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Mass Layoff Statistics (MLS) Respondents
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Respondent Burden and Confidentiality Statement

Respondent Burden Statement

We estimate that it will take an average of 10 minutes per respondent to complete this survey. Persons are not required to respond to the collection of information unless it displays a currently valid OMB control number. The current Office of Management and Budget control number for this survey is OMB No. 1220-0090, which expires February 28, 2015. If you have any comments regarding this estimate or any other aspect of the survey, including suggestions for reducing the time needed to respond, send them to the:

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Local Area Unemployment Statistics
2 Massachusetts Ave., N.E., Room 4675 (1220-0090)
Washington, D.C. 20212

Confidentiality Statement

This survey is authorized by Section 309 of PL 105-220, the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Your voluntary cooperation is needed to make the results of the survey accurate, comprehensive, and timely.

This survey is conducted in cooperation with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics will use the information you provide for statistical purposes only and will hold the information in confidence to the full extent permitted by law. The participating States will use the information for statistical and Workforce Investment Act purposes.