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Producer Price Indexes

SIC to NAICS Concordance

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SIC IndustrySIC ProductSIC TitleNAICS Product
32113211Flat glass327211
3211PPrimary products327211P
32113Laminated glass, including float, plate, and sheet3272113
32114Other flat glass, made from glass produced in the same establishment3272115
321142Tempered glass
3211439Other flat glass (rolled, wire, stained, lead, colored, etc.)
32115Raw flat glass or window glass (float, sheet and plate)3272111
3211512Up to and including .107 inch
3211513.108 inch through .134 inch
3211514.135 inch through .199 inch
3211515Over .200 inch
3211SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts327211SM
3211MMiscellaneous receipts327211M
3211SSecondary products327211S
3231SGlass products, made of purchased glass327215S
32213221Glass containers327213
3221PPrimary products327213P
3221ANarrow neck and wide mouth containers,
32211BBeverage containers
3221115Non-alcoholic beverage
3221112Medicinal and health
3221114Toiletries and cosmetics
32212Food containers
322121Narrow neck food containers
322122Wide mouth food containers
3221SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts327213SM
3221MMiscellaneous receipts327213M
3221SSecondary products327213S
32293229Pressed and blown glass, nec327212
3229PPrimary products327212P
32291Table, kitchen, art, and novelty glassware3272121
322912Machine made table, kitchen, art, and novelty glassware32721212
3229121Tumblers (one piece excluding packers' tumblers)327212121
3229125Cookware, ovenware, kitchenware, and microwave oven glass327212125
3229128Ornamental, decorative, and novelty glassware and smokers' accessories327212128
322913Handmade table, kitchen, art, and novelty glassware32721213
3229199Transfers and shipments of partially fabricated table, kitchen, art, and novelty glassware327212199
32292Lighting and electronic glassware3272122
32292AMachine-made lighting/electronic glassware3272122A
3229221Automotive lighting glassware327212221
3229224Bowls and enclosing globes (interior and exterior)327212224
3229225Electric light bulb blanks327212225
3229235T.V. tube blanks and parts; tubing, cane, and glass parts for electronic tubes and devices327212235
3229249Other machine-made lighting/electronic glassware327212249
32292BHandmade lighting/electronic glassware3272122B
32292CTransfers and shipments of partially fabricated lighting/electronic glassware3272122C
3229299Transfers and shipments of partially fabricated lighting/electronic glassware
32293Glass fiber-textile type3272123
3229323Roving, chopped strand, and milled fiber327212323
3229328Other textile-type glass fiber products, including mat and yarn327212328
32294Other pressed and blown glassware3272124
32294AMachine-made glassware, nec3272124A
3229423Scientific and laboratory glassware327212423
3229428Other glassware327212428
32294BHandmade glassware, nec3272124B
32294CTransfers and shipments of partially fabricated pressed and blown glassware, nec3272124C
3229SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts327212SM
3229MMiscellaneous receipts327212M
3229SSecondary products327212S
3229SSSecondary products
32313231Products of purchased glass327215
3231PPrimary products327215P
32313Laminated glass, including plate, float, and sheet3272153
3231321For construction and architectural uses327215321
3231341For automotive uses327215341
3231369For other uses327215369
32315Mirrors, plate and float (decorated or undecorated)3272155
3231521Framed mirrors327215521
3231541Unframed mirrors327215541
3231571Automotive mirrors327215571
32317Pressed and blown glassware, made from glass purchased or transferred from other establishment3272157
3231711Consumer glassware327215711
323171103Machine made32721571103
3231731Lighting and electronic glassware327215731
3231751Other glassware, including scientific, laboratory, industrial, etc327215751
32318Other glass products, made from glass purchased or transferred from other establishments3272158
3231821Stained, leaded, and faceted glass and colored glass slabs327215821
3231871Multiple-glazed, sealed insulating glass units327215871
323188Tempered glass32721588
3231881For automotive use327215881
3231883For construction and architectural use327215883
3231889For other uses327215889
3231898Other flat glass products327215898
3231SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts327215SM
3231MMiscellaneous receipts327215M
3231XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3231SSecondary products327215S
3089SPlastic products, NEC326199S
32413241Hydraulic cement327310
3241PPrimary products327310P
32413Cement, including portland cements and other cements (masonry, lime, etc.)3273101
3241322Northeast region
3241323North Central region
32413231East North Central division, including portland cements and other cements (masonry, lime, etc
32413232West North Central division, including portland cements and other cements (masonry, lime, etc
3241324South region
32413241South Atlantic division, including portland cements and other cements (masonry, lime, etc.)
32413242East South Central division, including portland cements and other cements (mason
32413243West South Central division, including portland cements and other cements (masonry, lime, etc
3241325West region
3241MMiscellaneous receipts327310M
3241SSecondary products327310S
32513251Brick and structural clay tile327121
3251PPrimary products327121P
32511Brick, except ceramic glazed and refractory3271211
3251111Building or common, and face brick327121111
325111101Building or common brick32712111101
325111102Face brick32712111102
3251119Other brick (paving, floor, and sewer)327121119
32512Glazed brick, structural, hollow, and facing tile3271212
3251211Structural clay tile, including load bearing and nonload bearing tile327121211
3251231Ceramic glazed facing tile and ceramic glazed brick327121231
3251251Unglazed and salt glazed facing tile327121251
3251MMiscellaneous receipts327121M
3251SSecondary products327121S
32533253Ceramic wall and floor tile327122
3253PPrimary products327122P
32531Clay floor and wall tile including quarry tile3271221
325311Ceramic mosaic (glazed and unglazed)32712211
325312Quarry tile32712212
325313Glazed wall tile32712213
325314Other tile incl. paver, special purpose, decorative thin wall, etc32712214
3253MMiscellaneous receipts327122M
3253SSecondary products327122S
32553255Clay refractories327124
3255PPrimary products327124P
32551Bricks and shapes3271241
3255111Fireclay (including semisilica) brick and clay except superduty327124111
3255113High alumina inc. high alumina ladle brick, 50% alumina and over327124113
3255115Pouring pit refractories incl. sleeves, nozzles, runners, tuyeres, ladle gate parts & hot top327124115
3255116Insulating firebrick and shapes327124116
3255117Clay kiln furniture, radiant heater elements, potters' supplies & oth. misc shaped items327124117
3255118Bloating and superduty fireclay brick and shapes327124118
32552Unshaped clay refractories3271242
3255211Refractory bonding mortars, wet and dry, less than 50% alumina327124211
3255212High alumina bonding mortars, wet and dry, 50% alumina and over327124212
3255213Plastic refractories and ramming mixes, less than 50% alumina327124213
3255214High alumina plastic refractories and rammimg mixes, 50% alumina and over327124214
3255215Phosphate bonded high alumina plastic and ramming mixes, 50% alumina and over327124215
32553Castable refractories (hydraulic setting)3271243
3255311Castable refractories, less than 50% alumina327124311
3255312High alumina castable refractories327124312
3255313Insulating castables (density up to 105 lbs./cu.ft.) and insulating gunning mixes327124313
3255314Fireclay gunning mixes, less than 50% alumina327124314
3255315High alumina gunning mixes, 50% alumina and over327124315
32554Other clay refractory materials sold in lump or ground form3271244
3255411Clay refractory materials and raw materials, less than 50% alumina327124411
3255412High alumina materials and raw materials, 50% alumina and over327124412
3255MMiscellaneous receipts327124M
3255SSecondary products327124S
32593259Structural clay products, nec327123
3259PPrimary products327123P
32591Vitrified clay sewer pipe and fittings3271231
32592Other structural clay products, nec3271232
3259225Clay roofing tile327123225
3259298Other structural clay products incl terra cotta, drain and flue tile, conduit and adobe327123298
3259MMiscellaneous receipts327123M
3259SSecondary products327123S
32613261Vitreous plumbing fixtures327111
3261PPrimary products327111P
32611Plumbing fixtures
3261111Lavatories, china and earthenware
3261121Water closet bowls
3261131Flush tanks
3261151Other china plumbing fixtures incl drinking fountains, sinks, bidets, etc
32612China and earthenware plumbing fixture accessories and fittings
3261211China and earthenware plumbing fixture accessories and fittings
3261SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts327111SM
3261SSecondary products327111S
3261SSSecondary products
32623262Vitreous china food utensils
3262PPrimary products
32621Vitreous china and porcelain table and kitchen articles
3262SSecondary products
32643264Porcelain electrical supplies327113
3264PPrimary products327113P
32642Porcelain electrical products (except steatite, alumina, ferrite, etc)
326421Wet process porcelain products
3264211Wet process voltage porcelain products shipped as complete insulators
32642113Switch and bus insulators
32642114Other wet voltage porcelain products shipped as complete units
3264212Wet process voltage porcelain products shipped in pieces
326422All dry process electrical porcelain
32643Advanced ceramic materials
326431Steatite electrical products
326432Ferrites (including electronic applications)
3264321Ceramic permanent magnets
3264322Other ferrites, including electronic applications
326433Alumina materials for electronic applications
326434Beryllia, titanate, and other ceramic components, nec
3264SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts327113SM
3264MMiscellaneous receipts327113M
3264SSecondary products327113S
3264SSSecondary products
32683268Pottery products, nec, including earthenware (semivitreous) table and kitchen
3268PPrimary products
32681Art, decorative and novelty pottery
32682Stoneware and earthenware (semivitreous) table and kitchen articles
32683Other pottery products, nec
3268MMiscellaneous receipts
3268MMMiscellaneous receipts
3268SSecondary products
32713271Concrete block and brick327331
3271PPrimary products327331P
32711Concrete block and concrete brick
327111Concrete block: light, medium, and normal (excluding decorative and paving)
3271111Lightweight concrete block less than 105 lbs./cf dry weight
3271115Medium weight concrete block, from 105 lbs. but32733112
3271117Normal weight concrete block, 125 lbs or more/cf dry weight32733113
3271121Decorative block (such as screen block, split block, slump block, shadowal block, etc.)32733114
3271151Concrete brick32733115
3271161Paving blocks32733116
3271SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts327331SM
3271MMiscellaneous receipts327331M
3271XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3271SSecondary products327331S
3271SSSecondary products
32723272Concrete products, except block and brick
3272PPrimary products
32721Concrete pipe
327211Culvert pipe32733211
327212Storm sewer pipe32733212
3272198Other concrete pipe32733213
32722Precast concrete products3273901
3272213Slabs and tile3273901111
3272223Wall panels3273901211
3272234Burial vaults and boxes3273901331
3272281Other precast concrete products3273901481
32723Prestressed concrete products, excluding pipe3273904
3272325Concrete bridge beams3273904111
3272331Solid and hollow cored panels3273904211
3272398Other prestressed concrete products, excluding pipe3273904351
3272SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts327332SM
3272MMiscellaneous receipts327332M
3272MMMiscellaneous receipts
3272SSecondary products327332S
3272SSSecondary products
32733273Ready-mixed concrete327320
3273PPrimary products327320P
3273111Ready-mixed concrete3273201
3273111ANortheast region ready-mixed concrete
3273111BNorth Central region ready-mixed concrete
327311103East North Central ready-mixed concrete
327311104West North Central ready-mixed concrete
3273111CSouthern region ready-mixed concrete
327311105South Atlantic ready-mixed concrete
327311106West South Central ready-mixed concrete
327311107East South Central ready-mixed concrete
3273111DWestern region ready-mixed concrete
327311108Mountain ready-mixed concrete
327311109Pacific ready-mixed concrete
3273SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts327320SM
3273MMiscellaneous receipts327320M
3273XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3273SSecondary products327320S
3273SSSecondary products
3274PPrimary products327410P
3274151Hydrated lime327410151
3274171Dead-burned dolomite327410171
3274SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts327410SM
3274MMiscellaneous receipts327410M
3274SSecondary products327410S
32753275Gypsum products327420
3275PPrimary products327420P
32755Gypsum building materials3274201
32756Other gypsum products3274204
3275SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts327420SM
3275MMiscellaneous receipts327420M
3275SSecondary products327420S
32813281Cut stone and stone products327991
3281PPrimary products327991P
32811Dressed dimension granite, including gneiss, syenite, diorite, and cut granite3279911
3281113Building stone327991113
3281135Monumental stone327991135
3281198Other granite products such as paving blocks and curbing327991198
32812Dressed dimension limestone, including dolomite, travertine, calcareous tufa, and cut limeston3279912
3281213Building stone327991213
3281298Other limestone products, such as flagging327991298
32813Dressed dimension marble and other stone3279913
3281337Building stone, monumental stone, and other marble products327991337
328133713Building stone32799133713
328133715Monumental stone32799133715
328133717Other marble products32799133717
3281398Other stone, such as slate, sandstone, gabbro, basalt, and other dressed stone products327991398
3281MMiscellaneous receipts327991M
3281SSecondary products327991S
32913291Abrasive products327910
3291PPrimary products327910P
32915Nonmetallic sized grains, powders, and flour abrasives3279101
32916Nonmetallic abrasive products (including diamond abrasives)3279104
32917Nonmetallic coated abrasive products, buffing wheels, polishing wheels, and laps3279107
32918Metal abrasives (including scouring pads)
3291SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts327910SM
3291MMiscellaneous receipts327910M
3291SSecondary products327910S
3291SSSecondary products
32953295Minerals and earths ground or treated327992
3295PPrimary products327992P
32951Minerals and earths, ground or treated3279921
3295111Lightweight aggregate, expanded clay, slag, perlite, haydite, pumice and diatomaceous earth
3295131Slag, including crushed and ground
3295181Natural graphite, ground, refined or blended
3295184Clay, including ground crude fire clay, high alumina clay, and silica fire clay
3295185Clays, artificially activated with acid or other materials
3295198Other minerals and earths, ground or treated, incl. feldspar, roof granules and barite
3295MMiscellaneous receipts327992M
3295SSecondary products327992S
3295SSSecondary products
32963296Mineral wool327993
3296PPrimary products327993P
32961Mineral wool for structural insulation3279931
3296111Loose fiber and granulated fiber327993111
3296135Building batts, blankets, and rolls327993135
329613531R-19.0 or over32799313531
329613537R-18.9 or less32799313537
3296198Other mineral wool for structural insulation, including insulating board327993198
32962Mineral wool for industrial, equipment, and appliance insulation3279932
3296235Blankets (flexible) including fabricated pieces, rolls, and batts327993235
3296245Molded insulation (such as special automotive, appliance, and aerospace items)327993245
3296299Other mineral wool for industrial equipment, and appliance insulation327993299
3296MMiscellaneous receipts327993M
3296SSecondary products327993S
32973297Nonclay refractories327125
3297PPrimary products327125P
32971Bricks and shapes3271251
3297111Silica bricks and shapes327125111
3297112Magnesite and magnesite-chrome bricks and shapes327125112
3297114Carbon and graphite crucibles, retorts, stopper heads, and other shapes327125114
3297115Mullite bricks and shapes, made predominantly of fused or synthetic mullite327125115
3297116Extra-high alumina bricks & shapes, made predominantly of fused and synthetic aluminas327125116
3297117Silicon carbide kiln furniture, made predominantly of silicon carbide327125117
3297118Silicon carbide bricks and shapes, made predominantly of silicon carbide, except kiln furnitur327125118
3297119Zircon and zirconia bricks and shapes, made predominantly of either of these materials327125119
3297121All other bricks and shapes, including dolomite, dolomite-magnesite and carbon refrac327125121
32973Castables (hydraulic setting)3271253
32974Plastic refractories & ramming mixes, wet & dry, and castables of nonhydraulic setting type3271254
3297411Basic castables, plastics and ramming mixes (wet and dry types)327125411
3297412Extra-high alumina plastics and ramming mixes, predom. of fused or synthetic aluminas & mullit327125412
3297413Extra-high alumina phosphate bonded plastics & ramming mixes, fused or syn aluminas & mullite327125413
3297414Other nonclay plastic refractories & ramming mixes (forsterite, zircon, etc.)327125414
32975Gunning mixes, basic and other3271255
3297511Gunning mixes, basic and other
32976Other nonclay refractory materials in lump or ground form3271256
3297611Domestic ship. for direct use by customers as finished refractories, and all exported material327125611
3297612All other domestic shipments as refractory raw materials327125612
32977Ceramic refractory fibers3271257
3297SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts327125SM
3297MMiscellaneous receipts327125M
3297SSecondary products327125S
32993299Nonmetallic mineral products, nec
3299PPrimary products
3299093Nonmetallic mineral mica products and statuary art goods(factory produced)
3299094Other nonmetallic mineral products
3299SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts327999SM
3299MMiscellaneous receipts327999M
3299SSecondary products327999S
3299SSSecondary products


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004