Response to Comment on 2010 SOC:
Docket Number 08-0898

Docket No. 08-0898 requested three new detailed occupations for optics-related workers: "Optical Engineers," "Optical and Electro-optical Technicians," and "Optical Scientists." The SOCPC did not accept these recommendations, based on Classification Principle 9 on collectability. The SOCPC recognized Optical Engineers as an emerging occupation, but decided it is not yet feasible for occupational employment surveys to reliably collect data on this occupation. "Optical Engineer" should remain an illustrative example for 17-2199 Engineers, All Other. The next SOC revision should re-evaluate collectability of data on new detailed occupations for Optical Engineers and Optical and Electro-optical Technicians. The SOCPC agreed that "Optical Scientists" represent a specialty within 19-2012 Physicists, but raised concerns regarding current and future collectability.

The Occupational Information Network (O*NET) Data Collection Program, supported by the Employment and Training Administration, is able to collect descriptive information on occupations that may not meet Classification Principle 9 and identifies these occupations as breakouts within the SOC structure. This occupation, or a similar title, is one that has been identified for collection as an O*NET New and Emerging Occupation. For more information on O*NET, please visit

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Last Modified Date: June 22, 2009