Appendix Table 1. Survey establishment response

Appendix table 1. Survey establishment response,
National Compensation Survey, March 2011
                                           State and
    Establishments       Total    Private    local  
                                  industry  govern- 
Total in sampling                                   
frame(1).............. 5,167,424 4,950,028  217,397 
  Total in sample.....   17,585    15,566     2,019 
    Responding........   10,475     8,727     1,748 
    Refused or unable                               
to provide data.......    4,591     4,343       248 
    Out of business or                              
not in survey scope...    2,519     2,496        23 

  1 The list of establishments from which the survey
sample was selected (sampling frame) was developed
from State unemployment insurance reports and is
based on the 2007 North American Industry
Classification System (NAICS). For private
industries, an establishment is usually a single
physical location. For State and local governments,
an establishment is defined as all locations of a
government entity.

NOTE: Because of rounding, sums of individual items
may not equal totals.

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