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National Longitudinal Surveys

Timeline for NLSY27 Cohort Development


FY 2021: Initial Steps

  • Congress directed BLS to “initiate spending on the planning and development of a new National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) cohort.”

  • BLS conducted outreach to other agencies and to the NLSY data community


FY 2022 and FY2023: Preparatory work

  • Research to assess measurement objectives

  • Evaluation of potential data sources

  • Consultation with subject matter experts and stakeholders


FY 2024 and FY 2025: Planning and Design

  • Develop Sampling Plan and Screening Strategy

  • Prepare Round 1 Youth and Caregiver Questionnaires

  • Design Dissemination System


FY 2026: Round 1 Pretest

  • Select Pretest Sample

  • Collect Pretest Data

  • Analyze Pretest Results, Make Adjustments


FY 2027: Data Collection Begins!

  • Conduct Sample Selection

  • Screen and Recruit Participants

  • Begin Round 1 Data Collection for Youth and Caregivers

Last Modified Date: May 28, 2024