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Rebecca L. Morrison

Rebecca Morrison


Rebecca L. Morrison, M.S.

Director, Behavioral Science Research Center Office of Survey Methods Research
  • University of Maryland, 2002, M.S., Survey Methodology
  • Mary Baldwin University, 1998, B.A., Political Science, International Relations
Fields of Interest:
  • Establishment surveys
  • Questionnaire design
  • Measurement error
  • Qualitative research methods
Professional Experience:
  • Director, Behavioral Science Research Center, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022-present
  • Survey Methodologist, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, 2013-2022
  • Survey Statistician, U.S. Census Bureau, 1998-2013
Selected Publications and Working Papers:

     Peer-reviewed publications:

  • R.L. Morrison, D.A. Dillman, and L.M. Christian (2010). "Questionnaire Design Guidelines for Establishment Surveys." Journal of Official Statistics, 26: pp. 43-85.
  • A.D. Tuttle, R.L. Morrison, and D.K. Willimack (2010). “From Start to Pilot: A Multi-method Approach to the Comprehensive Redesign of an Economic Survey Questionnaire.” Journal of Official Statistics, 26: pp. 87-103.
  • R.L. Morrison, K. Stettler, and A.E. Anderson (2004). "Using Vignettes in Cognitive Research for Establishment Surveys." Journal of Official Statistics, 20: pp. 319-340.

     Selected Professional Papers, Presentations, etc.:

  • R.L. Morrison, F. Lan, J. Chandler, and K. Hamrick (2021). “Measuring Sexual Identity and Gender Identity (SIGI) Among College Graduates: Results from a Methodological Experiment Using a Non-Probability Sample.” Presentation at the Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology (FCSM) Research and Policy Conference, virtual.
  • R.L Morrison and R. Britt (2021). “Resurrecting a Survey After 20 Years.” Presentation at the Sixth International Conference on Establishment Surveys, virtual.
  • R.L. Morrison, H. Ridolfo, R. Sirkis, and J. Edgar (2018). “Smartphone Usage in Establishment Surveys: Case Studies from Three U.S. Federal Statistical Agencies.” Presentation at the Fifth International Business Data Collection Methods Workshop, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • R.L. Morrison, F. Lan, and K.S. Hamrick (2018). “Using MTurk to Obtain Information from People with College Degrees.” Presentation at the Federal Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection (FedCASIC) Workshops, Washington, DC.
  • H. Ridolfo and R.L. Morrison (2017). “One Size Fits Most? Lessons Learned by Using Multiple Methods to Study Confidentiality Pledges.” Presentation at the 72nd Annual Conference of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, New Orleans, LA.
  • R.L. Morrison and H. St.Onge (2016). “Using Graphics in Data Collection to Aid Respondent Comprehension.” Presentation at the Fifth International Conference on Establishment Surveys, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • R.L. Morrison (2011). [Review of the book "When Research Goes Off the Rails: Why It Happens and What You Can Do About It" by David L. Streiner and Souraya Sidani (eds.)]. Journal of Official Statistics, 27, pp. 146-8
  • L.T. Barnett Thomas, R.L. Morrison, and G. O’Neill (2007). “Cognitive Aspects Associated with Sample Selection Conducted by Respondents in Establishment Surveys.” 2007 International Conference on Establishment Surveys, CD-ROM, Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association, pp. 63-70.

Last Modified Date: April 19, 2023