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Associate Commissioner 


This position is currently vacant.
Senior Survey Methodologists 


Polly Phipps(202) 691-7513Survey measurement error, data quality measures, questionnaire and instrument design, response rates, modeling of nonresponse, nonresponse bias.


William Mockovak(202) 691-7414Questionnaire design, cognitive interviewing, Web surveys, usability testing, information architecture, CASIC applications, interviewer training.
Senior Mathematical Statistician 


Daniell Toth(202) 691-7380Machine learning, nonparametric regression, estimation and inference with complex sample survey data, time series analysis.

Senior Research Psychologist 


This position is currently vacant.

General Information 
 Pamela Anderson(202) 691-7375 


Mathematical Statistics Research Center

DirectorAreas of Research


Wendy Martinez(202) 691-7400Computational statistics, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, outlier detection, statistical pattern recognition, spatial statistics, and the analysis of unstructured text.
Research Mathematical StatisticiansAreas of Research


Moon Jung Cho(202) 691-7384Resampling variance estimation method, bootstrap variance estimation method, Balanced Repeated Replicate (BRR) method, missing or fragmented data, modeling of survey response rates.


Dan Gillman(202) 691-7523Statistical metadata, metadata standards, automated coding, terminology.


Steve Miller(202) 691-7379Statistical Methods, Measurement Error, Analysis of Data from Complex Surveys, Variance Estimation, and Inference.


Randall Powers(202) 691-7381Nonresponse, data visualization, taxonomies.


Terrance Savitsky(202) 691-7382Bayesian non-parametric inference focused on discovering sub-groups or sub-sets of the data with distinct behavioral profiles or high relevance. Methods include non-parametric prior formulations including dependent Dirichlet processes to discover sub-groups, anistropic Gaussian processes for non-linear functional data estimation, and factor analytic methods to uncover sparse latent constructs.


Michael Sverchkov(202) 691-7374Estimation and inference with complex sample survey data, variance estimation, small area estimation, calibration, time series analysis.


Daniel Yang(202) 691-7530Statistical disclosure limitation, top–coding, double-hurdle model, informed consent-to-link, respondent burden perception, recursive partitioning for complex design.

ASA/NSF/BLS Research FellowsAreas of Research
 Stephanie Eckman(202) 691-6278Coverage error; measurement error; respondent and interviewer incentives; use of GIS in surveys.

 Monika Hu(202) 691-7412Bayesian education, Bayesian methods, blended/hybrid learning, data confidentiality, missing data, multiple imputation, non-parametric Bayes, synthetic data.

 Phil Kott (202) 691-7568Calibration weighting; Variance estimation; Analysis of complex survey data; Multi-phase sampling and estimation.


Behavioral Science Research Center

DirectorAreas of Research
 Jennifer Edgar(202) 691-7528Context effects, qualitative research methods, cognitive sources of measurement error, questionnaire design, interviewer training and evaluation.

Research PsychologistsAreas of Research
 Jean Fox(202) 691-7370Usability, user experience, user interface design, usability testing, computer-assisted data collection.

 Robin Kaplan(202) 691-7383Cognitive sources of measurement error, memory retrieval, context effects, questionnaire design, experimental and qualitative research methods, usability.

 Brandon Kopp(202) 691-7514Nonresponse and measurement errors, questionnaire and instrument design, cognitive interviewing, usability.

 Erica Yu(202) 691-7924Cognitive sources of measurement error, experimental methods, questionnaire design, interviewer behavior.


Research Statisticians Areas of Research


David Biagas (202) 691-5558Cognitive sources of measurement error, experimental design, questionnaire design, response rates, and interviewer effects .


John Dixon(202) 691-7516Nonresponse, nonsampling error, item nonresponse, measurement error, structural equation models, missing data problems, categorical data, psychometrics, multivariate methods, classification and clustering.


Morgan Earp(202) 691-7387Survey measurement error, nonresponse bias, experimental design, decision tree modeling, structural equation modeling, instrument design, and psychometrics


Josh Langeland(202) 691-5037Adaptive Design; contact strategies; nonresponse adjustment; electronic response in establishment surveys

Cognitive Laboratory


Stella Godbolt(202) 691-7524Schedules participants for studies, maintains database of volunteers, coordinates and assists with studies.