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Consumer Price Index

Announcement to users of CPI Data

                                         New    Old
                                         Code    Code  
All Items                                SA0       SA0
Major Group: Food And Beverages          SAF       SA1
Food                                     SAF1      SA1
Food At Home                             SAF11     SA111
Cereals And Bakery Products              SAF111    SA1111
Cereals And Cereal Products              SEFA      SE01
   Flour And Prepared Flour Mixes        SEFA01    SE0101
   Breakfast Cereal                      SEFA02    SE0102
   Rice, Pasta, Cornmeal                 SEFA03    SE0103
     Rice                                SS01031   New
Bakery Products                          SEFB      SE02
   Bread                                 SEFB01    New
     White Bread                         SS02011   SE0201 
     Bread Other Than White              SS02021   SS02021
   Fresh Biscuits, Rolls, Muffins        SEFB02    New
   Cakes, Cupcakes, And Cookies          SEFB03    SE0204
     Fresh Cakes And Cupcakes            SS02041   SS02041
     Cookies                             SS02042   SS02042
   Other Bakery Products                 SEFB04    SE0206
     Fresh Sweetrolls, Coffecakes, 
                          Doughnuts      SS02063   SS02063
     Crackers, Bread, And Cracker 
                           Products      SS0206A   SS0206A
     Frozen And Refrig Bakery Products, 
           Pies, Tarts, & Turnovers      SS0206B   SS0206B
Meats, Poultry, Fish, And Eggs           SAF112    SA1112
Meats, Poultry, And Fish                 SAF1121   SA11121
Meats                                    SAF11211  SA111211
Beef And Veal                            SEFC      SE03
   Uncooked Ground Beef                  SEFC01    SE0301
   Uncooked Beef Roasts                  SEFC02    New
   Uncooked Beef Steaks                  SEFC03    New
   Uncooked Other Beef And Veal          SEFC04    New
Pork                                     SEFD      SE04
   Bacon, Breakfast Sausage, And 
                 Related Products        SEFD01    New
     Bacon And Related Products          SS04011   New
     Breakfast Sausage And Related 
                             Products    SS04012   New 
Ham                                      SEFD02    SE0403
   Pork Chops                            SEFD03    SE0402
   Other Pork Including Roasts And 
                              Picnics    SEFD04    New
     Ham, Excluding Canned               SS04031   SS04031
Other Meats                              SEFE     SE05
     Frankfurters                        SS05011   SS05011
     Lunchmeats                          SS0501A   New
     Lamb And Organ Meats                SS05014   SS05014
     Lamb And Mutton                     SS05015   New
Poultry                                  SEFF      SE06
   Chicken                               SEFF01    New
     Fresh Whole Chicken                 SS06011   SE0601
     Fresh And Frozen Chicken Parts      SS06021   SE0602
   Other Poultry Including Turkey        SEFF02    New
Fish And Seafood                         SEFG      SE07
   Fresh Fish And Seafood                SEFG01    New
   Processed Fish And Seafood            SEFG02    New
     Canned Fish And Seafood             SS07011   SE0701
     Frozen Fish And Seafood             SS07021   SE0702
Eggs                                     SEFH      SE08
Dairy And Related Products               SEFJ      SA1113
   Milk                                  SEFJ01    New
     Fresh Whole Milk                    SS09011   SE0901
     Fresh Milk Other Than Whole         SS09021   New
   Cheese And Related Products           SEFJ02    SE1002
   Ice Cream And Related Products        SEFJ03    SE1004
   Other Dairy And Related Products      SEFJ04    New
Fruits And Vegetables                    SAF113    SA1114
Fresh Fruits And Vegetables              SAF1131   SA11141
Fresh Fruits                             SEFK      SE11
   Apples                                SEFK01    SE1101
   Bananas                               SEFK02    SE1102
   Citrus Fruits                         SEFK03    New
     Oranges, Including Tangerines       SS11031   SE1103
   Other Fresh Fruits                    SEFK04    New
Fresh Vegetables                         SEFL      SE12
   Potatoes                              SEFL01    SE1201
   Lettuce                               SEFL02    SE1202
   Tomatoes                              SEFL03    SE1203
   Other Fresh Vegetables                SEFL04    SE1204
Processed Fruits And Vegetables          SEFM      New
   Canned Fruits And Vegetables          SEFM01    New
     Canned Fruits                       SS13031   New
     Canned Vegetables                   SS14021   New
   Frozen Fruits And Vegetables          SEFM02    New
     Frozen Vegetables                   SS14011   SE1401
   Other Processed Fruits And 
           Vegetables Incl Dried         SEFM03    New
     Dried Beans, Peas, And Lentils      SS14022   New
Nonalcoholic Beverages And Beverage 
                           Materials     SAF114    SE17
Juices And Nonalcoholic Drinks           SEFN      New
   Carbonated Drinks                     SEFN01    SE1701
   Frozen Noncarbonated Juices And 
                          Drinks         SEFN02    New
   Nonfrozen Noncarbonated Juices And 
                             Drinks      SEFN03    New
Beverage Materials Including Coffee And 
                               Tea       SEFP      New
   Coffee                                SEFP01    SE1703
     Roasted Coffee                      SS17031   SS17031
     Instant And Freeze Dried Coffee     SS17032   SS17032
   Other Beverage Materials Including 
                                Tea      SEFP02    New
Other Food At Home                       SAF115    SA1115
Sugar And Sweets                         SEFR      SE15
   Sugar And Artificial Sweeteners       SEFR01    SE1502
   Candy And Chewing Gum                 SEFR02    New
   Other Sweets                          SEFR03    New
Fats And Oils                            SEFS      SE16
   Butter And Margarine                  SEFS01    New
     Butter                              SS10011   SS10011
     Margarine                           SS16011   SS16011
   Salad Dressings                       SEFS02    New
   Other Fats And Oils Including 
                        Peanut Butter    SEFS03    New
     Peanut Butter                       SS16014   New
Other Foods                              SEFT      SE18
   Soups                                 SEFT01    SE1801
   Frozen And Freeze Dried Prepared 
                              Foods      SEFT02    SE1802
   Snacks                                SEFT03    SE1803
   Spices, Seasonings, Condiments, 
                             Sauces      SEFT04    SE1804
     Salt And Other Seasonings And 
                             Spices      SS18041   New
     Olives, Pickles, Relishes           SS18042   New
     Sauces And Gravies                  SS18043   New
     Other Condiments                    SS1804B   SS1804B
   Baby Food                             SEFT05    New
   Other Miscellaneous Foods             SEFT06    New
     Prepared Salads                     SS18064   New
Food Away From Home                      SEFV      SE19
   Full Service Meals And Snacks         SEFV01    New
   Limited Service Meals And Snacks      SEFV02    New
   Food At Employee Sites And Schools    SEFV03    New
   Food From Vending Machines And 
                       Mobile Vendors    SEFV04    New
   Other Food Away From Home             SEFV05    New
Alcoholic Beverages                      SAF116    SE20
Alcoholic Beverages At Home              SEFW      SE200A
   Beer, Ale, And Other Malt Beverages 
                           At Home       SEFW01    SE2001
   Distilled Spirits At Home             SEFW02    SE2002
   Wine At Home                          SEFW03    SE2003
     Whiskey At Home                     SS20021   SS20021
     Distilled Spirits, Excluding 
                  Whiskey, At Home       SS20022   SS20022
Alcoholic Beverages Away From Home       SEFX      SE2005
     Beer, Ale, And Other Malt Beverages 
                  Away From Home         SS20051    New
     Wine Away From Home                 SS20052    New
     Distilled Spirits Away From Home    SS20053    New
Major Group: Housing                     SAH        SA2
Shelter                                  SAH1       SA21
Rent Of Primary Residence                SEHA       SE2101
Lodging Away From Home                   SEHB       New
   Housing At School, Excluding Board    SEHB01     SE2103
   Other Lodging Away From Home 
         Including Hotels And Motels     SEHB02     SE2102
Owners' Equivalent Rent Of Primary 
          Residence                      SEHC       SE2201
Tenants'  And Household Insurance        SEHD       New
Fuels And Utilities                      SAH2       SA22
Fuels                                    SAH21      SA221
Fuel Oil And Other Fuels                 SEHE       SE25
   Fuel Oil                              SEHE01     SE2501
   Other Household Fuels                 SEHE02     SE2502
Gas (Piped) And Electricity              SEHF       SE26
   Electricity                           SEHF01     SE2601
   Utility Natural Gas Service           SEHF02     SE2602
Water And Sewer And Trash Collection 
                 Services                SEHG       New
   Water And Sewerage Maintenance        SEHG01     SE2702
   Garbage And Trash Collection          SEHG02     SE2704
Household Furnishings And Operations     SAH3       SA23
Window And Floor Coverings And Other 
                     Linens              SEHH       New
   Floor Coverings                       SEHH01     New
   Window Coverings                      SEHH02     New
   Other Linens                          SEHH03     New
Furniture And Bedding                    SEHJ       SE29
   Bedroom Furniture                     SEHJ01     SE2901
   Living Room, Kitchen, And Dining 
                   Room Furniture        SEHJ02     New
   Other Furniture                       SEHJ03     New
Appliances                               SEHK       New
   Major Appliances                      SEHK01     New
     Laundry Equipment                   SS30021    SE3002
   Other Appliances                      SEHK02     New
Other Household Equipment And 
                        Furnishings      SEHL       New
   Clocks, Lamps, And Decorator Items    SEHL01     SE3202
   Indoor Plants And Flowers             SEHL02     SE3206
   Dishes And Flatware                   SEHL03     New
   Nonelectric Cookware And Tableware    SEHL04     New
Tools, Hardware, And Outdoor Equipment 
                        And Supplies     SEHM       New
   Tools, Hardware And Supplies          SEHM01     New
   Outdoor Equipment And Supplies        SEHM02     New
Housekeeping Supplies                    SEHN       SE33
   Household Cleaning Products           SEHN01     New
   Household Paper Products              SEHN02     New
   Miscellaneous Household Products      SEHN03     New
Household Operations                     SEHP       New
   Domestic Services                     SEHP01     New
   Gardening And Lawn Care Services      SEHP02     New
   Moving, Storage, Freight Expense      SEHP03     New
   Repair Of Household Items             SEHP04     New
Major Group: Apparel                     SAA        SA3
Men's And Boys' Apparel                  SAA1        SA3111
 Men's Apparel                           SEAA        SE36
   Men's Suits, Sport Coats, And 
                       Outerwear         SEAA01      SE3601
   Men's Furnishings                     SEAA02      SE3603
   Men's Shirts And Sweaters             SEAA03      New
   Men's Pants And Shorts                SEAA04      SE3605
 Boy's Apparel                           SEAB        SE37
Women's And Girls' Apparel               SAA2        SA3112
 Women's Apparel                         SEAC        SE38
   Women's Outerwear                     SEAC01      SE3801
   Women's Dresses                       SEAC02      SE3802
   Women's Suits And Separates           SEAC03      New
   Women's Underwear, Nightwear, 
       Sportswear And Accessories        SEAC04      New
 Girls' Apparel                          SEAD        SE39
  Footwear                               SEAE        SE40
   Men's Footwear                        SEAE01      SE4001
   Boys' And Girls' Footwear             SEAE02      SE4002
   Women's Footwear                      SEAE03      SE4003
Infants' And Toddlers' Apparel           SEAF        SE41
Jewelry And Watches                      SEAG        SE43
   Watches                               SEAG01      SE4301
   Jewelry                               SEAG02      SE4302
Major Group: Transportation              SAT          SA4
Private Transportation                   SAT1         SA41
New And Used Motor Vehicles              SETA         New
   New Vehicles                          SETA01       SE45
     New Cars And Trucks                 SS4501A      New
     New Cars                            SS45011      SE4501
     New Trucks                          SS45021      SE4502
     New Motorcycles                     SS45031      SE4503
   Used Cars And Trucks                  SETA02       SE46
 Car And Truck Rental                    SETA04       New
Motor Fuel                               SETB         SE4701
   Gasoline (All Types)                  SETB01       SS4701A
     Gasoline, Unleaded Regular          SS47014      SS47014
     Gasoline, Unleaded Midgrade         SS47015      SS47015
     Gasoline, Unleaded Premium          SS47016      SS47016
   Other Motor Fuels                     SETB02       New
Motor Vehicle Parts And Equipment        SETC         SE48
   Tires                                 SETC01       SE4801
   Vehicle Accessories Other Than Tires  SETC02       New
     Vehicle Parts And Equipment 
                Other Than Tires         SS48021      SE4802
     Motor Oil, Coolant, And Fluids      SS47021      SE4702
Motor Vehicle Maintenance And Repair     SETD         SE49
   Motor Vehicle Body Work               SETD01       SE4901
   Motor Vehicle Maintenance And 
                      Servicing          SETD02       SE4903
   Motor Vehicle Repair                  SETD03       New
Motor Vehicle Insurance                  SETE         SE50
Motor Vehicle Fees                       SETF         New
   State And Local Registration 
                    And License          SETF01       New
   Parking And Other Fees                SETF03       New
     Parking Fees And Tolls              SS52051      New
     Automobile Service Clubs            SS62011      New
Public Transportation                    SETG         SE53
   Airline Fare                          SETG01       SE5301
   Other Intercity Transportation        SETG02       SE5302
     Ship Fare                           SS53023      New
   Intracity Transportation              SETG03       SE5303
Major Group: Medical Care                SAM          SA5
Medical Care Commodities                 SAM1         SA51
Prescription Drugs And Medical 
                 Supplies                SEMA         SE54
Nonprescription Drugs And Medical 
                   Supplies              SEMB         SE55
   Internal And Respiratory 
            Over-The-Counter Drugs       SEMB01       SE5502
   Nonprescription Medical Equipment 
                  And Supplies           SEMB02       SE5503
Medical Care Services                    SAM2         SA512
Professional Services                    SEMC         SE56
   Physicians' Services                  SEMC01       SE5601   
   Dental Services                       SEMC02       SE5602
   Eyeglasses And Eye Care               SEMC03       SE5603
   Services By Other Medical 
                 Professionals           SEMC04       SE5604
Hospital And Related Services            SEMD         SE57
   Hospital Services                     SEMD01       SE5704
     Inpatient Hospital Services         SS5702       SS5702
     Outpatient Hospital Services        SS5703       SS5703
   Nursing Homes And Adult Daycare       SEMD02       SE570R
Major Group: Recreation                  SAR          New
Video And Audio                          SERA         New
   Televisions                           SERA01       SE3101
   Cable Television                      SERA02       SE2703
   Other Video Equipment                 SERA03       New
   Video Cassettes, Discs, And Other 
                  Media                  SERA04       New
     Video Cassettes And Disc, Blank 
                  And Prerecorded        SS31022      New
     Rental Of Video Tapes And Discs     SS62055      New
   Audio Equipment                       SERA05       SE3103
   Audio Discs, Tapes And Other Media    SERA06       New
Pets, Pet Products And Services          SERB         New
   Pets And Pet Products                 SERB01       SE6103
     Pet Food                            SS61031      New
     Purchase Of Pets, Pet Supplies, 
                      Accessories        SS61032      New
   Pet Services Including Veterinary 
                      Services           SERB02       New
     Pet Services                        SS62053      New
     Veterinarian Services               SS62054      New
Sporting Goods                           SERC         SE60
   Sports Vehicles Including Bicycles    SERC01       SE6001
   Sports Equipment                      SERC02       SE6002
Photography                              SERD         New
   Photographic Equipment And Supplies   SERD01       SE6102
     Film And Photographic Supplies      SS61021      New
     Photographic Equipment              SS61023      New
   Photographers And Film Processing     SERD02       New
     Photographer Fees                   SS62051      New
     Film Processing                     SS62052      New
Other Recreational Goods                 SERE         New
   Toys                                  SERE01       SE6101
     Toys, Games, Hobbies And 
             Playground Equipment        SS61011      New
     Video Game Hardware, Software 
               And Accessories           SS31023      New
   Sewing Machines, Fabric And Supplies  SERE02       New
   Music Instruments And Accessories     SERE03       New
Recreation Services                      SERF         New
   Club Membership Dues And Fees 
               For Participant Sports    SERF01       New
   Admissions                            SERF02       SE6203
     Admission To Movies, Theatres, 
              And Concerts               SS62031      New
     Admission To Sporting Events        SS62032      New
   Fees For Lessons Or Instructions      SERF03       SE6204
Recreational Reading Materials           SERG         New
   Newspapers And Magazines              SERG01       New
   Recreational Books                    SERG02       New
Major Group: Education And Communication SAE          New
Education                                SAE1         New
Educational Books And Supplies           SEEA         SE66
Tuition, Other School Fees, And 
                   Child Care            SEEB         SE67
   College Tuition And Fees              SEEB01       SE6701
   Elementary And High School Tuition 
                And Fees                 SEEB02       SE6702
   Child Care And Nursery School         SEEB03       SE6703
   Technical And Business School 
                Tuition And Fees         SEEB04       New
Communication                            SAE2         New
Postage And Delivery Services            SEEC         New
   Postage                               SEEC01       SE3401
   Delivery Services                     SEEC02       New
 Information And Information Processing  SAE21        New
Telephone Services                       SEED         New
   Telephone Services, Local Charges     SEED01       SE2701
   Telephone Services, Long Distance 
                     Charges             SEED02       New
     Interstate Toll Calls               SS27051      SE2705
     Intrastate Toll Calls               SS27061      SE2706
   Cellular Telephone Services           SEED03       New
Information And Information Processing 
      Other Than Telephone Services      SEEE         SE69
   Personal Computers, Peripheral 
                         Equipment       SEEE01       New
   Computer Software And Accessories     SEEE02       New
   Computer Information Processing 
                          Services       SEEE03       New
   Other Information Processing 
                        Equipment        SEEE04       New
Major Group: Other Goods And Services    SAG          SA7
Tobacco And Smoking Products             SEGA         SE63
   Cigarettes                            SEGA01       New
   Tobacco Products Other Than 
                    Cigarettes           SEGA02       New
Personal Care                            SAG1         SA712
Personal Care Products                   SEGB         SE64
   Hair, Dental, Shaving, And 
    Miscellaneous Personal Care Products SEGB01       New
        Preparations And Implements      SEGB02       SE6403
Personal Care Services                   SEGC         SE65
   Haircuts And Other Personal Care 
                     Services            SEGC01       New
Miscellaneous Personal Services          SEGD         SE68
   Legal Services                        SEGD01       SE6801
   Funeral Expenses                      SEGD02       SE6803
   Laundry And Dry Cleaning Services     SEGD03       New
   Apparel Services Other Than Laundry 
                   And Dry Cleaning      SEGD04       New
   Financial Services                    SEGD05       SE6802
     Checking Account And Other Bank 
                        Services         SS68021      New
     Tax Return Preparation And Other 
                    Accounting Fees      SS68023      New
Miscellaneous Personal Goods             SEGE         New
     Stationery, Stationery Supplies, 
                Gift Wrap                SS33032      SS33032
Special Aggregate Indexes
All Items - Old Base                     AA0          AA0
All Items Less Medical Care              SA0L5        SA0L5
All Items Less Energy                    SA0LE        SA0LE
All Items Less Food                      SA0L1        SA0L1
All Items Less Food And Energy           SA0L1E       SA0L1E
All Items Less Food And Shelter          SA0L12       SA0L12
All Items Less Food, Shelter, And 
                       Energy            SA0L12E      SA0L12E
All Items Less Food, Shelter, Energy, 
                      And Used Cars      SA0L12E4     SA0L12E4
All Items Less Shelter                   SA0L2        SA0L2
Commodities                              SAC          SAC
Commodities Less Food                    SACL1        SACL1
Commodities Less Food And Beverages      SACL11       SACL11
Commodities Less Food And Energy 
                      Commodities        SACL1E       SACL1E
Commodities Less Food, Energy, And 
                      Used Cars          SACL1E4      SACL1E4
Domestically Produced Farm Food          SAN1D        SAN1D
Durables                                 SAD          SAD
Energy                                   SA0E         SA0E
Energy Commodities                       SACE         SACE
Nondurables                              SAN          SAN
Nondurables Less Food                    SANL1        SANL1
Nondurables Less Food And Apparel        SANL13       SANL13
Nondurables Less Food And Beverages      SANL11       SANL11
Nondurables Less Food, Beverages, And 
                          Apparel        SANL113      SANL113
Apparel Less Footwear                    SA311        SA311
Services                                 SAS          SAS
Other Services                           SAS367       SAS367
Rent Of Shelter                          SAS2RS       SAS2RS
Services Less Energy Services            SASLE        SASLE
Services Less Medical Care Services      SASL5        SASL5
Services Less Rent Of Shelter            SASL2RS      SASL2RS
Transportation Services                  SAS4         SAS4
Utilities And Public Transportation      SAS24        SAS24


Last Modified Date: October 16, 2001