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Data Retrieval: Labor Force Statistics (CPS)
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To see the last 10 years of data, select one or more series from the table below, then scroll down to click the "Retrieve data" button.

You can choose other years, reformat your returned information, or create differences using the "More formatting options" link that will be shown with the retrieved information.

(Note: Annual average information is stored only with the "Not seasonally adjusted" series. Be sure to check the box at the top of the output page to include annual averages with the retrieved information.)

Household Data

Table A-16. Persons not in the labor force and multiple jobholders by sex, not seasonally adjusted
[Numbers in thousands]

Category Total Men Women

Total not in the labor force

Persons who currently want a job

Marginally attached to the labor force(1)

Discouraged workers(2)

Other persons marginally attached to the labor force(3)


Total multiple jobholders(4)

Percent of total employed

Primary job full time, secondary job part time

Primary and secondary jobs both part time

Primary and secondary jobs both full time

Hours vary on primary or secondary job

(1) Data refer to people who want a job, have searched for work during the prior 12 months, and were available to take a job during the reference week, but had not looked for work in the past 4 weeks.
(2) Includes those who did not actively look for work in the prior 4 weeks for reasons such as thinks no work available, could not find work, lacks schooling or training, employer thinks too young or old, and other types of discrimination.
(3) Includes those who did not actively look for work in the prior 4 weeks for such reasons as school or family responsibilities, ill health, and transportation problems, as well as a number for whom reason for nonparticipation was not determined.
(4) Includes a small number of people who work part time on their primary job and full time on their secondary job(s), not shown separately.

SOURCE: Current Population Survey


Last Modified Date: February 19, 2020