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National Compensation Survey - Wages


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About the Occupational Classification System Manual
MOG C—Sales Occupations
Retail And Personal Services Sales Workers
Exclude Sales Workers (C263-C274), Transportation Ticket/Reservation Agents (D318), Bank Tellers (D383).
Handle cash transactions. Primarily concerned with receiving and/or disbursing funds. May record mandatory transactions and perform related clerical functions. May make change, cash checks and issue receipts. Such transactions may be in payment for merchandise in self-service store. Include workers in the following occupations:

Cashiers-Clerical or Office—-Receive funds from customers and employees; disburse funds and record monetary transactions incidental to conduct of business.

Cashiers-Checker—-Itemize and total customer's purchases in discount, self-service or department store, using cash register or computer scanning device.

Cashiers-Courtesy Booth—-Cash checks for customers and monitor check-out stands in self-service store.

Cashiers-Wrapper—-Operate cash register to compute and record sale and wrap merchandise for customers.

Cashiers-Box Office, or Ticket Seller—-Receive and disburse money. Usually involves use of calculators, cash registers, and change makers. May sell tickets to customers.

Last modified: October 16, 2001