Statipedia: A Platform for Collaboration Across Statistical Agencies

Michael Messner, Peter B. Meyer, and Justin Fisher


Statipedia is a wiki created in October 2010 for federal government employee statistical collaboration. It includes statistical content such as definitions, descriptions of methodology, reference materials, and software source code, but not sensitive data. It also includes pages comparing and discussing agency practices and experiences regarding topics such as software tools, publication procedures, and peer review. Launched at a "Barn-Raising" in January 2011, the wiki has grown considerably. We anticipate that Statipedia can be an important platform for sustaining a community of practice and thus a vehicle for bringing about positive change in the science and technology and administration of statistical practice. Panelists ("Statipedians" from a range of federal agencies) will provide short presentations, including a tour of the wiki, a demonstration of its use, and a summary of its growth.