Measuring Job Flows and the Life Cycle of Establishments With BLS Longitudinal Establishment Microdata

Timothy R. Pivetz, Michael A. Searson, and James R. Spletzer


The relatively recent development of longitudinal establishment datasets has generated quite a bit of excitement in both the academic and the statistical communities. The descriptive statistics coming out of these datasets illustrate the large amount of volatility at the individual establishment level that underlies the smooth time series of aggregate employment growth. This finding has not only stimulated the review and updating of existing labor market theories, but has also motivated the U.S. statistical agencies to produce longitudinal job flow statistics from their administrative datasets. The purpose of this paper is to describe a new longitudinal database from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). We highlight the potential of this new database for microdata research into topics such as job creation, job destruction, and the life cycle of establishments


JEL-codes: E31, J63, E32, E24