Appendix Table 1. Survey establishment response

 Appendix table 1. Survey establishment response, March 2016
     Establishments             Civilian             Private industry          State and local    

 Total in sampling                                                                                
 frame(1)..............        6,173,978                5,946,179                  227,799        
   Total in sample.....           11,400                    9,811                    1,589        
     Responding(2).....            8,358                    6,886                    1,472        
     Refused(3)........            2,102                    2,009                       93        
     Out of business or                                                                           
 not in survey scope...              940                      916                       24        

   1 The list of establishments from which the survey sample was selected (sampling frame) was
 developed from State unemployment insurance reports and is based on the 2012 North American
 Industry Classification System (NAICS). For private industries, an establishment is usually a
 single physical location. For state and local governments, an establishment is defined as all
 locations of a government entity. 
   2 Establishments that provided data at the initial interview.
   3 Establishments that did not provide data at the initial interview. Data for establishments
 not responding at the time of update interviews are imputed. Detailed information on nonresponse
 adjustment and imputation can be found in BLS Handbook of Methods, Chapter 8, “National
 Compensation Measures,” Bureau of Labor Statistics, on the Internet at
 Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Compensation Survey.

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