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Producer Price Indexes

PPI Introduces Regional Detail for Ready‐mix Concrete Indexes

With the release of data for January 2013, the Producer Price Index (PPI) program introduced new regional detail for Ready-mix concrete. The currently published Industry (Ready-mix concrete manufacturing) and Commodity (Ready-mix concrete) indexes remain, but detail has been added beneath these aggregates to represent geographic regions. Geographic indexes are useful because ready-mix concrete tends to experience price change based on local market conditions that result from sudden changes in demand and weather-related surcharges. Each geographical index represents price change for ready-mix concrete within that region, as defined by U.S. Census Bureau regions. Data for these indexes appear in table 5 and table 6 of the PPI Detailed Report and are available online through the BLS databases.

The new structure of Industry indexes for Ready-mix concrete manufacturing is listed below:

Ready-mix concrete manufacturing, series ID PCU327320327320
Primary products, series ID PCU327320327320P
   Northeast region ready-mix concrete, series ID PCU327320327320A
   Midwest region ready-mix concrete, series ID PCU327320327320B
   South region ready-mix concrete, series ID PCU327320327320C
   West region ready-mix concrete, series ID PCU327320327320D

The new structure of Commodity indexes for Ready-mix concrete is listed below:

Ready-mix concrete, series ID WPU13330101
Northeast region ready-mix concrete, series ID WPU13330101A
Midwest region ready-mix concrete, series ID WPU13330101B
South region ready-mix concrete, series ID WPU13330101C
West region ready-mix concrete, series ID WPU13330101D

Further information is available from the PPI Section of Index Analysis and Public Information, at or (202) 691-7705.


Last Modified Date: November 8, 2016