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Standard Occupational Classification

Docket Number 08‐0646 : Response to Comments on 2010 SOC : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

(part A) Docket No. 08-0646 requested changing the title of major group 21-0000 to "Community, Social, and Human Service Occupations." The SOCPC did not accept this recommendation because the titles included in the major group do not use the term "Human Service" often enough to justify including the term in the major group title.

(part B) Docket No. 08-0646 requested adding a new detailed occupation for "Human Service Practitioners." The SOCPC did not accept this recommendation based on Classification Principle 2 which states that occupations are classified based on work performed. Human Services Practitioners do not perform work that can be sufficiently distinguished from work performed in other Community and Social Service occupations. (See also Docket No. 08-1155).

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Last Modified Date: March 12, 2009