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Producer Price Indexes

SIC to NAICS Concordance

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SIC IndustrySIC ProductSIC TitleNAICS Product
37113711Motor vehicles and passenger car bodies336110
3711PPrimary products336110P
37111Passenger cars and chassis3361101
3711111Passenger cars
37113Buses and fire department vehicles
37113BFire department vehicles33612032
37116Trucks, truck tractors and truck chassis: 10,000 lbs. and less3361102
37117Trucks, truck tractors and truck chassis: 10,001 to 19,500 lbs
37118Trucks, truck tractors and truck chassis: 19,501 to 33,000 lbs
371181119,501 to 26,000 lbs
371181226,001 to 33,000 lbs
37119Trucks, truck tractors and truck chassis: 33,001 lbs. or more3361202
3711SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336110SM
3711MMiscellaneous receipts336110M
3711SSecondary products336110S
3711SSSOther secondary products
3713STruck and bus bodies336211S
37133713Truck and bus bodies336211
3713PPrimary products336211P
37131Truck, bus, and other vehicle bodies (sold separately)3362111
3713133Dump truck bodies
3713139Refuse and garbage (packer type)
3713147Van bodies
3713159Other vehicle bodies
37132Complete vehicles produced on purchased chassis3362113
37132AEmergency vehicles
37132DOther complete vehicles
3713SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336211SM
3713MMiscellaneous receipts336211M
3713MMMiscellaneous receipts
3713SSecondary products336211S
3713SSSecondary products
37143714Motor vehicle parts and accessories
3714PPrimary products
3714ARebuilt parts
37142Gasoline engines and gasoline engine parts, new3363121
3714201Gasoline engines, new
3714261Radiators, complete or parts, including thermostats33639974
3714299All other parts and accessories for gasoline engines, new
37144Filters, new3363991
37145Exhaust system parts, new3363993
3714503Catalytic converters
3714504Mufflers and pipes
37146Drive train components, new, except wheels and brakes3363501
371461Transmissions and transmission parts, except auxiliary
3714613Transmission parts33635013
3714614Complete transmissions33635011
3714635Axles and axle parts33635014
3714699Other drivetrain components33635015
37147Motor vehicle wheels, new3363995
37148Brake parts and assemblies, new3363401
371482Drum brake assemblies and parts, including shoes33634012
371483Disc brake assemblies and parts, including linings33634013
371484Other brake parts, including cylinders, actuation units, & valves33634011
37149All other motor vehicle parts and accessories, new
3714901Bumper assemblies, bumpers, and parts33639971
371492Steering and suspension equipment3363301
3714921Steering wheels, columns, & gearboxes33633014
3714925Shock absorbers33633011
3714927Steering idler arms, drag links, and control arms33633013
3714929Other steering and suspension equipment, including ball joints and tie rod ends33633016
3714931Airbag assemblies and parts33639976
3714999All other parts and accessories33639977
3714MMiscellaneous receipts
3714MMMMiscellaneous receipts
3714SSecondary products
3714SSSSecondary products
37153715Truck trailers336212
3715PPrimary products336212P
37151Truck trailers and chassis (10,000 lbs per axle and over)3362121
371511Closed top vans
3715114Drop-frame (12" drop or more), all material types
3715116All other closed-top dry freight vans, all material types
371512Open top vans
37151BTank trailers
3715121Tanks for flammable liquids (except casing head transport)
3715124All other tank trailers, including non-coated for chemicals and acids
37151CDetachable trailers, dollies and converter gear
37151DComplete trailer units (10,000 lbs. per axle and over), except vans and tanks
3715141Low-bed heavy haulers
37151411Low bed heavy haulers, less than 40 ton capacity
37151412Low bed heavy haulers, 40 ton or more capacity
3715142Bulk commodity and dry materials, including pneumatic and mechanical discharge
3715143Dump trailers and chassis, highway type
3715146Platform trailers
3715149Other trailer units, except detachable
37152Truck trailers and chassis, under 10,000 lbs. per axle3362123
371522Other truck trailers, under 10,000 lbs per axle
3715SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336212SM
3715MMiscellaneous receipts336212M
3715SSecondary products336212S
3713STruck and bus bodies, sold separately336211S
3714SMotor vehicle parts and accessories
3715SSSOther secondary products
37163716Motor homes built on purchased chassis336213
3716PPrimary products336213P
3716101Conventional (type A)336213101
3716102Other motor homes336213102
3716SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336213SM
3716MMiscellaneous receipts336213M
3716SSecondary products336213S
3716SSSecondary products
3721PPrimary products336411P
37211Complete military aircraft (U.S. and any other aircraft built to military specifications)
37215Complete civilian aircraft3364113
372151Fixed wing powered (single and multiengine)
37215124,405 lbs. (2,000 kg.) unladen weight or less
3721513Unladen weight exceeding 4,405 lbs (2,000 kg.)
372153Rotary wing (helicopters, autogiros)
37215324,405 lbs. (2,000 kg.) unladen weight or less
37217Modifications, conversions, and overhaul of previously accepted aircraft3364115
3721711For military customers
3721721For civilian customers
37218Aeronautical services on complete aircraft3364117
372182On civilian aircraft
3721822All other aeronautical services
3721SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336411SM
3721MMiscellaneous receipts336411M
3721SSecondary products336411S
3721SSSOther secondary products
3728SAircraft equipment, not elsewhere classified336413S
37243724Aircraft engines and engine parts336412
3724PPrimary products336412P
37241Aircraft engines for military aircraft3364121
3724112Aircraft engines for military aircraft
37242Aircraft engines for civilian aircraft3364123
3724211Reciprocating, turbojet, and turbofan aircraft engines
3724213Turboshaft (turboprop) and other engines excluding missile & space engines
37243Aeronautical services on aircraft engines3364125
372433All other aeronautical services on aircraft engines
3724333All other aeronautical services on aircraft engines for civilian aircraft
37244Aircraft engine parts and accessories3364127
372441Aircraft engines parts/accessories for military aircraft engines
3724411For reciprocation or rotary internal combustion engines
3724412For all other aircraft engines
372442Aircraft engines parts/accessories for civilian aircraft engines
3724421For reciprocating or rotary internal combustion engines
3724422For all other aircraft engines
3724SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336412SM
3724MMiscellaneous receipts336412M
3724SSecondary products336412S
3511STurbines and turbine generator sets333611S
3724SSSOther secondary products
37283728Aircraft parts and equipment, nec336413
3728PPrimary products336413P
37282Aircraft parts, excluding propellers, rotors, and fluid power subassemblies3364132
37283Receipts from research and development on aircraft parts3364133
37284Aircraft hydraulic and pneumatic subassemblies3364134
37286Aircraft propellers and helicopter rotors3364136
3728SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336413SM
3728MMiscellaneous receipts336413M
3728SSecondary products336413S
3728SSSSecondary products
37313731Ship building and repairing336611
3731PPrimary products336611P
37311Nonpropelled ships, new, U.S. military and nonmilitary3366111
3731111Hopper barges336611111
3731112Tank barges336611112
3731113Covered cargo barges336611113
3731114Deck barges336611114
3731116Floating docks336611116
3731117Drilling/production platforms336611117
3731119Other nonpropelled ships, new, U.S. military and nonmilitary336611119
37312Self-propelled ships, new, U.S. military3366112
3731211Self-propelled ships, new, U.S. military336611211
37313Self-propelled ships, new, nonmilitary3366113
3731315Passenger ships, including yachts 65ft.or more in length requiring a profession336611315
3731317Ferry ships336611317
3731321Dry cargo ships, container ships, and trailer ships (roll on/roll off)336611321
3731331Commercial fishing vessels336611331
3731333Offshore supply and survey vessels336611333
3731334Tugboats and towboats336611334
3731339Other self-propelled nonmilitary ships336611339
37314Ship repair, conversion, reconversion, U.S. military3366114
3731411Conversions and reconversions336611411
3731413All other repairs336611413
37316Ship repair, conversion, reconversion, nonmilitary3366116
3731611Conversions and reconversions336611611
3731621All other repairs336611621
3731SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336611SM
3731MMiscellaneous receipts336611M
3731SSecondary products336611S
3441SFabricated structural metal332312S
3731SSSOther secondary products
3732SBoat building and repairing336612S
37323732Boat building and repairing336612
3732PPrimary products336612P
37322Outboard motorboats3366121
373224Wood and metal
3732246Other outboard motorboats including bass, houseboats, center consoles, etc
373225Plastics (reinforced), fiberglass
3732253Cabin cruisers
3732256Other outboard motorboats
37323Inboard motorboats3366123
373232101Less than 26 ft. LOA
3732322Cabin cruisers
373232201Less than 26 ft. LOA
37323220226 ft. to less than 40 ft. LOA
37323220340 ft. to less than 65 ft. LOA
37323220465 ft. and over (Prof. crew not req
3732324Other inboard motorboats
37324Inboard-outdrive motorboats3366125
3732441Cabin cruisers
3732451Other inboard-outdrive motorboats
37327All other boats3366127
373271Sailboats, with or without auxiliary power
37327110213.13 ft. to 21.33 ft. LOA
37327110321.24 ft. to 29.52 ft. LOA
37327110429.53 ft. to 39.03 ft. LOA
373272Other boats
3732723All other boats, nec
37328Boat repair, military and non-military
3732821Repair of non-military boats
3732SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336612SM
3732MMiscellaneous receipts336612M
3732XY9Contract work and miscellaneous receipts
3732SSecondary products336612S
3731SShip building and repairing336611S
3732SSSAll other secondary products
3799SMiscellaneous transportation equipment, nec
37433743Railroad equipment336510
3743PPrimary products336510P
37431Locomotives and locomotive parts3365101
37432Passenger and freight train cars, new (excl. parts)3365102
37433Street, subway, trolley, and rapid transit cars, all rebuilt cars, and all parts3365103
374335Street, subway, trolley, and rapid transit cars, new and rebuilt33651035
374337Parts and accessories for railroad and street cars33651037
3743371Air brake and other brake equipment336510371
3743379All other railroad and streetcar parts and accessories, incl. truck assemblies336510379
3743SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336510SM
3743MMiscellaneous receipts336510M
3743SSecondary products336510S
3743SSSSecondary products
37513751Motorcycles, bicycles, and parts336991
3751PPrimary products336991P
37511Bicycles, adult tricycles, unicycles & parts (excl. chldrns 2-whl sdwlk cycls w/semi-pneu trs)3369911
3751121Bicycles, complete336991121
3751171Parts for bicycles, including frame sets and motorbike parts interchangeable with bicycle part336991171
37512Motorcycles, motorbikes, mopeds, motorscooters, trail vehicles and parts3369912
3751213Motorcycles,(excl. sidecars), mopeds, motorscooters, and trail vehicles336991213
3751253Parts, including sidecars, but excluding motorbike parts interchangeable with bicycle parts336991253
3751SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336991SM
3751MMiscellaneous receipts336991M
3751SSecondary products336991S
3751SSSecondary products
37923792Travel trailers and campers
3792PPrimary products
37921Travel trailers (with rigid structures)3362141
379211Conventional travel trailers33621411
3792116Less than 25 feet in length
379211725 feet or more in length, including park models
379212Fifth wheel travel trailers33621412
3792125Less than 30 feet in length336214125
379212830 feet or more in length336214128
37922Camping trailers, campers, pickup covers and parts3362145
3792241Camping trailers, campers, and pick-up covers33621451
3792259Parts and components, excluding appliances and furnishings33621453
3792SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336214SM
3792MMiscellaneous receipts336214M
3792XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
3792SSecondary products336214S
3716SMotorhomes built on purchased chassis336213S
3792SSSOther secondary products
37993799Transportation equipment, nec
3799PPrimary products
37993Golf carts and industrial in-plant personnel carriers, self propelled, and parts3369991
37996Automobile and light truck trailers3362143
3799601Automobile and light truck horse trailers, excl. those pulled by truck tractors33621431
3799602Boat trailers33621432
3799611Other automobile and light truck trailers, incl. mobile equip. for general utili33621433
37999Transportation equipment, nec, including all-terrain vehicles3369993
3799902Parts for transportation equip., nec, incl. trailer hitches
3799906Other misc. transp. equip., incl snowmobiles, wheelbarrows and ATVs
3799MMiscellaneous receipts
3799SSecondary products
3799SSSecondary products


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004