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U.s. Business Response Survey Frequently Asked Questions

Report your data online at:


What is the U.S. Business Response Survey to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The U.S. Business Response Survey is a new survey designed specifically to capture how U.S. businesses have responded to the coronavirus pandemic by identifying changes to business operations, employment, and workforce flexibilities and benefits that occurred since January 1, 2020 specifically due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Will my responses to the survey be kept confidential?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, its employees, agents, and partner statistical agencies, will use the information you provide for statistical purposes only and will hold the information in confidence to the full extent permitted by law. In accordance with the Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act of 2002 (Title 5 of Public Law 107-347) and other applicable Federal laws, your responses will not be disclosed in identifiable form without your informed consent. Per the Federal Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2015, Federal information systems are protected from malicious activities through cybersecurity screening of transmitted data.

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I received an email asking me to report online. How did you get my email address and is this a legitimate request from the BLS?

In an effort to reduce costs, an email prompt was sent to you because you have reported for the Annual Refiling Survey online in the past, or because your email address is on file for the company with the state's Unemployment Insurance program. Contacting respondents via email reduces both printing and mailing costs and accelerates collection of this important information.

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I am past the 14-day response period. Should I still respond online?

Yes, we still need to hear from you. We understand the difficulties businesses are having at this time and our online system remains open for collection after the 14-day response window. We appreciate the time you take to provide this critical information.

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My business is closed. Do I still need to respond?

Yes, we still need to hear from you. Log on to our secure website to report that your business is closed.

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I am being asked to report information for a client I no longer have.

You have received an email or letter because you reported for this company in the past. If you are no longer the current contact for this business, please disregard this request. If you receive additional requests for this information you can disregard these as well.

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Questions Concerning Online Reporting. What should I do if:

I can't find my Survey Notice or Password email?

If you do not see the Survey notice or PASSWORD emails, please check your email system's SPAM folder as one or both may have been caught up in a SPAM filter.

To reset your password online, please go to and click on Forgot Password. An email with instructions for resetting your password online will be sent to the email address we have on file.

To have your Survey Notice email resent, please send a request to and include your password so that we can identify your account.

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My Web ID and password aren't working.

Your Web ID is a 12-digit number, and your 8-character password is case-sensitive beginning with a capital letter, followed by a lower-case letter, followed by six numbers. If you are copying your Web ID and password from the emails you received and pasting them into the Web ID and password fields on our secure website, please be sure not to include any trailing blanks. If you have entered your Web ID and password into our secure website unsuccessfully more than three times, the website will temporarily lock your account for security purposes. If this happens, close your internet browser to refresh the system, wait approximately 30 minutes for the account to unlock, reopen your browser, and attempt to log in again.

If you still cannot login with your credentials, please contact our Helpdesk.

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I submitted my information online, but I need to change some of my answers to the survey?

Please contact our Helpdesk if you need to update information that you have submitted online.

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