Measuring Green Industry Employment

Robert Viegas, Kristin Fairman, and Donald Haughton


The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) intends to publish detailed economic statistics on industry employment in the green goods and services sector in the United States. This paper discusses the methodology used by BLS to develop this new survey. The research methodology involved feasibility interviews, forms design, panel testing of the forms, follow-up interviews with panel respondents, and subsequent sample frame enrichment. The panels focused on the respondent burden when providing requested data items on the forms, the respondents’ understanding of the BLS definition of green goods and services, response rates, prevalence of green activity at establishments, and an assessment of potential survey costs associated with the need for address refinement and potential non-response prompting. The outcome of this research was a proposed collection methodology, timing for the collection, the need for survey sample frame enrichment and survey collection instrument for the live data collection.