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Producer Price Indexes

Rebasing of Selected Producer Price Indexes

Effective with the release of data for July 2023, the Bureau of Labor Statistics rebased 6 Producer Price Index (PPI) commodity-based and 9 PPI industry-based price indexes to February 2023=100. These indexes are typically found in table 9 or table 11 of the PPI Detailed Report. To be considered for rebasing, an index must have dropped below a level of 25.0 with little chance of rising to previous levels, or the index must be part of an aggregation where the structure was rebased.

Rebasing is beneficial when indexes decline to a level such that relatively sizable month-to-month price changes are not reflected in the index in a timely fashion. In general, the index base for the PPI program remains 1982=100, or for indexes introduced after that time, the date of index introduction. Only the indexes listed below are affected by this change.

For further information, contact the Section of Index Analysis and Public Information at or (202) 691-7705.

PPI Commodity Indexes Rebased

115 – Electronic computers and computer equipment

1151 – Electronic computers

115101 – Electronic computers

11510114 – Personal computers and workstations (excluding portable computers)

11510115 – Portable computers, laptops, tablets, and other single user computers

11510116 – Host computers, multiusers (mainframes, UNIX, and PC servers)


PPI Industry Indexes Rebased

334111 – Electronic computer manufacturing

334111-P – Primary products

334111-5 – Host computers, multiusers (mainframes, medium-scale systems, UNIX, and PC servers)

334111-7 – Single user computers, microprocessor based, general purpose

334111-72 – Portable computers, laptops, tablets, and other single use computers

334111-73 – Personal computers and workstations (excluding portable computers)

334111-M – Miscellaneous receipts

334111-S – Secondary products

334111-SS – Secondary products


Last Modified Date: August 11, 2023