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National Compensation Survey - Wages


Beginning with the NCS wage bulletins published in September 2006, the 2000 Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) replaced the 1990 Census of Population classification system and the 2002 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) replaced the 1987 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. The Create Customized Table applications are currently being developed to access the SOC data.

Please note the following changes to the NCS wage data queries:

One-screen data queries

The NCS one-screen data query for wage data (listed under "National Compensation Survey" on the database header) is being developed for the most recently published NCS wage data (2006 through 2009).

Multi-screen data queries

The NCS multi-screen data queries can extract wage data (available at for civilian, full-time workers. Separate estimates for part-time workers and all workers (full-time and part-time workers combined) are not currently available through the multi-screen data query. Also, only the most recent wage data (with references dates of December 2006 and later) of NCS national, census region, and local area wage data are available through the query system.

NCS currently does not publish wage data for areas within Idaho, North Dakota, and Wyoming. NCS currently publishes wage data for areas within Alaska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah, and Vermont; however, there are no civilian, full-time wage estimates available for these areas. Once one of these eight States is selected, the query go no further.

Recent Data (NAICS and SOC)

Beginning with NCS data published after September 2006, occupations were classified using SOC and industries using NAICS. For details on the changes in NCS wage publications, see the following article: To access NCS wage data in printed format, go to

Historical Data (SIC and Census of Population)

NCS data prior to the conversion to NAICS and SOC were classified using the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system and the Census of Population. To access NCS wage data using the data query system, do the following:

  • Go to: Discontinued BLS Databases, at;
  • Scroll down the table of discontinued series.
  • Look for the header: Compensation & Working Conditions
  • Look for the sub-header: National Compensation Survey (SIC)
  • Click on either the one-screen or the multi-screen query icon.
  • To access NCS wage data in printed format, go to

For assistance

If you do not prefer to use NCS data queries, please note that all National Compensation Survey (NCS) published wage data are available in NCS bulletins, summaries, and news releases, all of which are located on the NCS web pages. For assistance in finding these publications, please contact us at or by calling (202) 691-6199, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m., Eastern Time.


Last Modified Date: January 31, 2017