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Comparing Results from Telephone Reinterview with Unmoderated, Online Cognitive Interviewing

William Mockovak and Robin L. Kaplan


Results from an unreconciled telephone reinterview were compared with results from an unmoderated, online cognitive interview to test questions designed to measure specific vocational preparation (SVP). Debriefings from a field test had indicated that the questions used to measure SVP led to some respondent confusion and possible misreporting. Revised SVP questions were tested using a telephone reinterview and unmoderated, online cognitive testing. A reinterview with 30 employers was conducted without reconciliation by two experienced interviewers (one conducting the interview, and one observing), and focused on identifying comprehension problems. Business establishments were selected to provide a wide range of industries, geography, and size classes. The fully scripted online cognitive interview relied on 11 participants talking aloud to determine how well the questions worked. With one exception, both pretesting approaches identified the same problematic questions and issues, but the reinterview provided additional valuable information about a more effective reordering of the SVP questions.