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Import/Export Price Indexes (MXP) Survey Respondents
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Thank you for agreeing to provide price information for the U.S. Import and Export Price Indexes, one of the nation's principal federal economic indicators. Once a BLS representative has selected items for pricing and established a pricing schedule, you will start to receive notifications to provide prices. You may also receive periodic email reminders to provide these data. If you opted to provide prices using our secure site https://idcf.bls.gov, you must first set up a web account. Brochures and video tutorials are available (below) to guide you through creating a web account and to assist you in providing price information.

If you need assistance logging into your web account or providing prices online, please contact the IPP.HelpDesk@bls.gov.

If you need assistance providing prices using a nonweb method, please contact the IPP.HelpDesk@bls.gov

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If you respond to other BLS programs


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Last Modified Date: November 29, 2019