International Labor Comparisons



The ILC dashboards are interactive charts created in Excel. They allow users to instantly analyze data trends based on their selections. Each dashboard covers a different dataset and allows users to select the indicators, countries, and time periods.

Dashboards by Topic

  • Labor force, employment, and unemployment (XLS)
  • Productivity and unit labor costs (XLS)
  • GDP per capita and per hour (XLS)
  • Hourly compensation costs
    • in the manufacturing sector (XLS)
    • in sub-manufacturing industries, by industry (XLS) and by country (XLS)


  1. Go to the "charts" or "dashboard" tab of the desired Excel file above
  2. Use drop down menus to select indicators, countries, and time periods (or leave the default option for any item)
Inquiries and Feedback
Elimination of ILC
  • BLS has eliminated the International Labor Comparisons (ILC) program.