Creating Your IPP Web Account

Thank you for participating in the International Price Program (IPP). You will be providing data online using the BLS Internet Data Collection Facility. This handout is intended to assist you in setting up your account.

Follow these steps:

1. You will receive two emails from, one containing a temporary account number and another containing a temporary password. A link to the BLS Internet Data Collection Facility website is included in each email.

2. The temporary account number serves as your initial User ID. Use the temporary account number and temporary password from the emails to log in for the first time. Click I Accept Button.

Internet Data Collection Facility Logon Screen

3. Enter and confirm your email address. Click Continue Button.

Email Address Screen

4. Verify your contact information. Click Continue Button.

Contact Information Screen

5. Create a permanent password that meets the displayed criteria and choose a security question. Click Continue Button.

Create a Permanent Password Screen

6. Your permanent account number will be displayed. This account number will be included in all future data requests. For subsequent login attempts, you may use this account number or your email address in the User ID field. Click Continue Button to begin reporting your data.


If you have any problems setting up your account, reply to the emails or click the Help Request Icon link at the bottom of any screen.


Last Modified Date: October 12, 2012