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Producer Price Indexes

SIC to NAICS Concordance

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SIC IndustrySIC ProductSIC TitleNAICS Product
36513651Household audio & video equipment334310
3651PPrimary products334310P
36511Radios: home, car, and combination models3343101
36511CAutomobile radios and tape players
36512Television receivers, including combination models3343102
3651204Console and consolette TV receiver, color
365121Table and portable
3651215Color TV over 10 inch through 17 inch
3651216Color TV over 17 inch
3651222Projection televisions
36514High fidelity equipment and components3343103
36514APhonographs, except mechanical
36514BConsumer high fidelity components
3651426Power amplifiers
3651427Other consumer high fidelity components
3651428Consumer audio/video recorders and players
365142201Audio tape recorders and players, cassette
365142204Other consumer audio/visual recorders & players
3651431Compact disc players
36515Other equipment and accessories, including speakers3343104
36515ALoudspeaker systems
3651556Bookshelf type
3651557Floor standing
3651568Other loudspeaker systems
3651554Loudspeakers sold separately
3651599Other equipment & accessories
3651SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334310SM
3651MMiscellaneous receipts334310M
3651SSecondary products334310S
3631SHousehold cooking equipment335221S
3651SSSOther secondary products
36523652Phonograph records and prerecorded audio tapes and disks
3652PPrimary products
36521Phonograph records, compact audio discs, and other audio-encoded disk recordings
36521245 RPM phonograph records, except monaural and 12 inch diameter
3652122Released for wholesale, retail and/or direct distribution
3652124Manufactured on a fee or contract basis
36521333 1/3 RPM phonograph records, except monaural and non-vinyl
3652131Released for wholesale, retail and/or direct distribution
3652135Manufactured on a fee or contract basis
365215Compact audio discs (CD's)
3652151Released for wholesale, retail and/or direct distribution
365215101Compact disc singles
365215102Compact disc albums
3652152Manufactured on a fee or contract basis
3652162Other disk records, including laquers and other intermediates
36522Prerecorded audio cassettes and tapes
3652284Cassettes released for wholesale, retail and/or direct distribution, except DAT
365228401Cassette singles
365228402Cassette albums
3652288Manufactured on a fee or contract basis
3652MMiscellaneous receipts
3652XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
36613661Telephone & telegraph apparatus334210
3661PPrimary products334210P
36611Telephone switching and switchboard equipment3342101
36613Carrier line equipment and external modems, except consumer3342104
36614Other telephone and telegraph (wire) apparatus3342107
3661SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334210SM
3661MMiscellaneous receipts334210M
3661SSecondary products334210S
36633663Radio and television broadcasting and communications equipment334220
3663PPrimary products334220P
36631Communications systems and equipment except broadcast3342201
3663115Radio station type, other than cellular33422011
3663134Cellular system equipment33422012
3663179Other communications systems and equipment33422013
36632Broadcast, studio, and related electronic equipment3342203
3663SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334220SM
3663MMiscellaneous receipts334220M
3663SSecondary products334220S
36693669Communications equipment, nec334290
3669PPrimary products334290P
36691Alarm systems, including electric sirens and horns3342901
36692Vehicular and pedestrian traffic control equip. incl. railway signals & attach3342902
36693Intercommunication systems, incl. inductive paging systems3342903
3669SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334290SM
3669MMiscellaneous receipts334290M
3669SSecondary products334290S
36713671Electron tubes, all types334411
3671PPrimary products334411P
36711Receiving tubes except cathode ray
3671151Receiving type electron tubes
36712Cathode ray television picture tubes
3671211Color television tubes, 25" and under, new and rebuilt
3671212All other CRT's incl. color television tubes 26" and greater, new and rebuilt
36713Transmitting, power and special purpose tubes3344113
3671301Power and special purpose tubes
367130121Thyratrons and other gas and vapor tubes
367130151Forward and backward wave tubes
3671302Light sensing tubes
367130276Photomultipliers and other light sensing devices
3671303Light emitting devices
367130379Storage tubes
367130385Industrial and military cathode ray tubes
3671305Miscellaneous special purpose tubes
36715Tube parts except glass blanks3344115
3671SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334411SM
3671MMiscellaneous receipts334411M
3671SSecondary products334411S
3679SElectronic components, nec
36723672Printed circuit boards334412
3672PPrimary products334412P
36721Printed circuit boards
3672SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334412SM
3672MMiscellaneous receipts334412M
3672SSecondary products334412S
36743674Semiconductors and related devices334413
3674PPrimary products334413P
36741Integrated circuits3344131
36741ADigital monolithic integrated circuits3344131A
36741A1MOS memory devices3344131A1
36741A101DRAM (dynamic random access memory)3344131A101
36741A109Other MOS memory devices3344131A109
36741A2Other digital MOS integrated circuits3344131A2
36741A209All other digital MOS integrated circuits3344131A209
36741A9Other digital integrated circuits, including bipolar and nonsilicon3344131A9
36741CHybrid integrated circuits3344131C
36741DNon-digital monolithic integrated circuits (e.g., linear, analog)3344131D
36743Diodes and rectifiers (other than LEDs)3344133
36749Other semiconductor devices and parts3344139
3674901Other finished semiconductor devices334413901
3674902Dice and wafers334413902
3674909Parts and other semifinished devices334413909
3674SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334413SM
3674MMiscellaneous receipts334413M
3674XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3674SSecondary products334413S
3674SSSOther secondary products
3679SElectronic components, nec
36753675Capacitors for electronic circuitry334414
3675PPrimary products334414P
367511Capacitors for electronic circuitry33441411
3675SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334414SM
3675MMiscellaneous receipts334414M
3675SSecondary products334414S
3675SSOther secondary products
36763676Electronic resistors334415
3676PPrimary products334415P
367611Fixed, surface mounted, excluding carbon types33441511
367612Fixed, having two leads, excluding carbon types33441512
367613Resistor networks, having more than two leads33441513
367614Variable, non-wirewound33441514
367615Nonlinear resistors, including thermistors and varistors33441515
367619Resistor parts and other resistors, incl fixed carbon and wirewound variable33441519
3676SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334415SM
3676MMiscellaneous receipts334415M
3676SSecondary products334415S
36773677Electronic coils, transformers, and other inductors334416
3677PPrimary products334416P
36771Electronic coils, transformers, and other inductors3344161
3677SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334416SM
3677MMiscellaneous receipts334416M
3677SSecondary products
36783678Electronic connector manufacturing334417
3678PPrimary products334417P
36781Coaxial (RF) connectors3344171
36782Cylindrical connectors3344172
36783Rack and panel connectors (rectangular)3344173
36784Printed circuit connectors3344174
36785Other connectors, including parts3344175
3678SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334417SM
3678MMiscellaneous receipts334417M
3678MMMiscellaneous receipts
3678SSecondary products334417S
3678SSSecondary Products
36793679Electronic components, nec
3679PPrimary products
3679ACrystals, filters, piezoelectric, and related devices, except microwave filters3344191
3679BMicrowave components and devices, except antennae, tubes, and semiconductors3342207
3679CTransducers, electrical/electronic input or output, nec3344194
3679DSwitches, mechanical, for electronic circuitry3344197
3679EPrinted circuit assemblies (loaded boards, subassemblies, & modules)334418A
3679E01Computer and peripheral printed circuit assemblies334418A1
3679E02Communications printed circuit assemblies334418A2
3679E03Other printed circuit assemblies334418A3
3679FOther electronic components, nec
3679MMiscellaneous receipts
3679XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3679SSecondary products
3679SSSecondary products
36913691Storage batteries335911
3691PPrimary products335911P
36913Lead acid type, BCI dimensional size group 8D or smaller3359113
36914Lead acid type, larger than BCI dimensional size group 8D3359114
36915Storage batteries, execept lead acid, including parts for all storage batteries3359115
3691SMSecondary and miscellaneous receipts335911SM
3691MMiscellaneous receipts335911M
3691MMMiscellaneous receipts335911MM
3691SSecondary products335911S
3691SSSecondary products335911SS
36923692Primary batteries, dry and wet335912
3692PPrimary products335912P
36929All primary batteries, dry and wet3359129
3692SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335912SM
3692MMiscellaneous receipts335912M
3692SSecondary products335912S
36943694Electrical equipment for internal combustion engines
3694PPrimary products
36941Ignition harness and cable sets3363221
36942Battery charging alternators, generators, and regulators3363223
36943Starting motors (engine cranking)3363225
36944Spark plugs
36945Complete electrical &/or electronic equip for internal combustion engine, nec3363229
36946Parts for engine electrical and/or electronic equipment336322A
3694MMiscellaneous receipts
3694SSecondary products
3694SSSecondary products
36953695Magnetic and optical recording media334613
3695PPrimary products334613P
3695101Audio range tape
3695102Computer tape33461311
3695106Video tape cassettes
3695106018mm and 1/2 inch video tape cassettes
36952Flexible magnetic disks
36952013 1/2 inch and other flexible disks less than 5 1/4 inches
3695202Flexible disks 5 1/4 inches and larger
36953Rigid (hard) magnetic disks33461322
36953013 1/2 inch and other rigid (hard) disks less than 5 1/4 inches
36953025 1/4 inch and larger rigid (hard) disks less than 8 inches
3695303Rigid (hard) disks, 8 inches and larger
36954Optical disks, blank33461321
3695SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts334613SM
3695MMiscellaneous receipts334613M
3695SSecondary products334613S
36993699Electronic and electrical equipment and supplies, nec
3699PPrimary products
3699AElectrical products, nec (excluding garage door openers)
36991Electronic teaching, training, & simulation machines and aids, incl. kits3333197
36992Laser systems and equipment, except communication, medical & surveying types
36995Ultrasonic equipment (except medical and dental)335999A
36996Appliance wire and flexible cord sets
36999Electronic sys. & equip., nec (incl auto. garage door opener & amplifier)335999C
3699MMiscellaneous receipts
3699XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3699SSecondary products


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004