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Alternative Allocation Designs for a Highly Stratified Establishment Surveys

Ernest Lawley, Marie Stetster, and Eduardas Valaitis


The primary objective of Occupational Employment Statistics Survey, conducted by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in partnership with the 50 States and District of Columbia, is to measure occupational employment and wages at the very detailed level of Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) crossed by over 300 industries. That is, how many people are employed in one of the 800 Standard Occupational Codes (SOC) and what are the mean occupational wages for each industry by MSA. A given sampling frame contains about 175,000 non-empty MSA-by-industry cells. The occupational employment and wage estimates are also required at various aggregated levels of geography and industry. This study examines alternative sample allocation designs for a highly stratified population that deals with multiple issues such as establishment employment size and occupational diversity and variability.