canned
2013641Smoked pork sliced bacon (not otherwise cooked), not canned
2013661Boiled ham, barbecue pork, and other cooked pork, exc. canned meats and sausage
2013662Other pork products (not otherwise cooked), not canned or made into sausage
20137Sausage and similar products, except canned, not made in meat packing plants3116124
2013711Fresh sausage (pork sausage, breakfast links, etc.), except canned31161241
2013717Dry or semidry sausage and similar products (pepperoni, summer sausage, etc.)31161242
2013721Frankfurters, including wieners, except canned, not made in meat packing plants31161243
2013736Other sausage, smoked or cooked, and jellied goods and similar preparations31161244
20138Canned meats (except dog, cat, and baby food) containing 20 percent or more meat3116127
2013SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311612SM
2013MMiscellaneous receipts311612M
2013SSecondary products311612S
2013SSSecondary Products
20152015Poultry and egg processing311615
2015PPrimary products311615P
20151Young chickens (usually under 20 weeks of age), whole or parts3116151
2015133Bulk wet ice pack broilers and fryers3116151111
2015134Bulk dry ice packed broilers and fryers, and roasters, and capons incl. frozen3116151221
2015136Tray pack broilers and fryers (consumer packaged), chilled3116151331
2015139Other broilers and fryers, including frozen3116151441
20152Hens and/or fowls (including frozen whole or parts)
20153Turkeys (including frozen whole or parts)3116157
2015329Whole turkeys (including frozen)
2015398Turkey parts incl. ground turkey and turkey cutlets, etc. (including frozen)
20154Other poultry and small game (including frozen, whole or parts)
20155Processed poultry & small game (has 20 percent or more poultry/meat) excl. soups311615D
2015531Cooked or smoked turkey incl. frozen, excl. franks, hams and luncheon meats
2015532Cooked or smoked chicken incl. frozen, excl. franks, hams and luncheon meats
2015535All other cooked or smoked poultry incl frankfurters, hams and luncheon meats
2015536Other processed poultry & small game, not cooked or smoked incl. canned & frozen
20159Liquid, dried, and frozen eggs311999G
2015SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311615SM
2015MMiscellaneous receipts311615M
2015SSecondary products311615S
2015SSSecondary products
20212021Creamery butter311512
2021PPrimary products311512P
20211Creamery butter3115121
2021115Creamery butter, shipped in consumer packages (containers 3 lbs. or less)
2021116Butter, shipped bulk (containers more than 3 lbs.) incl. anhydrous butterfat
2021SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311512SM
2021MMiscellaneous receipts311512M
2021SSecondary products311512S
2021SSSecondary products
20222022Natural and processed cheese311513
2022PPrimary products311513P
20223Natural cheese, except cottage cheese3115133
2022302American-type cheese311513302
202230201Cheddar cheese31151330201
202230211Other American-type cheese31151330211
2022303Italian-type cheese311513303
202230301Mozzarella cheese31151330301
202230311Other Italian-type cheese31151330311
2022305Swiss cheese311513305
2022307Cream and Neufchatel cheese311513307
2022311Other natural cheese, except cottage311513311
20224Processed cheese and related products3115134
2022411Processed cheese311513411
2022413Cheese food311513413
2022415Cheese spread311513415
2022419Other related processed cheese products311513419
20225Cheese substitutes3115135
2022SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311513SM
2022MMiscellaneous receipts311513M
2022SSecondary products311513S
2021SCreamery butter311512S
2022SSOther secondary products
2023SDry, condensed, and evaporated milk311514S
2026SFluid milk311511S
20232023Dry, condensed, and evaporated milk products311514
2023PPrimary products311514P
20235Dry milk products and mixtures incl. ndm, and all feed grade dry milk3115141
20236Canned milk products, consumer cans incl.evap. and condensed, excl. substitutes3115144
20237Concentrated milk products shipped in bulk (drums, tanks etc.) excl. substitutes3115147
20238Ice cream mixes and related products incl.yogurt, ice milk, and milkshake mixes311514A
20239Dairy product substitutes, incl. dry coffee whiteners, and infants' formula etc311514D
2023SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311514SM
2023MMiscellaneous receipts311514M
2023XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
2023SSecondary products311514S
2023SSSecondary products
20242024Ice cream and frozen desserts311520
2024PPrimary products311520P
20241Ice cream and frozen desserts3115201
20241AConventional ice cream or custard and reduced fat ice cream (ice milk)3115201A
2024114Bulk ice cream or custard with conventional fat content (3 gallons or more)311520114
2024115Consumer-size ice cream and custard (16 oz. to less than 3 gallons)311520115
202411502Superpremium and premium31152011502
202411503Regular and economy31152011503
2024117Novelty forms of ice cream & custard (conventional fat content)311520117
2024119Reduced fat/nonfat ice cream (ice milk); all forms (bulk, consumer, or novelty)311520119
20241BFrozen dairy and nondairy desserts other than ice cream or ice milk3115201B
2024121Frozen yogurt; including nonfat311520121
2024123Other frozen desserts; e.g., tofu, mellorine, sherbets, sorbets, ices, & pops311520123
2024SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311520SM
2024MMiscellaneous receipts311520M
2024SSecondary products311520S
2024SSSecondary products
20262026Fluid milk311511
2026PPrimary products311511P
20261Bulk fluid milk and cream3115111
20262Packaged fluid milk and related products3115114
2026212Fluid whole milk, packaged (including U.H.T.)31151141
2026223Lowfat milk, 0.5-2.0% butterfat, packaged (including U.H.T.)31151142
2026225Skim milk, packaged (including U.H.T31151143
2026299Creams, half-and-half, and dairy-based whipped toppings31151144
20263Cottage cheese (including farmers' cheese, pot cheese, and bakers' cheese)3115117
20265Yogurt, except frozen311511A
20267Perishable dairy product substitutes311511D
20268Other milk products, nec311511G
2026SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311511SM
2026MMiscellaneous receipts311511M
2026SSecondary products311511S
2026SSSecondary products
20322032Canned specialties311422
2032PPrimary products311422P
20321Canned baby foods, except cereal and biscuits3114221
20322Canned soups, except frozen or seafood3114222
20323Canned dry beans including baked3114223
20324Canned specialty foods3114224
2032SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311422SM
2032MMiscellaneous receipts311422M
2032SSecondary products311422S
2032SSSecondary products
20332033Canned fruits, vegetables, preserves, jams and jellies311421
2033PPrimary products311421P
2033ACanned fruit juices, nectars and concentrates311421J
2033BFresh fruit juices and nectars, single strength311421N
20331Canned fruits, except baby foods3114211
20332Canned vegetables, except hominy and mushrooms3114214
20333Canned hominy and mushrooms
20335Canned vegetable juices
20336Catsup, and other canned tomato sauces, pastes, etc311421D
20338Canned jams, jellies, and preserves311421G
2033SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311421SM
2033MMiscellaneous receipts311421M
2033MMMiscellaneous receipts
2033SSecondary products311421S
2033SSSecondary products
20342034Dried & dehydrated fruits, vegetables, & soup mixes311423
2034PPrimary products311423P
2034ADried fruits and vegetables3114234
203411Dried fruits
203421Dried vegetables
2034213Dehydrated potatoes, except potato flour
2034214Dried Onions
2034219Other dried vegetables & vegetable flours, including potato flour
2034BDried soup mixes3114231
2034SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311423SM
2034MMiscellaneous receipts311423M
2034SSecondary products311423S
2034SSSecondary products
20352035Pickled fruits and vegetables, vegetable sauces and seasonings, and salad dressings
2035PPrimary products311941P
20352Pickles and other pickled products311421Q
20353Prepared meat sauces (except tomato-based)3119414
20354Mayonnaise, salad dressings and sandwich spreads3119417
2035419Spoon type dressing
2035435Pourable salad dressings (regular or low calorie)
2035SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311941SM
2035MMiscellaneous receipts311941M
2035SSecondary products311941S
20372037Frozen fruits and vegetables311411
2037PPrimary production311411P
20371Frozen fruits & concentrated juices, ades, drinks, and nonalcoholic cocktails3114111
20371AFrozen fruits, melons, and berries3114111A
20371BFrozen concentrated fruit and berry juices3114111B
2037179Frozen concentrated orange juice311411179
2037195Other frozen concentrated fruit and berry juices311411195
20371CFrozen concentrated fruit ades and nonalcoholic drinks and cocktails3114111C
2037197Citrus pulp and other nonedible citrus byproducts311411197
20372Frozen vegetable and potato products including combinations3114112
2037214Frozen vegetables, except for potato products and vegetable combinations311411214
2037245Frozen vegetable combinations including those mixed with sauces, rice, & pasta311411245
2037248Frozen french fried potatoes311411248
2037249Other frozen potato products, including hashbrowns, patties, puffs, etc311411249
2037SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311411SM
2037MMiscellaneous receipts311411M
2037SSecondary products311411S
20382038Frozen specialties, nec311412
2038PPrimary products311412P
20382Frozen dinners, entrees and side dishes3114122
2038223Frozen dinners311412223
2038226Frozen entrees and side dishes (excluding rice dishes and nationality foods)311412226
2038252Frozen pizza311412252
2038299All other frozen dinner foods incl. meat pies, nationality foods and rice dishes311412299
20384Other frozen specialties3114124
2038463Frozen waffles, pancakes, and french toast311412463
2038469Other frozen specialties, except seafood, including soups, and whipped topping311412469
2038SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311412SM
2038MMiscellaneous receipts311412M
2038SSecondary products311412S
2038SSSecondary products
20412041Flour and other grain mill products311211
2041PPrimary products311211P
20411Wheat flour, except flour mixes3112111
204115White flour
2041152Bakers' and institutional flour
20411521White bread-type flour
204115218Bakers' and institutional white bread-type flour shipped in bulk
204115219Bakers' and institutional white bread-type flour shipped in containers
20411522Bakers' and institutional soft wheat flour
2041153Family white flour including self-rising family flour
2041154All other white flour including white flour for export or further processing
204116All other wheat flour, incl. whole wheat, durum, semolina, bulgur, and farina
20412Wheat mill products other than flour incl mill feed, germ, bran, etc3112114
20413Corn mill products3112117
20415Flour mixes and refrigerated and frozen doughs and batters311211A
20416Other grain mill products incl. rye flour and other mill feed311211D
2041SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311211SM
2041MMiscellaneous receipts311211M
2041SSecondary products311211S
2041SSSecondary products
20432043Cereal breakfast foods311230
2043PPrimary products311230P
20431Ready to serve cereal breakfast foods3112301
2043111Corn flakes and other corn breakfast foods311230111
2043112Wheat flakes and other wheat breakfast foods311230112
2043115Oat breakfast foods311230115
2043118Rice and other grains and mixed grain breakfast foods and preparations311230118
20434Other cereal breakfast foods, incl infant, instant hot, & cooked before serving3112304
2043SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311230SM
2043MMiscellaneous receipts311230M
2043SSecondary products311230S
20442044Rice milling311212
2044PPrimary products311212P
2044301Head rice packed in bags 100 lbs or more31121211
2044401Head rice packed in containers 3 lbs or less31121212
2044501Head rice packed in all other size containers31121213
2044601Milled rice (and byproducts)31121214
2044SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311212SM
2044MMiscellaneous receipts311212M
2044SSecondary products311212S
20452045Prepared flour mixes and doughs311822
2045PPrimary products311822P
20456Flour mixes and refrigerated and frozen doughs and batters, made from purchased3118226
204561Flour mixes31182261
2045611Cake mixes, including gingerbread311822611
2045613All other flour based mixes, except cake mixes311822613
204564Refrigerated doughs and batters incl bread, bread-type rolls, and biscuit dough31182264
204566Frozen doughs and batters31182266
2045661Frozen bread and bread-type-roll doughs, all sizes311822661
2045662All other frozen doughs and batters, incl. cookie, pizza, coffee cake, etc311822662
2045SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311822SM
2045MMiscellaneous receipts311822M
2045SSecondary products311822S
2045SSSecondary products
20462046Wet corn milling311221
2046PPrimary products311221P
20461Corn sweeteners (liquids and solids), incl. glucose, dextrose, and HFCS3112211
20463Manufactured starch3112214
20465Corn oil, including crude and fully refined3112217
20467Wet process corn byproducts311221A
2046SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311221SM
2046MMiscellaneous receipts311221M
2046SSecondary products311221S
2046SSSecondary products
20472047Dog and cat food311111
2047PPrimary products311111P
20473Dog food3111113
2047324Canned dog food, including ration type311111324
2047326Dry and semimoist dog food in packages of less than 25 pounds311111326
2047338Dry and semimoist dog food in packages of 25 pounds or more311111338
20474Cat food3111114
2047401Canned cat food311111401
2047402Dry and semimoist cat food311111402
2047SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311111SM
2047MMiscellaneous receipts311111M
2047SSecondary products311111S
20482048Prepared animal feeds, nec311119
2048PPrimary products311119P
2048ASpecialty feeds311119T
20481Chicken and turkey feed, supplements, concentrates, and premixes3111191
2048116Broiler complete chicken feed31111912
2048117Other complete chicken feed31111911
2048135Other chicken and turkey feed supplements, concentrates, and premixes31111913
20482Complete dairy cattle feeds3111194
20483Dairy cattle feed supplements, concentrates, and premixes3111197
20484Complete swine feeds311119A
20485Swine feed supplements, concentrates, and premixes311119D
20486Complete beef cattle feeds311119G
20487Beef cattle feed supplements, concentrates, and premixes311119J
20488Other poultry and livestock feeds, including duck, goose, horse, mule, etc311119N
20489Other prepared animal feeds incl. feeding materials and adjuncts311119Q
2048SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311119SM
2048MMiscellaneous receipts311119M
2048XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
2048SSecondary products311119S
20512051Bread and other bakery products, except cookies and crackers311812
2051PPrimary products311812P
2051123White pan bread, including frozen
2051132White hearth bread, including french and italian
2051136Wholewheat, cracked wheat, multigrain and other dark wheat breads
2051143Other variety breads, including rye, raisin, pumpernickel, etc
20512Bread type rolls, stuffing, and crumbs3118124
2051233Hamburger and weiner rolls
2051238All other bread rolls & stuffing, incl bagels, croissants, Eng. muffins
20513Sweet yeast goods except frozen, incl yeast raised doughnuts, danishes, etc311812D
20514Soft cakes, except frozen, including fruit, pound, layer, etc3118127
20515Pies, except frozen, including fruit, cream, and custard311812A
20516Pastries, except frozen, including cream puffs, eclairs, muffins, etc
20517Doughnuts except frozen, cake type
2051SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311812SM
2051MMiscellaneous receipts311812M
2051SSecondary products311812S
20522052Cookies and crackers311821
2052PPrimary products311821P
20521Crackers, pretzels, biscuits, and related products3118211
2052199All other cracker and related products
20522Cookies, wafers, and ice cream cones and cups, except frozen3118214
2052213Sandwich cookies
2052217Chocolate chip cookies
2052299All other cookie, wafer, ice cream cone/cups, toaster pastries, related products
2052SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311821SM
2052MMiscellaneous receipts311821M
2052SSecondary products311821S
2052SSSecondary products
20532053Frozen bakery products, except bread311813
2053PPrimary products311813P
20531Frozen bakery products3118131
2053111Frozen pies (fruit, custard and cream type)
2053113Sweet yeast goods including yeast raised doughnuts, sweet rolls, coffeecake, etc
2053114Soft cakes including pound, layer, sheet, fruit, cheese, etc
2053119All other bakery products including cookies and pastries; excluding bread and rolls
2053SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts311813SM
2053MMiscellaneous receipts311813M
2053SSecondary products311813S


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004