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National Longitudinal Surveys

NLSY27 Feedback Topics

BLS is interested in your comments and recommendations on aspects of the new NLSY27 cohort, including: (1) Questionnaire content; (2) Survey methodology; (3) Sampling; and (4) Data dissemination.

BLS is especially interested in comments on:

  • Research questions that a new cohort would address at different points in the life course.
  • The distinctive role of NLSY cohorts among the range of survey and non-survey data sources.
  • Factors that inform researchers' choice of data sources.
  • Modifications in the coverage of specific topics compared to previous NLSY cohorts. This could include any gaps in the current data, `must keep' elements in the current data, or elements that are less valuable.
  • Uses of data from a new NLSY27 cohort that BLS should anticipate and prioritize.
  • Design and implementation features of a new NLSY27 cohort that users will find most valuable.
  • New social and economic trends that are important to consider in designing the new NLSY27 cohort.
  • Any other issues BLS should consider in developing a new NLSY27 cohort.