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Appendix Table 1. Survey establishment response

 Appendix table 1. Survey establishment response, March 2017
     Establishments             Civilian             Private industry          State and local    
 Total in sampling                                                                                
 frame(1)..............        6,211,244                5,978,422                  232,822        
   Total in sample.....           11,400                    9,802                    1,598        
     Responding(2).....            8,175                    6,728                    1,447        
     Refused(3)........            2,149                    2,009                      140        
     Out of business or                                                                           
 not in survey scope...            1,076                    1,065                       11        

   1 The sampling frame was developed from state unemployment insurance reports and is based on
 the 2012 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). With some minor exceptions, an
 establishment is a single economic unit that engages in one, or predominantly one, type of
 economic activity. For private industry, the establishment is usually at a single physical
 location such as a mine, factory, office, or store; if a sampled establishment is owned by a
 larger entity with many locations, only the employment and characteristics of the establishment
 selected for the sample are considered for the survey.  For state and local governments, an
 establishment can include more than one physical location, such as a school district or a police
   2 Establishments that provided data at the initial interview.
   3 Establishments that did not provide data at the initial interview. Data for establishments
 not responding at the time of update interviews are imputed. Detailed information on nonresponse
 adjustment and imputation can be found in BLS Handbook of Methods, Chapter 8, “National
 Compensation Measures,” Bureau of Labor Statistics, on the Internet at
 Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Compensation Survey.

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Last Modified Date: December 07, 2017