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Occupational Requirements Survey technical note

					Technical Note
Data in this release are from the Occupational Requirements Survey (ORS), conducted by the U.S. Department 
of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The ORS provides job-related information about the physical 
demands; environmental conditions; education, training, and experience; as well as cognitive and mental 
requirements of jobs in the U.S. economy. Additional job requirements are available through 

Sample size
The ORS is a nationally representative establishment-based survey. To maximize the amount of publishable 
information, the BLS combined data across three samples collected over a three year period to produce the 
2018 estimates. The total sample included approximately 25,300 establishments and estimates represent about 
140,800,000 civilian workers.

Aligning previous collected requirements
Additional imputation procedures were used for these estimates to align previously collected data with 
current survey definitions. Where possible, three years of ORS samples are included in the estimates. The 
scope changes implemented before the third year of collection resulted in conceptual inconsistencies for 
physical demands and environmental conditions requirements across the three years. A multiple imputation 
approach employing an iterative logistic regression imputation procedure was used.

Measures of reliability
To assist users in ascertaining the reliability of ORS estimates, standard errors are made available shortly 
after publication of the news release. Standard errors provide users a measure of the precision of an 
estimate to ensure that it is within an acceptable range for their intended purpose. Collected and imputed 
data are included in the standard error calculation. For further information see: www.bls.gov/ors/se.htm. 

Occupational classification
BLS uses the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system, www.bls.gov/soc. The ORS classifies 
occupations by eight-digit codes used by O*NETs detailed occupational taxonomy referred to as O*NET-SOC 
2010 Occupations, see www.onetcenter.org/taxonomy.html for more information regarding O*Net occupation 
classification. Military specific occupations (55-0000.00) are out of scope for the ORS.

Obtaining information
For addition information on estimation concepts and methods see the Handbook of Methods at 
www.bls.gov/opub/hom/ors/home.htm and www.bls.gov/ors/questions-and-answers.htm. More information can be 
obtained by calling (202) 691-6199, sending email to orsinfo@bls.gov, or by visiting www.bls.gov/ors. 
Information in this release will be made available to sensory impaired individuals upon request -- 
Telephone:(202)691-5200; Federal Relay Service:(800)877-8339.

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Last Modified Date: February 22, 2019