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Producer Price Indexes
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SIC 206 through SIC 209

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SIC Industry SIC Product SIC Title NAICS Product
2061 2061 Raw cane sugar mills 311311
2061P Primary products 311311P
20611 Raw cane sugar
2061111 Raw cane sugar
20612 Other sugar cane mill products and byproducts
2061265 Molasses and syrup, including cane blackstrap (except refiners' blackstrap)
2061SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 311311SM
2061M Miscellaneous receipts 311311M
2061S Secondary products 311311S
2062 2062 Cane sugar refining 311312
2062P Primary products 311312P
20621 Refined cane sugar and byproducts 3113121
2062SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 311312SM
2062M Miscellaneous receipts 311312M
2062S Secondary products 311312S
2063 2063 Beet sugar processing 311313
2063P Primary products 311313P
20631 Refined beet sugar and byproducts 3113131
2063SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 311313SM
2063M Miscellaneous receipts 311313M
2063S Secondary products 311313S
2064 2064 Candy and other confectionery products, and chewing gum
2064P Primary products
20642 Chocolate and chocolate type confectionery products made from purchased chocolate 3113301
20642A Solid chocolate confectionery products
2064211 Solid chocolate confectionery products without inclusions
2064231 Solid chocolate confectionery products with inclusions
2064251 Enrobed or molded chocolate confectionery products
2064271 Panned chocolate confectionery products
2064291 Chocolate assortments and other chocolate and chocolate type confectionery products
20643 Nonchocolate type confectionery products 3113401
2064311 Hard candy
2064321 Chewy nonchocolate candy, including granola bars
2064331 Soft nonchocolate candies
2064391 Other nonchocolate type confectioneries, includ. licorice, panned & iced candies
20648 Chewing gum and chewing gum base 3113404
20649 Other confectionery type products, including cough drops and candied fruit 3113407
2064M Miscellaneous receipts
2064MM Miscellaneous receipts
2064S Secondary products
2066 2066 Chocolate and cocoa products 311320
2066P Primary products 311320P
20661 Chocolate coatings 3113201
2066122 Milk chocolate coatings 311320122
2066172 Other coatings including sweet, liquor, and cocoa 311320172
20662 Chocolate confectionery products made from cocoa beans ground in the same establishment 3113202
20662A Solid chocolate confectiony products, with or without inclusions 3113202A
20662B Enrobed or molded chocolate confectionery products with any type of center 3113202B
2066295 Panned, assortments, and other chocolate confectionery products 311320295
20669 Other chocolate and cocoa products including syrups and cocoa butter 3113209
2066SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 311320SM
2066M Miscellaneous receipts 311320M
2066S Secondary products 311320S
2066SS Secondary products
2068 2068 Salted and roasted nuts and seeds
2068P Primary products 3119111
206811 Processed nuts (single or multiple varieties); sold in bulk 31191111
206813 Processed nuts (single or multiple varieties); sold in consumer size cans/jars 31191112
206815 Processed nuts packaged other than in cans/jars/bulk; and all snack seeds 31191113
2068SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 311911SM
2068M Miscellaneous receipts 311911M
2068S Secondary products 311911S
2074 2074 Cottonseed oil mill products
2074P Primary products
20741 Cottonseed oil, crude 3112231
20742 Cottonseed oil: once refined, not deodorized or used in end products 3112234
20743 Cotton linters 3112237
20744 Cottonseed cake, meal, and other byproducts 311223A
2074414 Cottonseed cake and meal 311223A1
2074493 Cottonseed oil: once refined, purchased, deodorized; and all other byproducts 311223A2
2074M Miscellaneous receipts
2074S Secondary products
2075 2075 Soybean oil mill products 311222
2075P Primary products 311222P
20751 Soybean oil 3112221
2075111 Crude soybean oil
207511113 Soybean oil, crude, degummed 31122211
207511115 Soybean oil, crude, not degummed
20752 Soybean meal, and other byproducts 3112224
2075211 Soybean byproducts, meal
2075298 Soybean byproducts, other, including soy flour, grits and isolates
2075SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 311222SM
2075M Miscellaneous receipts 311222M
2075S Secondary products 311222S
2076 2076 Vegetable oil mills, nec
2076P Primary products
20761 Linseed oil 311223D
20762 Vegetable oils, nec, incl. sunflower, peanut, coconut etc., not deodorized 311223G
20763 All other oil mill products nec, incl cakes and meals and deodorized oils 311223J
2076S Secondary products
2077 2077 Animal and marine fats and oils 311613
2077P Primary products 311613P
20771 Animal and marine grease and inedible tallow 3116131
20772 Feed and fertilizer byproducts 3116134
2077211 Meat and bone meal 31161341
2077298 All other byproducts incl. blood meal, feather meal, and dry rendered tankage 31161342
20773 Animal and marine oil mill products
2077SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 311613SM
2077M Miscellaneous receipts 311613M
2077S Secondary products 311613S
2079 2079 Shortening, cooking oils, and margarine 311225
2079P Primary products 311225P
20791 Shortening and cooking oils 3112251
207911 Baking or frying fats
2079113 Baking or frying fats (shortening), 100% vegetable oil 31122511
2079115 Baking or frying fats (shortening), 100% animal fats or blends of vegetable and animal fats 31122512
2079142 Hydrogenated oils other than baking or frying fats 31122513
207915 Salad or cooking oils
2079151 Salad or cooking oils, partially hydrogenated soybean oil 31122514
2079152 Salad or cooking oils, other soybean oil
2079153 Salad or cooking oils, cottonseed oil
2079154 Salad or cooking oils, vegetable oil blends
2079159 All other salad or cooking oils
2079171 Vegetable oil winter stearin 31122517
2079198 All other fully refined oils
20792 Margarine 3112254
2079SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 311225SM
2079M Miscellaneous receipts 311225M
2079Z89 Resales
2079S Secondary products 311225S
2079SS Secondary products
2082 2082 Malt beverages 312120
2082P Primary products 312120P
20821 Canned beer and ale case goods 3121201
20822 Bottled beer and ale case goods 3121202
20823 Beer and ale in barrels and kegs 3121203
20824 All other malt beverages and brewing products 3121204
2082SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 312120SM
2082M Miscellaneous receipts 312120M
2082S Secondary products 312120S
2083 2083 Malt 311213
2083P Primary products 311213P
20831 Malt and malt by-products 3112131
2083SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 311213SM
2083M Miscellaneous receipts 311213M
2083MM Miscellaneous receipts
2083S Secondary products 311213S
2084 2084 Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits 312130
2084P Primary products 312130P
20848 Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits 3121308
2084A Wines 312130A
208481 Grape wine with 14 percent or less alcohol content 31213081
2084812 White grape wine with 14 percent or less alcohol content 312130812
2084814 Red grape wine with 14 percent or less alcohol content 312130814
2084816 Rose grape wine with 14 percent or less alcohol content 312130816
2084825 Dessert wines 312130825
2084831 Effervescent wines 312130831
2084841 Non-grape fruit/berry wines, fortified wines (non-dessert), and specialty wines 312130841
2084883 Beverage brandy, neutral fruit spirits, and neutral brandy spirits 312130883
2084SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 312130SM
2084M Miscellaneous receipts 312130M
2084S Secondary products 312130S
2084SS Secondary products
2085 2085 Distilled and blended liquors 312140
2085P Primary products 312140P
20857 Bulk distilled liquors, except brandy, and distillers' dried grains 3121407
20858 Bottled liquor, except brandy 3121408
2085801 Whiskey, including bottled in bond 312140801
2085822 Gin 312140822
2085825 Cordials, liqueurs 312140825
2085831 Vodka 312140831
2085899 Other bottled liquors, except brandy 312140899
2085SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 312140SM
2085M Miscellaneous receipts 312140M
2085Z89 Resales
2085S Secondary products 312140S
2085SS Secondary products
2086 2086 Bottled and canned soft drinks and carbonated waters 312111
2086P Primary products 312111P
2086B Bottled carbonated soft drinks 3121111
2086309 Bottled carbonated soft drinks in plastic bottles
2086339 Bottle carbonated soft drinks, except those sold in plastic bottles
2086C Canned carbonated soft drinks 3121114
2086D Soft drink flavoring syrup sold in bulk 3121117
2086E Noncarbonated soft drinks incl fruit drinks, cocktails, ades, and bottled water
2086608 Bottled water 3121121
2086619 All other noncarbonated soft drinks 312111A
2086SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 312111SM
2086M Miscellaneous receipts 312111M
2086Z89 Resales
2086S Secondary products 312111S
2087 2087 Flavoring extracts and flavoring syrups, nec 311930
2087P Primary products 311930P
20871 Flavoring extracts, emulsions, and other liquid flavors 3119424
2087112 Natural or true flavoring extracts, emulsions and other liquid flavors
2087153 Imitation flavoring extracts, emulsions and other liquid flavors
20872 Liquid beverage bases not for use by soft drink bottlers incl. cocktail mixes 3119301
20873 Liquid beverage bases for use by soft drink bottlers 3119304
20874 Other flavoring agents (except chocolate syrup) 3119307
2087SM Secondary and miscellaneous receipts 311930SM
2087M Miscellaneous receipts 311930M
2087S Secondary products 311930S
2087SS Secondary products
2091 2091 Canned and cured fish and seafoods 311711
2091P Primary products 311711P
20911 Canned and cured fish and seafoods, incl soup (except frozen) 3117111
2091118 Canned fish and seafood (except frozen), including salmon, sardines and tuna 31171111
2091131 Canned seafood soups, stews, and chowders 31171116
2091161 Cured fish and seafoods 31171117
2091SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 311711SM
2091M Miscellaneous receipts 311711M
2091S Secondary products 311711S
2091SS Secondary products
2092 2092 Prepared fresh or frozen fish and seafoods 311712
2092P Primary products 311712P
20922 Prepared fresh fish and other fresh seafood 3117121
20923 Frozen packaged fish, excluding shellfish 3117122
209231 Groundfish (cod, cusk, haddock, hake, perch, pollock, whiting)
2092311 Groundfish, fillets and steaks
2092315 Groundfish, sticks, portions, and other cuts
209232 Other frozen fish (salmon, flounder, halibut, etc.)
20925 Frozen packaged shellfish 3117123
2092521 Frozen shrimp 31171231
2092536 Other frozen shellfish, incl. crabs, lobster tails, oysters, and clams 31171232
20926 Other frozen seafoods, incl. surimi, soups, chowders, crabcakes, etc 3117124
2092SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 311712SM
2092M Miscellaneous receipts 311712M
2092MM Miscellaneous receipts
2092S Secondary products 311712S
2095 2095 Coffee 311920
2095P Primary products 311920P
20951 Whole bean and ground roasted coffee 3119201
2095111 Whole bean, roasted coffee 31192011
2095116 Ground roasted coffee (incl extended yield and mixtures w/grain, chicory etc.) 31192019
20952 Concentrated (instant) coffee 3119204
2095SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 311920SM
2095M Miscellaneous receipts 311920M
2095MM Miscellaneous receipts
2095S Secondary products 311920S
2096 2096 Potato chips, corn chips, and similar snacks 311919
2096P Primary products 311919P
20961 Potato chips and sticks, plain and flavored 3119191
20962 Corn chips, tortillas, curls, and related products 3119194
2096213 Corn and tortilla chips 31191949
2096299 Corn curls, puffs, and related products 31191943
20963 Other chips, sticks, etc., incl. uncandied popped popcorn and pork rinds
2096SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 311919SM
2096M Miscellaneous receipts 311919M
2096S Secondary products 311919S
2097 2097 Manufactured ice 312113
2097P Primary products 312113P
20971 Can or block ice
20972 Cubed, crushed, or other processed ice
2097SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 312113SM
2097M Miscellaneous receipts 312113M
2097S Secondary products 312113S
2098 2098 Macaroni, spaghetti, vermicelli, and noodles 311823
2098P Primary products 311823P
20983 Macaroni, spaghetti, vermicelli, and noodles 3118233
2098SM Secondary products and miscellaneous receipts 311823SM
2098M Miscellaneous receipts 311823M
2098S Secondary products 311823S
2099 2099 Food preparations, nec
2099P Primary products
2099B Dry mixes and dry mixed preparations, except macaroni and noodles 3119427
2099B02 Dry dip, salad dressing and seasoning mixes
2099B04 Other dry mixes incl. gravy, sauce & frostings, excl. macaroni & noodles
2099C Perishable prepared foods sold in bulk or packages, not frozen or canned 311991P
2099C21 Salads sold in bulk or packages, not frozen or canned 3119911111
2099C31 Sandwiches made from bread, sold in bulk or packages, not frozen or canned 3119911221
2099C35 Vegetables and potatoes, peeled or cut for the trade 3119911331
2099C43 Tortillas 311830P
2099C45 Tamales and other Mexican food specialties 3119911441
2099C59 Other perishable prepared foods, incl .tofu, pizza, & meat pies 3119911591
2099D Tea in consumer packages 3119207
2099E Spices
2099F Peanut butter 3119114
2099G Other food preparations, NEC 311999N
2099H Macaroni and noodle products, PWOI, not canned or frozen 311999A
20991 Desserts (ready-to-mix) 3119991
20993 Sweetening syrups and molasses 3119994
20994 Baking powder and yeast 3119997
20996 Cider and vinegar 3119411
2099M Miscellaneous receipts
2099MM Miscellaneous receipts
2099S Secondary products
2099SS Secondary products


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004