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OEWS Pay Terms

This list provides definitions for various types of pay and details whether they should be included or excluded when calculating wages for the purpose of filling out OEWS survey forms.

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A [top]
Attendance bonus
Payment for perfect attendance or only missing a specified number of days during a specified period. Exclude as pay.
B [top]
Back pay
Payment for work done in a previous period; or previously earned pay. Exclude as pay.
Base rate
Pay for work performed during a specified unit of time or payment under an incentive system that does not involve the incentive standard. Include as pay.
C [top]
Clothing allowance
Payment for specialized clothing required for employment. Exclude as pay.
Payment based on an incentive system that is calculated as a percentage of sales. Commission may be combined with salary. Include as pay.
Cost-of-living allowance (COLA)
Payment based on a change in wage using a designated cost of living measure that is set by a given formula with a formal provision. Include as pay.
D [top]
Deadheading pay
Payment for time spent waiting during unloading or loading for a return trip. Include as pay.
Payment in the form of price reductions offered to employees on selected items and/or locations. Exclude as pay.
Payment based on expected future wages. Exclude as pay.
G [top]
Guaranteed pay (make up pay)
Minimum payment guaranteed to an employee who is on an incentive system. Include as pay.
H [top]
Hazard pay
Payment based on working conditions; usually an add-on to a base rate. Include as pay.
Holiday bonus
Payment to employees as a holiday gift. Exclude as pay.
Holiday premium pay
Payment for working a designated holiday; usually an add-on to a base rate. Exclude as pay.
I [top]
Incentive pay
Payment that relates earnings to actual individual or group production. Include as pay.
J [top]
Jury duty pay
Payment to an employee for time away from work because the employee has been called to jury duty. Exclude as pay.
L [top]
Lodging payments
Payment to employees for lodging when traveling. Exclude as pay.
Longevity pay
Payment to an employee based on seniority or length of service with an employer. Include as pay.
M [top]
Meal payments
Payments to employees for meals when required to travel or at other designated times. Exclude as pay.
Merchandise discount
Payment in the form of discounts offered to employees on selected items and/or locations. Exclude as pay.
N [top]
Non-production bonus
Payment that is over and above the employee's regular pay and is not directly related to output of an employee or group. Exclude as pay.
O [top]
On-call pay
Payment for time spent awaiting call to work. Exclude as pay.
Over-the-road pay
Payment based on mileage. Include as pay.
Overtime pay
Payment for work over and above the employee's regular pay in excess of a specified number of hours per day or per week. Exclude as pay.
P [top]
Benefits enjoyed by employee not related to employee's work. Exclude as pay.
Piece rate
Payment based on a constant rate of pay for each unit of production. Include as pay.
Portal-to-portal rate
Payment for travel to a job. Include as pay.
Production bonus
Payment based on production in excess of a quota or on completion of a job in less than standard time. Include as pay.
Profit-sharing payment
Payment from employer based on profits on the business. Exclude as pay.
R [top]
Relocation allowance
Payment for expenses incurred when moving for a job. Exclude as pay.
S [top]
Severance pay
Payment for a specified period to employees who lose their job through no fault of their own. Exclude as pay.
Shift differential
Payment over and above an employee's regular pay for working a nonstandard shift. Exclude as pay.
Stock bonuses
Payments to an employee in the form of stock in the company. Exclude as pay.
T [top]
Voluntary payment over and above an employee's regular pay from the customer (not the employer) for services rendered. Include as pay.
Tool/equipment allowance
Payment for specialized tools and/or equipment required for employment. Exclude as pay.
Tuition repayment
Payment for tuition of a specified course; paid upon completion of course or receipt of accepted grade. Exclude as pay.
U [top]
Uniform allowance
Payment for uniform required by employer. Exclude as pay.
W [top]
Weekend premium pay
Payment over and above an employee's regular pay for working on a Saturday, Sunday, or other non-scheduled workday. Exclude as pay.
Y [top]
Year-end bonus
Payment given to employees at the end of a year in which the employee and/or the company has performed well. Exclude as pay.


Last Modified Date: April 22, 2021