Consumer Price Index

Archived Consumer Price Index Supplemental Files

Supplemental files for the current year are available individually by month. Supplemental files for previous years are available in a compressed file for each year.

Caution: Data in archived CPI Supplemental files may have been revised in subsequent editions. In particular, seasonally adjusted indexes and percent changes are revised with the release of January data each year for the preceding five years.

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Previous Years

      • 2018 Supplemental Files (ZIP)
      • 2017 Supplemental Files (ZIP)
      • 2016 Supplemental Files (ZIP)
      • 2015 Supplemental Files (ZIP)
      • 2014 Supplemental Files (ZIP)
      • 2013 Supplemental Files (ZIP)
      • 2012 Supplemental Files (ZIP)

Instructions to decompress Zip files

Last Modified Date: January 14, 2020