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Current Population Survey (CPS) Respondents
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What to Expect as a CPS Participant

When your household is selected to participate in the Current Population Survey (CPS) you will receive a letter from the U.S. Census Bureau's Regional Director for the region in the U.S. in which you live. The letter explains the purpose of the survey and the importance the government places on keeping all your personal information confidential.

You will be interviewed at your home or over the telephone by a Census Bureau employee. (See more information from the Census Bureau about this visit or call.) Although you will receive a letter about your participation, the survey is not conducted by mail, e-mail, or online.

You will be interviewed for four consecutive months now and again for the same four months a year from now. Multiple interviews with this type of schedule ensure high-quality statistics while reducing the burden on participants.

The average interview takes 10-15 minutes depending on the number of adults in your household and the types of questions asked.


Last Modified Date: September 23, 2011