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Producer Price Indexes

Producer Price Index for the Television Broadcast Industry — NAICS 515120

As part of an ongoing effort by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to expand Producer Price Index (PPI) coverage of the services sector of the U.S. economy, a new price index for the television broadcasting industry was introduced into the PPI in July 2002, with historical data dating to June 2001. The PPI for television broadcasting, NAICS 515120 in the North American Industry Classification System, appears in the PPI Detailed Report and is available online through this website.

The index for the television broadcasting industry measures changes in the rates that local television stations, national television networks, and national television syndicators charge for advertising time. Price changes for network affiliation agreements and syndicated program sales also are measured.

The categories for which indexes are available include:

The preferred method for tracking price change for advertising sales is an average unit rate. This rate is calculated by dividing the total revenue earned from advertising sales for a specific period by the number of spots that aired during the period.

For network affiliation agreements, television networks pay a fee to their affiliated stations for agreeing to air network programming and nationally sold commercials. The index for network television affiliate services tracks the changes in these fees.

In addition to the sale of advertising time, national syndicators may sell local television stations a license to air their programming. Prices for these services are included in the index for network television and national syndication services. This index also includes network advertising sales.


Last Modified Date: July 12, 2018