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Producer Price Indexes

SIC to NAICS Concordance

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SIC IndustrySIC ProductSIC TitleNAICS Product
35613561Pumps and pumping equipment333911
3561PPrimary products333911P
35611Industrial pumps, except hydraulic fluid power pumps3339111
35614Domestic water systems3339114
35615Pumps nec3339115
3561516Domestic sump pumps, oil-well and oil-field pumps, except boiler feed333911516
3561517Other pumps, except automotive circulating pumps, and measuring & dispensing pum333911517
35616Parts and attachments for pumps and pumping equipment, excl. compressors3339116
3561SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333911SM
3561MMiscellaneous receipts333911M
3561SSecondary products333911S
3561SSSSecondary products
35623562Ball and roller bearings332991
3562PPrimary products332991P
35621Ball bearings, unmounted3329911
3562114Single row max. capacity ball bearings: annular, including self-aligning: ground or precision
3562116Double row ball bearings: annular, including self-aligning: ground or precision.
3562118Angular contact ball bearings: annular, including self-aligning; ground or precision
3562122Other regular single row conrad ball bearings: annular, including self-aligning.
3562122039 mm. O.D. thru 30 mm. O.D.; ground or precision
356212204Over 30 mm. O.D. thru 52 mm. O.D.; ground or precision
356212205Over 52 mm. O.D. thru 100 mm. O.D.; ground or precision
356212207Over 100 mm. O.D.; ground or precision
3562123Other precision (ABEC 5 & up) single row conrad ball bearings: annular, including self-alignin
3562123099 mm. O.D. thru 30 mm. O.D.; ground or precision
3562125Unground, annular, including self-aligning (less than ABEC 1)
3562131Thrust ball bearings
356213133Ground thrust ball bearings
356213135Unground thrust ball bearings
3562151Other ball bearings
35622Tapered roller bearings, unmounted3329913
3562232Cup and cone assemblies shipped as a set
3562233Cups shipped separately
3562234Cone assemblies shipped separately
35623Roller bearings, except tapered, unmounted3329915
3562301Cylindrical roller bearings
356230111Regular cylindrical roller bearings (ABEC 1 and 3)
356230112Precision cylindrical roller bearings (ABEC 5 and up)
3562321Spherical roller bearings including hourglass and barrel
356232124Single row spherical roller bearings
356232125Double row spherical roller bearings
3562341Needle roller bearings
3562398Other roller bearings
35624Mounted bearings, except plain3329917
3562417Mounted ball bearings, unit and/or split mounted
3562454Mounted roller bearings
356245453Unit mounted roller bearings
35629Ball and roller bearing parts and components, including balls and rollers sold separately3329919
3562921Other antifriction ball bearing components and parts
3562941Other antifriction roller bearing components and parts
3562SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332991SM
3562MMiscellaneous receipts332991M
3562SSecondary products332991S
3562SSSecondary products
35633563Air and gas compressors333912
3563PPrimary products333912P
35631Air and gas compressors and vacuum pumps3339121
356311Air compressors33391211
3563116Portable air compressors333912116
3563117Stationary air compressors333912117
356312Gas compressors33391212
356313Other pumps and compressors33391213
35632Parts and attachments for air and gas compressors and vacuum pumps3339122
35635Industrial spraying equipment3339125
3563SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333912SM
3563MMiscellaneous receipts333912M
3563SSecondary products333912S
3563SSSSecondary products
35643564Industrial and commercial fans and blowers and air purification equipment
3564PPrimary products
35643Centrifugal fans and blowers
356434Centrifugal blower-filter units and classes I-IV fans
356435Industrial centrifugal fans, excl. blowers, turboblowers, and multistage blowers
356436Other centrifugal fans and blowers, incl.multistage blowers, etc
35644Axial fans, propeller fans and accessories, and power roof ventilators
356445Axial fans, all types
356447Other propeller fans and accessories, incl. parts
35645Dust collection and other air purification equipment for hvac systems3334113
356455Air filters for air conditioners and furnaces of 2400 cfm or less, except parts
356456Other dust collection and other air purification equipment
356457Parts for dust collection and air purification equipment
35646Dust collection and other air purification equip. for ind. gas cleaning systems3334111
3564MMiscellaneous receipts
3564SSecondary products
3444SSheet metal work
3564SSSSecondary products
3569SGeneral industrial machinery and equipment, nec333999S
35653565Packing, packaging and bottling machinery333993
3565PPrimary products333993P
35653Packing, packaging and bottling machinery, excluding parts3339933
3565331Filling machinery333993331
3565333Forming, filling and sealing machinery, bag or pouch(must perform all three func333993333
3565334Wrapping, banding, bundling, fastening, and sleeve wrapping machinery333993334
3565336Case forming, opening, loading, unloading, and sealing machinery333993336
3565337Cartoning, multipacking, and leaflet/coupon placing machinery333993337
3565338Labeling, code marking, and imprinting machinery333993338
3565339Other packaging and bottling machinery333993339
35654Parts for packaging and bottling machinery3339934
3565SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333993SM
3565MMiscellaneous receipts333993M
3565XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3565SSecondary products333993S
3565SSSSecondary products
35663566Speed changers, industrial high-speed drives, and gears333612
3566PPrimary products333612P
35661Nonhydraulic variable speed changers and industrial high-speed drives
3566111Mechanical nonhydraulic variable speed changers, excluding value of drivers
3566121Industrial high speed drives, fixed ratio
35662Speed reducers, fixed ratio, enclosed, except gear motors
356621Worm gear reducers
35662176-inch centers or more
35662183-inch to 5.99-inch centers
3566219Less than 3-inch centers
356622Helical, herringbone, spur and spiral bevel reducers
3566227More than 15-inch low speed centers
356622815-inch low speed centers or less
356623Shaft mounted reducers and screw conveyor drives
35663Gear motors, sold with motors, including 'C' flange and scoop mount units
356633Worm gear motors
356634Helical, herringbone, spur, or spiral bevel gear motors
3566343Less than 1 horsepower
35664Loose gears, pinions, and racks excluding spare parts for reducers3336123
3566411Coarse pitch (less than 19.9 diametral pitch)
35664114Helical, herringbone, and spur gears
35664114224 inches or less
356641143More than 24 inches diameter through 72 inches diameter
35664115Worms and worm gearing
35664116Others, including bevel gears and racks
3566421Fine pitch (19.9 diametral pitch and finer)
35665Parts and components for speed changers, drives, gears, and reducers
3566551Parts and components for speed changers, drives, gears, and reducers
3566SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333612SM
3566MMiscellaneous receipts333612M
3566SSecondary products333612S
3566SSSSecondary products
3568SOther power transmission equipment333613S
35673567Industrial process furnaces and ovens333994
3567PPrimary products333994P
35671Electric industrial furnaces, ovens and kilns, excluding induction3339941
356711Electric furnaces33399411
3567111Metal melting333994111
3567118Metal processing and heat treating (such as annealing, hardening, carburizing, etc.)333994118
3567119Other electric furnaces333994119
356719Electric industrial ovens and kilns, including infrared33399419
35672Fuel-fired industrial furnaces, ovens, and kilns3339942
356721Fuel-fired furnaces including parts and attachments33399421
356729Fuel-fired ovens and kilns including parts and attachments33399429
35674High frequency induction and dielectric heating equipment3339944
35675Electrical heat. equip. for industrial use, nec (exc. soldering irons) and parts and attach3339945
356755Industrial electric heating units and devices, except heating units for electric furnaces33399455
356759Parts and attach. for ind. furn. and ovens, including electric heating units33399459
3567591Parts and attach. for ind. furn. and ovens, including electric heating units
3567SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333994SM
3567MMiscellaneous receipts333994M
3567SSecondary products333994S
3567SSSecondary products
35683568Power transmission equipment, nec333613
3568PPrimary products333613P
35681Plain bearings and bushings, except automotive and aircraft3336131
3568115Plain bearings and bushings, unmounted, machined, excluding carbon and graphite
3568151Mounted bearings, plain
35683Power transmission equipment, except speed changers, drives, and gears, nec3336133
35683AClutches and brakes
3568311Friction type
3568319All other clutches and brakes
35683BFlexible couplings
35683211-inch nominal bore and over, gear type
35683221-inch nominal bore and over, other than gear type
3568324Less than 1-inch nominal bore
35683CChains for sprocket drives
3568333ASA standard roller chain
3568335Other chains for sprocket drives
3568343For ASA standard roller chains
35683FSheaves, single and multiple drive
35683GOther power transmission equipment, except aircraft, automobile, truck, and bus
3568389Universal joints
3568393Ball joints, drive/flexible shafts, drive shaft and sprocket drive chain parts
3568399All other mechanical power transmission equip., except aircraft, automobile, truck, and bu
3568SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333613SM
3568MMiscellaneous receipts333613M
3568SSecondary products333613S
3568SSSecondary products
35693569General industrial machinery, nec333999
3569PPrimary products333999P
35693Filters and strainers, except fluid power3339993
3569304Filter and strainer assemblies w/ or wo/ filter element installed, for water333999304
3569308Filter and strainer assemblies w/ or wo/ filter element installed, for other flu333999308
3569309Parts and accessories, sold separately333999309
3569311Reusable (cleanable) media filters and strainers, except for fluid power333999311
3569312Nonreusable, including disposable (throw away) filter cartridges333999312
35699General industrial machinery, nec3339999
3569SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333999SM
3569MMiscellaneous receipts333999M
3569XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3569SSecondary products333999S
3559SSpecial industry machinery, nec
3569SSSSecondary products
35713571Electronic computers334111
3571PPrimary products334111P
35711General purpose digital computers3341111
357111Large-scale (64 MB or more in minimum main memory configuration)33411111
357112Mid-range (33411112
357114Personal computers and workstations (excluding portable computers)33411114
357115Portable computers (with attached display)33411115
35712Other computers3341112
357121Other computers, including analog, hybrid and special purpose types
3571SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334111SM
3571MMiscellaneous receipts334111M
3571XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3571SSecondary products334111S
3571SSOther secondary products
35723572Computer storage devices334112
3572PPrimary products334112P
35721Computer storage devices (except parts, attachments and accessories)3341121
35722Parts, attachments and accessories for computer storage devices3341122
3572SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334112SM
3572MMiscellaneous receipts334112M
3572SSecondary products334112S
35753575Computer terminals334113
3575PPrimary products334113P
35755Computer terminals including remote batch terminals and teleprinters3341135
35756Parts, attachments, and accessories for computer terminals3341136
3575SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334113SM
3575MMiscellaneous receipts334113M
3575MMMiscellaneous receipts
3575SSecondary products334113S
35773577Computer peripheral equipment, nec334119
3577PPrimary products334119P
35771Computer peripheral (I/O) equipment, nec, except parts, attachments, & accessories3341191
357712Computer printers33411911
357715All other peripheral equipment, nec33411912
35772Parts, attachments, & access. for computer peripheral (I/O) equipment, nec3341194
3577SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334119SM
3577MResales and miscellaneous receipts334119M
3577XY9Contract work and miscellaneous receipts
3577SSecondary products334119S
3577SSSecondary products
35783578Calculating and accounting machines
3578PPrimary products
35783Parts and attachments for calculating and accounting machines
35785Calculating and accounting machines incl POS terminals and calculators
3578MMiscellaneous receipts
3578SSecondary products
3578SSSecondary products
35793579Office machines, nec333313
3579PPrimary products333313P
3579AParts and attachments for standard typewriters and other office machines, nec
35791Duplicating machines, except parts and attachments3333137
35792Automatic typing and word processing machines3333131
35795Mailing, letter handling, and addressing machines, except parts and attachments333313A
35799Standard typewriters and all other office machines, nec
3579SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333313SM
3579MMiscellaneous receipts333313M
3579MMMiscellaneous receipts
3579SSecondary products333313S
3579SSSecondary products
35813581Automatic merchandising machines333311
3581PPrimary products333311P
35811Automatic merchandising machines, coin-operated, excluding parts3333111
358111Vending machines for beverages33331111
358115Other vending machines, excluding beverage machines33331115
35812Coin-operated mechanisms and other parts for automatic merchandising machines3333112
3581SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333311SM
3581MMiscellaneous receipts333311M
3581MMMiscellaneous Receipts
3581SSecondary products333311S
3581SSSecondary products
35823582Commercial laundry equipment333312
3582PPrimary products333312P
35829Commercial laundry equipment3333121
3582SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333312SM
3582MMiscellaneous receipts333312M
3582SSecondary products333312S
3582SSSecondary products
35853585Refrigeration and heating equipment333415
3585PPrimary products333415P
3585CWarm air furnaces, humidifiers, and electric comfort heating equipment333415C
3585DParts and accessories for a/c, heat transfer, and elect. comfort heat equipment333415D
35851Heat transfer equip., mech. refrigerated, self-contained, exc. electric dehumid
35852Unitary air conditioners333415E
35853Commercial refrigerators and related equipment3334153
35854Compressors and compressor units, all refrigerants
35855Condensing units, all refrigerants, except ammonia3334155
35856Room air conditioners and dehumidifiers3334156
35859Refrigeration and a/c equip. nec, including soda fountain and beer dispensing equip3334159
3585SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333415SM
3585MMiscellaneous receipts333415M
3585SSecondary products333415S
3585SSSSecondary products
35863586Measuring and dispensing pumps333913
3586PPrimary products333913P
35861Gasoline dispensing pumps, computing type (filling station type)
3586111Single dispensing units
358611112With suction pumping units
358611113Without suction pumping units
3586115Multiple dispensing units
35862Lubricating oil and grease dispensing equipment
3586212Lubricating oil pumps, including barrel pumps
3586213Grease guns
35863Other measuring and dispensing pumps and parts and attachments
3586314Other measuring and dispensing pumps, incl. noncomputing gasoline dispensing pumps
3586315Parts and attachments for measuring and dispensing pumps
3586SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333913SM
3586MMiscellaneous receipts333913M
3586SSecondary products333913S
3586SSSecondary products
35893589Service industry machinery, nec333319
3589PPrimary products333319P
35891Commercial cooking and food warming equipment3333191
358911Nonelectric commercial cooking and food warming equipment
358916Electric and electronic commercial cooking and food warming equipment
358917Parts and accessories for commercial cooking and food warming equipment
35892Service industry machines and parts3333199
358921Water softeners and water heaters including parts
358924Floor maintenance machinery, commercial and industrial, incl. parts
358926All other industry and commercial service machines, including parts and accessor
35893Commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners3333193
3589SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333319SM
3589MMiscellaneous receipts333319M
3589SSecondary products333319S
3589SSSecondary products
35923592Carburetors, pistons, piston rings, and valves336311
3592PPrimary products336311P
35921Carburetors, new and rebuilt3363111
35921ACarburetors (new), all types
3592111Carburetors for motor vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, and buses)
3592171Carburetors, rebuilt, all types
35922Pistons, piston rings, and piston pins (engine)3363113
35922APistons, all types (machined), excluding rough castings
3592221Pistons for motor vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, and buses)
3592223All other pistons
35922BPiston rings, all types
35922B1Piston rings, oil type
3592251Piston rings, oil type, for motor vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, and buses)
35922B2Piston rings, compression type
3592255Piston rings, compression type, for motor vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, and buses)
3592257All other compression type piston rings
35923Valves (engine intake and exhaust)3363115
3592361Valves (engine intake and exhaust) for motor vehicle engines (pass. cars, trucks, and buses)
3592363Valves (engine intake and exhaust) for other engines
3592SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336311SM
3592MMiscellaneous receipts336311M
3592SSecondary products336311S
3592SSSOther secondary products
3714SMotor vehicle parts and accessories
35933593Fluid power cylinders and actuators333995
3593PPrimary products333995P
35934Non-aerospace type hydraulic fluid power cylinders & actuators, linear & rotary3339954
35935Non-aerospace type pneumatic fluid power cylinders & actuators, linear & rotary3339955
35936Aerospace type fluid power cylinders and actuators3339956
35939Parts for hydraulic and pneumatic fluid power cylinders and actuators3339959
3593SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333995SM
3593MMiscellaneous receipts333995M
3593SSecondary products333995S
35943594Fluid power pumps and motors333996
3594PPrimary products333996P
35943Non-aerospace type reciprocating pumps3339963
35944Non-aerospace type rotary pumps3339964
35945Non-aerospace type fluid power motors3339965
35946Aerospace type fluid power pumps and motors3339966
35949Parts for fluid power pumps and motors3339969
3594SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333996SM
3594MMiscellaneous receipts333996M
3594MMMiscellaneous receipts333996MM
3594SSecondary products333996S
3594SSSecondary products
35963596Scales and balances, except laboratory333997
3596PPrimary products333997P
35961Vehicle and industrial scales3339971
35962Retail, commercial, household, and mailing scales3339972
35963Parts, attachments, and accessories for scales and balances3339973
3596SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts333997SM
3596MMiscellaneous receipts333997M
3596SSecondary products333997S
35993599Machinery, except electrical, not elsewhere classified332710
3599PPrimary products332710P
35994Miscellaneous machinery products3329994
35995Receipts for machine shop job work3327101
3599SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts332710SM
3599MMiscellaneous receipts332710M
3599XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3599SSecondary products332710S


Last Modified Date: May 29, 2019