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BLS Regional Campus Ambassadors Program

The Western Regional Office of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is launching a Campus Ambassadors program, and we are interested in partnering with local schools to make it a success! Simply put, we want to expose our agency to students of Economics and Statistics who might, upon graduation, consider us in their career plans. We collect, analyze and disseminate essential economic information, about the labor market and prices - the very information students are studying.

The BLS Campus Ambassadors program will work to:

  • Foster a relationship between BLS and your school
  • Raise student awareness of BLS programs and data
  • Provide presentations and resources on how BLS measures the US economy
  • Share insights into the life of a BLS economist
  • Provide additional contacts to your career services and department heads on nationwide job opportunities for students

If you think your school would benefit by having us available to provide presentations and resources on BLS programs and products in classroom settings or by video, please let us know by contacting