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National Compensation Survey - Wages

Handlers, Equipment Cleaners, Helpers, And Laborers ‐ Major Occupational Group H

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About the Occupational Classification System Manual

Major Occupational Group (MOG) H
Handlers, Equipment Cleaners, Helpers, And Laborers

MOG-Level Definitions

Farm, Fishing And Forestry Occupations - Nonfarm Sector
H483 Marine Life Cultivation Workers
H484 Nursery Workers
H485 Supervisors, Agriculture-Related Workers
H486 Groundskeepers and Gardeners, Except Farm
H487 Animal Caretakers, Except Farm
H489 Inspectors, Agricultural Products
H494 Supervisors, Forestry and Logging Workers
H495 Forestry Workers, Except Logging
H496 Timber Cutting and Logging Occupations
H497 Captains and Other Officers, Fishing Vessels
H498 Fishers, Hunters, and Trappers
Helpers, Handlers, And Laborers
H864 Supervisors; Handlers, Equipment Cleaners, and Laborers, N.E.C.
H865 Helpers, Mechanics and Repairers
H866 Helpers, Construction Trades
H867 Helpers, Surveyor
H868 Helpers, Extractive Occupations
H869 Construction Laborers
H874 Production Helpers
H875 Garbage Collectors
H876 Stevedores
H877 Stock Handlers and Baggers
H878 Machine Feeders and Offbearers
H883 Freight, Stock, and Material Handlers, N.E.C.
H885 Garage and Service Station Related Occupations
H887 Vehicle Washers and Equipment Cleaners
H888 Hand Packers and Packagers
H889 Laborers, Except Construction, N.E.C.

Last modified: October 16, 2001