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Producer Price Indexes

SIC to NAICS Concordance

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SIC IndustrySIC ProductSIC TitleNAICS Product
35113511Turbines and turbine generator sets333611
3511PPrimary products333611P
35111Steam, gas, hydraulic, solar & wind powered turbine generator sets, turbine generators,& parts
3511121Steam turbine generator sets
3511131Gas turbine generator sets
3511141Hydraulic, solar and wind powered turbine generator sets
3511151Complete generators designed for turbine drive, and parts for turbine generator sets
35112Steam, gas, hydraulic & other turbines, nonlocomotive steam engines & parts
351121Steam turbines, steam engines and parts
3511211Steam turbines, including steam engines
3511212Parts and accessories for steam engines & steam turbines
351123Gas turbines, except aircraft, and parts and accessories
3511235Parts and accessories for gas turbines, except aircraft
351126Hydraulic and other turbines, parts and accessories
3511261Hydraulic and other turbines
3511SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333611SM
3511MMiscellaneous receipts333611M
3511SSecondary products333611S
35193519Internal combustion engines, nec333618
3519PPrimary products333618P
3519AGasoline engines, except automotive3336181
35193Diesel, semidiesel and dual fuel engines (except automotive)3336183
35194Diesel, semidiesel and dual fuel engines (automotive)3336185
35195Outboard engines3336187
35196Gas engines, except turbines3336189
35199Parts and accessories333618F
3519SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333618SM
3519MMiscellaneous receipts333618M
3519SSecondary products333618S
35233523Farm machinery and equipment333111
3523PPrimary products333111P
3523ACommercial turf and grounds care equipment, including parts and attachments333111J
3523CPlows, listers, harrows, rollers, pulverizers, cultivators, weeders, attachments333111E
35231Wheel tractors and attachments, except: contractors' type, lawn and garden, and motor tillers3331111
35232Farm dairy machines, sprayers & dusters, farm elevators & attachments3331113
35233Planting, seeding, and fertilizing machinery and attachments3331117
35235Harvesting machinery (except hay and straw) and attachments3331119
35236Haying machinery and attachments333111A
35238Farm machinery and equipment, nec, excluding parts333111G
35239Parts for farm machinery & equip., excl.comm. turf & grounds care equip333111C
3523SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333111SM
3523MMiscellaneous receipts333111M
3523SSecondary products333111S
3523SSSOther secondary products
35243524Lawn and garden equipment333112
3524PPrimary products333112P
35241Consumer nonriding lawn, garden, and snow equipment3331121
35244Consumer riding lawn, garden, and snow equipment3331123
35246Parts and attachments for consumer lawn, garden, and snow equipment3331127
3524SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333112SM
3524MMiscellaneous receipts333112M
3524SSecondary products333112S
35313531Construction machinery333120
3531PPrimary products333120P
3531AWheel tractors and log skidders, excl parts and attach
3531BTracklaying tractors, excl. parts and attach
3531CTractor shovel loaders, excl. parts and attach33312014
3531DAttachments for tractors and shovel loaders, excl. parts and winches33312017
3531EPower cranes, excavators, draglines, and shovels, excl. parts33312011
3531FMixers, pavers, and related equipment, excl. parts33312012
3531GScrapers, graders, rollers, and off-highway equipment, excl. parts
3531JOther construction machinery, excl. parts
3531J01Winches and work platforms, excluding parts33392371
3531K01Parts for winches and work platforms33392374
3531SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333120SM
3531MMiscellaneous receipts333120M
3531SSecondary products333120S
35323532Mining machinery and equipment333131
3532PPrimary products333131P
35325Underground mining machinery3331311
3532562Loading mining machines, incl. gathering arm type, loader-hauler-dumpers, shovels, scoo
3532564Continuous mining machines, coal and other types (borer, ripper, auger, drum, road-heading)
3532566Face-haulage vehicles, rubber tired, self-propelled, includes coal and other types
3532579Other underground mining machinery, incl cutting machines, support vehicles, exc parts
35326Mineral processing and beneficiation machinery, excluding parts3331313
3532656Classifiers (sizing, washing, and dewatering), excluding cyclones
3532671Other mineral processing & beneficiation machinery, incl. jigs, cyclones, flotation machines
35327Crushing, pulverizing, and screening machinery3331315
3532727Crushers, stationary types, including skid-mounted (gyratory, impact, jaw, and roll)
3532755Screens (vibrating, stationary), including trommel types
35328Drills and other mining machinery, except parts3331317
3532825Rock and coal drills, all types
3532898All other mining machinery and equipment, including impact breakers
35329Parts and attachments for mining machinery and equipment3331319
3532975Parts and attachments for mining machinery sold separately, excluding drill bits
353297511Parts for face-haulage and support vehicles
353297522Parts for mineral processing, beneficiation, crushing, pulverizing, & screening machinery
353297533Parts for all other mining machinery and equipment
3532989Percussion rock drill bits
3532991All other mining drill bits
3532SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333131SM
3532MMiscellaneous receipts333131M
3532SSecondary products333131S
3531SConstruction machinery333120S
3532SSSOther secondary products
35333533Oil field and gas field machinery and equipment333132
3533PPrimary products333132P
35331Rotary oil field and gas field drilling machinery and parts3331321
353311Rotary drilling surface equipment33313211
3533112Drawworks and accessories333132112
3533115Elevators, spiders, slips, hooks, links, connectors333132115
3533117Well control equipment (blow-out preventers)333132117
3533121Other rotary dril. surface equip. ,incl Kelly joints,rotary tables,crown/trav.bl333132121
353314Rotary drilling subsurface equipment33313214
353314101Tungsten-carbide insert bits33313214101
353314102Steel-toothed bits33313214102
353314103Other bits, including diamond bits33313214103
3533144Tool joints, subs, and connectors333132144
3533145Drill collars333132145
3533146Reamers and stabilizers333132146
3533149Other subsurface dril. equip., incl fishing tools, subsea risers, coring equip333132149
353316Parts for rotary drilling equipment, sold separately, except for drilling rigs33313216
35332Other oil and gas field drilling machinery and equipment and parts3331322
3533253Cementing, floating, guiding, and shoe equipment333132253
3533261Parts for other oil and gas field drilling equipment, sold separately333132261
3533296Other oil and gas field drilling equipment, incl. cable tool drilling machinery333132296
35333Oil field and gas field production machinery and equipment3331323
353331Surface, subsurface, and subsea production well equipment33313231
3533311Christmas tree assemblies333132311
3533313Casing and tubing heads and supports333132313
3533317Chokes, manifolds, and accessories333132317
3533319Rodless oil lifting machinery and equipment, except pumps333132319
353335Rod lifting machinery and equipment (surface and subsurface)33313235
3533354Pumping units and other surface rod lifting equipment333132354
3533357Sucker rods (subsurface rod lifting equipment), except pumps333132357
3533362Permanent packers and accessories333132362
3533363Retrievable packers and accessories333132363
3533365Screens, tubing, and anchor catchers333132365
3533371Separating, metering, and treating equipment for oil and gas (located on well site)333132371
3533382Parts for oil and gas field production machinery and tools, sold separately333132382
3533398Other oil field and gas field production machinery and tools333132398
35335Drilling rigs3331325
3533522Rotary wheel-mounted drilling and well-servicing rigs333132522
3533534Rotary blast-hole drilling rigs333132534
3533546Construction drills333132546
3533558Other portable drilling rigs, incl workover, cable tool, reverse circulation333132558
3533578Parts for portable drilling rigs used on the surface (above ground)333132578
35339Oil field and gas field derricks and well surveying machinery3331329
3533921Derricks, oil and gas field, substructures, and accessories (regular & portable)333132921
3533931Well surveying machinery and equipment333132931
3533SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333132SM
3533MMiscellaneous receipts333132M
3533X98Other miscellaneous receipts
3533SSecondary products333132S
3491SIndustrial valves332911S
3533SSSOther secondary products
3561SPumps and pumping equipment333911S
35343534Elevators and moving stairways333921
3534PPrimary products333921P
35341Elevators and moving stairways3339211
3534105Geared electric passenger elevators, except residence lifts
3534107Gearless electric passenger elevators, except residence lifts
3534112Hydraulic passenger elevators
3534114Freight elevators
353411413Electric freight elevators
353411415Hydraulic freight elevators
3534131Automobile lifts
3534151Moving stairways, escalators, and moving walkways
3534196Other non farm elev., incl. sidewalk elev., dumbwaiters, man & resid. lifts
35343Parts and attachments for elevators and moving stairways3339213
3534301Parts and attachments for elevators and moving stairways
3534SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333921SM
3534MMiscellaneous receipts333921M
3534XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3534SSecondary products333921S
35353535Conveyors and conveying equipment333922
3535PPrimary products333922P
35353Unit handling conveyors and conveying systems, except hoists and farm elevators3339223
3535311Gravity conveyors (skate wheel and roller)333922311
3535312Trolley conveyors (overhead systems)333922312
3535314Powered conveyors (belt and roller)333922314
3535319All other unit handling conveyors & conveying syst., incl. pneum. tube conveyors333922319
35354Parts and accessories for unit handling conveyors & conveying sytems, sold sep3339224
35355Bulk material handling conveyors & conveying syst., exc. hoists & farm elevators3339225
3535511Conveyors and elevators333922511
3535514All other bulk handling conveyors and conveying syst. incl. loading, unloading333922514
35356Parts and accessories for bulk material handling conveyors and conveying systems3339226
3535SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333922SM
3535MMiscellaneous receipts333922M
3535SSecondary products333922S
3535SSSecondary products
35363536Overhead traveling cranes, hoists, and monorail systems
3536PPrimary products
3536345Parts and attachments for hoists (sold separately)33392312
35364Overhead traveling cranes and monorail systems3339233
3536420Overhead traveling cranes and monorail systems, exc. const. power cranes33392331
3536460Parts and attachments for cranes and monorail systems (sold separately)33392333
3536MMiscellaneous receipts
3536SSecondary products
3536SSSecondary products
35373537Industrial trucks and tractors333924
3537PPrimary products333924P
35371Industrial trucks and tractors, motorized and hand powered3339241
3537101Work trucks w/ lifting & handling equip, riding, electric, self-propelled333924101
3537102Work trucks w/ lifting & handling equip, non-riding electric or any non-electric333924102
3537103Work trucks, not fitted with lifting and handling equipment, elec. or non elec333924103
3537104Bulk powered material moving equipment333924104
35373Parts and attachments for industrial work trucks3339243
3537SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333924SM
3537MMiscellaneous receipts333924M
3537XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3537SSecondary products333924S
35413541Machine tools, metal cutting types333512
3541PPrimary products333512P
3541ABoring and drilling machines
3541BMachining centers3335127
3541CStation type machines3335128
3541DOther metal cutting machine tools3335129
35413Gear cutting machines
35414Grinding, polishing, buffing, honing, and lapping machines3335122
35415Turning machines (lathes), all types3335123
35416Milling machines3335124
35419Parts for metal cutting machine tools, sold separately, & rebuilt machine tools3335126
3541SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333512SM
3541MMiscellaneous receipts333512M
3541MMMiscellaneous receipts
3541SSecondary products333512S
3541SSSecondary products
35423542Metal forming machine tools333513
3542PPrimary products333513P
35421Punching, shearing, bending, and forming machines3335131
35422Presses, except forging3335132
35423Other metal forming machine tools and forging machines3335133
35424Rebuilt metal forming machine tools and parts for metal forming machine tools3335134
3542SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333513SM
3542MMiscellaneous receipts333513M
3542SSecondary products333513S
35433543Industrial patterns332997
3543PPrimary products332997P
35431Industrial patterns, except shoe patterns3329971
3543115Foundry patterns332997115
3543198All other industrial patterns, except shoe patterns332997198
3543SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332997SM
3543MMiscellaneous receipts332997M
3543SSecondary products332997S
3543SSSecondary products
35443544Special tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and industrial molds
3544PPrimary products
35443Special tools, dies, jigs, and fixtures333514P
354431Jigs and fixtures, including parts33351411
354432Metalworking dies and die sets33351413
3544321Stamping dies
3544322All other metalworking dies and die sets
354433Standard punches, industrial prototypes, die parts & other special tooling, dies33351417
35445Industrial molds3335111
354451Metal injection-type molds for plastics
354452Other molds
3544MMiscellaneous receipts
3544XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3544SSecondary products
3544SSSecondary products
35453545Machine tool accessories333515
3545PPrimary products333515P
35451Small cutting tools for machine tools and metalworking machinery3335151
354512Twist drills, gun drills, combined drills, countersinks, and counterbores
3545123Carbon steel and high-speed steel shank twist drills33351512
3545124Other twist drills, gun drills, countersinks, and counterbores33351513
354515End mills and milling cutters33351514
354517Threading tools33351515
354518Blanks, tips, and inserts33351516
3545199Other cutting tools, including broaches, reamers, hobs, and rotary burrs33351517
35452Precision measuring tools (inspection, quality control, and tool room)3322129
35453Other attachments and accessories for machine tools and metalworking machinery3335153
354531Tool holders33351531
354538Work holding devices and other attachments and accessories33351532
3545SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333515SM
3545MMiscellaneous receipts333515M
3545XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3545SSecondary products333515S
35463546Power driven hand tools333991
3546PPrimary products333991P
35461Power driven hand tools, electric and battery powered3339911
3546112Circular saws: armature mounted primarily on sleeve bearings333991112
3546122Screwdrivers and nutrunners333991122
3546124Hammers, percussion and rotary333991124
3546125Impact wrenches333991125
3546133Planers and routers333991133
3546135Other electric powered hand tools; incl shears and nibblers, electric chain saws, hammer drill333991135
3546136Parts, attachments and accessories for electric-powered hand tools (sold separately)333991136
3546181Drills: armature mounted primarily on sleeve bearings333991181
3546181011/4 inch chuck size and under33399118101
354618103Over 1/4 inch chuck size to under 1/2 inch33399118103
3546181041/2 inch chuck and over33399118104
3546182Drills: armature mounted primarily on other than sleeve bearings333991182
3546182051/4 inch chuck size and under33399118205
354618207Over 1/4 inch chuck size to under 1/2 inch33399118207
3546182091/2 inch chuck and over33399118209
3546183Grinders, polishers, and circular sanders except bench grinders333991183
354618326Right angle grinders, polishers, and circular sanders33399118326
354618329All other grinders and polishers, including die grinders (exclude bench)33399118329
3546184Sanders, except circular333991184
354618434Oscillating, reciprocating and vibrating33399118434
3546185Circular saws: armature mounted primarily on other than sleeve bearings333991185
3546185157 inch blade and under33399118515
354618516Between 7 inch and 8 inch blade33399118516
3546185178 inch blade or over33399118517
3546186Saws - jig, saber, reciprocating333991186
354618618Armature mounted primarily on ball bearings33399118618
354618619Armature mounted primarily on other than ball bearings33399118619
35462Power driven hand tools, pneumatic, hydraulic and powder actuated3339912
3546237Percussion tools - pneumatic333991237
3546238Drills, screwdrivers, nutrunners-pneumatic333991238
3546241Impact wrenches - pneumatic333991241
3546242Rotary grinders, polishers, and sanders333991242
3546244Other grinders, polishers, and sanders333991244
3546248Other pneumatic powered hand tools333991248
3546253Powder actuated hand tools333991253
3546255Parts, attachments, and accessories for pneumatic handtools333991255
3546271Hydraulic chain saws, including pole333991271
3546272Other hydraulic powered hand tools333991272
3546279Parts, attachments for powder actuated and hydraulic handtools333991279
35463Power driven hand tools, engine (internal combustion) driven3339913
3546301Chain saws333991301
3546309Other, including cut-off saws and drills333991309
3546312Parts and attachments for engine driven chain saws333991312
3546314Parts and attachments for engine driven other than chain saws333991314
3546SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333991SM
3546MMiscellaneous receipts333991M
3546SSecondary products333991S
35473547Rolling mill machinery333516
3547PPrimary products333516P
35471Hot rolling mill machinery, except tube rolling3335161
3547118Other hot rolling mill machinery and equipment, including parts
35472Cold rolling mill machinery3335162
3547228Other cold rolling mill machinery and equipment, including parts
35473Rolling mill machinery, nec, including tube mill machinery3335163
3547356Other rolling mill machinery and equipment, including parts
3547SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333516SM
3547MMiscellaneous receipts333516M
3547SSecondary products333516S
3547SSSecondary products
35483548Gas and electric welding and soldering equipment333992
3548PPrimary products333992P
35481Arc welding machines, comp., & acces., exc. electrodes (excl. stud welding eq.)3339921
35482Arc welding electrodes, metal3339923
35483Resistance welders, components, accessories, and electrodes3339927
35484Gas welding and cutting equipment, parts, attachments, and accessories3339929
35485Other welding and soldering equipment and acc. (exc. arc, resistance and gas)333992A
3548SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333992SM
3548MMiscellaneous receipts333992M
3548MMMiscellaneous receipts
3548SSecondary products333992S
35493549Metalworking machinery, not elsewhere classified333518
3549PPrimary products333518P
35492Assembly machines3335182
3549213Transfer type assembly machines333518213
3549219Special purpose and all other types333518219
35495Other metalworking machinery3335185
3549511Machines for weaving and wire fabricating and wire drawing machines and draw benches333518511
3549541Coil handling equipment (conversion or straightening)333518541
3549598All other metalworking machinery nec333518598
3549SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333518SM
3549MMiscellaneous receipts333518M
3549SSecondary products333518S
3549SSSecondary products
35523552Textile machinery333292
3552PPrimary products333292P
35521Textile machinery, except parts and attachments3332921
35521AFabrics machinery3332921A
35521111Fabrics machinery3332921111
35521BFiber-to-fabrics textile machinery3332921B
3552151Winding machinery333292151
3552154Other fiber-to-fabrics machinery333292154
35521COther textile machinery3332921C
3552185Bleaching, dyeing, and finishing machinery333292185
3552187Machinery for drying stocks, yarn, and cloth333292187
3552199Other textile machinery333292199
35522Parts and attachments for textile machinery3332922
3552211Textile machinery turnings and shapes333292211
3552232Parts and attachments for fiber-to-fabrics machinery333292232
3552241Parts and attachments for power looms333292241
3552271Parts and attachments for bleaching, dyeing and finishing machinery333292271
3552299Parts and attachments for other textile machinery, including printing333292299
3552SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333292SM
3552MMiscellaneous receipts333292M
3552SSecondary products333292S
35533553Woodworking machinery333210
3553PPrimary products333210P
35531Woodworking machinery including parts, excluding home workshop types3332101
3553112Sawmill equipment333210112
3553118Veneer, plywood, particleboard, and hardboard-making equipment333210118
3553121Assembling, gluing, laminating, and finishing machines333210121
3553162Sawing machines, except sawmill equipment333210162
3553173Straight-line machinery, including jointers, moulders, planers, sanders, surfacers, etc333210173
3553175Boring machinery, carving machinery, dovetailers, mortisers, routers, shapers, and tenoners333210175
3553197Other woodworking machinery, including lathes, clamping machinery, presses, roll coaters, et333210197
3553199Parts, attachments, and accessories, excluding saw blades and cutting tools333210199
35532Woodworking machinery designed primarily for home workshops, incl. parts3332102
3553221Saws, including circular333210221
3553298Other woodworking machinery for home workshops, incl. lathes, drilling machines, etc333210298
3553299Parts, attachments, and accessories for home workshop machinery333210299
3553SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333210SM
3553MMiscellaneous receipts333210M
3553SSecondary products333210S
3553SSSecondary products
35543554Paper industries machinery333291
3554PPrimary products333291P
35541Wood preparation equipment3332911
3554111Wood preparation equip., incl. debarkers, chippers, knotters and splitters
3554181Parts and attachments for wood preparation equipment (sold separately)
35542Pulp mill machinery
3554225Deckers, thickeners, bleaching equipment, pulp screens, washers, and save-alls
3554226Other pulp mill mach., incl. grinders, digesters, pulp refiners and processors
3554281Parts and attachments for pulp mill machinery (sold separately)
35543Paper mill machinery3332913
3554331Beaters, jordans, disc refiners, and other stock preparation machinery
3554342Paper machines
355434247Paper making machines and coating machines
355434249Finishing machinery, including calendering, and other paper mill machinery
3554381Parts and attachments for paper mill machinery (sold separately)
35544Paper and paperboard converting equipment
3554451Bag making machines, including sack machines and envelope making machines
3554453Corrugated box making machines, including corrugators
3554454Box, carton and shipping container making machines, including molding machines
3554459Other paper and paperboard equipment including coating and laminating machinery
3554481Parts and attachments for paper and paperboard converting mach. (sold separately)
3554SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333291SM
3554MMiscellaneous receipts333291M
3554XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3554SSecondary products333291S
3554SSSSecondary products
35553555Printing trades machinery333293
3555PPrimary products333293P
35551Printing presses, offset lithographic3332931
35552Printing presses, other than lithographic3332932
35553Typesetting machinery and equipment, excluding justifying typewriters3332933
35556Binding machinery and equipment3332936
35557Printing trades machinery, nec3332937
3555779Other printing machinery and equipment, incl. pre-press preparation equipment333293779
3555791Parts, attachments, and accessories for printing trades machinery333293791
3555SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333293SM
3555MMiscellaneous receipts333293M
3555MMMiscellaneous receipts
3555SSecondary products333293S
3555SSSecondary products
35563556Food products machinery333294
3556PPrimary products333294P
35561Dairy and milk products plant machinery3332941
3556144Pasteurizers and homogenizers
3556173Ice cream freezers
3556198Other dairy and milk machinery, including separators and sterilizing equipment
3556199Parts and attachments for dairy and milk products
35562Commercial food products machinery3332943
35562ACommercial food products machinery, except bakery equipment
3556221Choppers, grinders, cutters, dicers, and similar machines
3556249Other commercial food preparation machinery, including tenderizers (power driven)
35562BBakery machinery and equipment
3556261Dough mixers
3556273Bake ovens
3556292Other bakery machinery and equipment
3556251Parts and attachments for commercial food preparation machinery
35563Industrial food products machinery3332945
3556313Meat and poultry processing machinery
3556323Preparation machinery (fruit and vegetable canning)
3556339Flour and grain mill machinery, except packing and packaging machinery
3556358Other industrial food products machinery, including fish and shellfish processing machinery
3556383Parts and attachments for industrial food products machinery
3556385Machinery for sorting, grading, or cleaning fruits, vegetables, or eggs
3556SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333294SM
3556MMiscellaneous receipts333294M
3556SSecondary products333294S
3556SSSecondary products
35593559Special industry machinery, nec
3559PPrimary products
3559APrinted circuit board manufacturing machinery and parts, except testing equip3332985
35591Chemical manufacturing machinery, equipment and parts3332981
35592Foundry machinery and equipment, and parts, excluding patterns and molds
35593Plastics working machinery, equipment, and parts, excluding patterns and molds3332201
35594Rubber working machinery, equipment, and parts, excl. tire molds3332203
35596Semiconductor manufacturing equip. (excl furnaces & ovens, instru. & photogra3332951
35597Automotive maintenance equipment and parts, excluding handtools3333195
35599Special industry machinery and equipment, nec3332987
3559941Other special industry mach., incl glassmaking, metal finishing, petro refine
3559949Parts for special industry machinery
3559MMiscellaneous receipts
3559SSecondary products


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004