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National Longitudinal Surveys

Work and Family Archive

  • Learning to do the Job (PDF 453K), 3/96

  • Promotions Among Women (PDF 252K), 3/94

  • Turning Thirty — Job Mobility and Labor Market Attachment (PDF 505K), 12/93

  • Never Too Old to Learn (PDF 181K), 9/93

  • Changes in Wages and Benefits Among Young Adults (PDF 581K), 7/93

  • Women in Their Forties (PDF 1015K) 4/93

  • Employer-Provided Training Among Young Adults (PDF 452K), 2/93

  • Work Patterns of Women Near Retirement (PDF 316K), 10/92

  • Jobs Held and Weeks Worked by Young Adults (PDF 236K), 8/92

  • Child-Care Arrangements of Young Working Mothers  (PDF 229K), 1/92