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Producer Price Indexes

PPI Introduces Detailed Indexes for Defense and Non-defense Government Purchases

With the release of Producer Price Index (PPI) data for June 2022 on July 14, 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics will introduce two PPI special grouping indexes to the Final Demand portion of the Final Demand-Intermediate Demand (FD-ID) aggregation system. Under the Government Purchases section of Final demand, PPI is introducing sub-indexes that reflect changes in prices for defense-related and non-defense-related government purchases. Historical data for the new indexes will go back to 2015. The official index codes and titles for the new indexes are provided below.   

  • FD49405 – Government purchases, defense

  • FD49406 – Government purchases, non-defense

These indexes, constructed at the request of the U.S. Department of Defense, are calculated using weight data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Input/Output (I/O) Accounts. The BEA I/O data provide detailed commodity use information for the Government purchases sector. Allocations based on the detailed I/O data are being applied to the weights of the existing PPI Government purchases index to calculate detailed weights for the new sub-indexes.

Data for the two new indexes will appear under the Special Groupings heading of the Final Demand section of tables 1 and 3 of the PPI News Release, and in tables 1, 3, 4, and 5 of the PPI Detailed Report. Examples of the modified table structures for News Release tables 1 and 3 are available through the links provided below.

PPI Table 1 – (pdf) (xlsx)

PPI Table 3 – (pdf) (xlsx)


For further information, contact the PPI Section of Index Analysis and Public Information at: (202) 691-7705 or

Last Modified Date: June 15, 2022